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  1. Skydancer2992

    More floor space in my Warrior

    Several have remounted the sofa closer to the window or taken the sofa out and made a simpler wooden replacement.
  2. Skydancer2992

    Toy Home Insured Value

    Progressive accepted stated value of $8000 for my 91 Warrior with no change to my rate. $400 per year for collision, liability, towing, and a valuables rider. State of TN.
  3. Skydancer2992

    Terrible gas mileage V-6

    If the oxygen sensor goes bad the ECU no longer advances timing. Any check engine light or code?
  4. Skydancer2992

    Vinyl insert trim for Winnebago W 321RB 1991

    The vinyl insert on my 91 Winnie was 1". The 3/4" didn't have a tight seal and tended to come out of the aluminum channel on its own.
  5. Skydancer2992

    Another Toy MH - 1991 Winnebago

    If it won't start in Park. Try starting in Neutral. If the starter is marginal, a tap with a tire tool can revive it. If the fuel pump is marginal, whacking the fuel tank with your palm may revive it.
  6. Skydancer2992

    Holding off father time

    The Mercedes Trend Winnie at the Mid-West Toyin did not have a spare tire. The generator was sitting underneath in the normal spare tire area. The 280 horse engine was in a very tight compartment. No access unless one removes the fluid reservoirs. $100K.
  7. Skydancer2992

    Harbor Freight warning???

    When a friend wants to borrow a tool, I lend him a Harbor Freight. If he doesn't return it, I can just buy another.
  8. Skydancer2992

    Scrapping out 1990 Itasca

    The column shifter is actually a rod that goes through the firewall and attaches to lever that goes into the transmission. Try penetrating oil on all those parts. The rest of the list can be resolved DIY without sinking too much into the project.
  9. Skydancer2992

    1981 Dolphin 19 MPG !!

    My 1985 Toyota 4Runner, manual with 22RE, would get 26 mpg at 55 mph. Much less aerodynamic drag and rolling resistance (4 tires that are not LT).
  10. Skydancer2992

    POLL What is your OEM Rigs Mileage;

    1991 Winnie Warrior with slightly over 240 K miles. Believe the engine to be OEM with some work during the head gasket recall by the previous owner. No blue smoke but a moist underside, possibly oil pan gasket. She gets about 15 mpg at 55 mph but it all depends on relative wind, 18 mpg with a tailwind or 12 mpg with a head wind. My 96 4Runner is over 380K miles now and going strong. My 85 4runner was going strong at 235K when I sold it. I've also previously owned a Corolla and Camry to about 175K on each. Over 30 years, no Toyota that I've owned has ever needed a new engine or transmission. Not long ago I looked at an 84 Sunrader with the 22R and manual that had over 260K. The fellow wanted $2K but it needs a new interior. He seems shy about selling and I'm not needing a project at this time.
  11. Skydancer2992

    I Like It When....

    A big rig guy told me he gave up on his Sprinter camper after going through three engine computers.
  12. Skydancer2992

    Roof Vent Weather Rot

    Most plastics break down under UV light. Vinyl being an exception. Polystyrene is often colored black to protect the inner layers. Perhaps you can coat yours with paint, bondo or bedliner. My Harbor Freight amber LED lights turned to dust in four years. I installed U-haul surplus metal running lights with the dual halogen bulbs. May try a different LED in a few years.
  13. Skydancer2992

    Soaked & Rotting

    Mine did not come with a center section cushion, just a couple of old cushions and a piece of wood. I put in a futon mattress, which I can fold over and slide the 20" plywood piece forward. Really haven't needed to do that. The bunk is just too handy as temporary storage. The camper was also missing part of the front driver corner of the loft, which had been covered with metal tape. I had to pull off the aluminum gunnel, beat it into shape before placing back. Made L shaped fiberglass repairs to the outside corner. Filled inside corner with great stuff. Added Bondo filler to even out the fiberglass.
  14. Skydancer2992

    Soaked & Rotting

    My 91 Warrior looked a lot like yours. I vacuumed out all the peeling wood. Used Great Stuff foam to seal holes to the outside. Laid fiberglass cloth across the area, overlapping the remaining good wood by at least three inches. U-shaped around the cab opening. Poured cups of resin over the entire area. The resin sealed up all the remaining wood and fiberglass into a solid composite. Added a layer of plywood over the entire area to distribute the load. The plywood goes from the metal angles on each side. Two pieces so that the cab area is covered but I can move one over the other to open up below - a feature that I almost never use.
  15. Skydancer2992

    Sagging Roof On 1991 Winnebago

    When my AC bites the dust, I will reinforce the top side with a 2' X 4' piece of honeycomb aluminum. The duct hole will be cut approximately center. Gaskets above the old aluminum ceiling and between the AC and honeycomb. This material is used for aircraft flooring and is available on Ebay for about $50.