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  1. Changing fuel pump

    Unfortunately I just filled it with gas right before discovering the need to take tank down and change pump. I talked with a Mechanic a couple days ago and will probably go that route. I not only have trouble getting back up when I lay down under a vehicle I will invariably develop equilibrium problems.
  2. Changing fuel pump

    I have discovered that right above the tank is metal plate welded to angle iron that anchors the swivel chairs in the camper. The metal plate runs the full length of the tank. I believe that on this model I will have to drop the tank.
  3. Changing fuel pump

    I was considering doing the hatch in the floor. I don't do well crawling underneath these days. Thanks for the suggestion.
  4. Changing fuel pump

    My camper is a 1985 Escaper. The fuel pump is inside the gas tank. Has anyone had experience changing these. Is there a access panel to get to this or do you have to take the gas tank out of the camper. Any advise would be appreciated!
  5. Has anyone had to change a fuel pump on a motor home. Mine is a 85 Horizion. It keeps blowing the fuse on the fuel pump usually right after coming from a long drive. When I refill the gas tank and try to restart it the fuse blows. Do I have to take the tank down to access the fuel pump? Advise would be appreciated.
  6. Moving to shreveport la

    There are several nice parks in the area. North Toledo Bend has a nice State Park. If you have a golden age pass and once you are a LA resident the fees are cut in half. I no longer live in that area as of 4 years ago but enjoyed it while there. Over in Texas close to Tyler is also a very nice park.
  7. Converter and 110 Fridge

    Just returned from trip. The deep cycle with the inverter worked great to keep the fridge running for 3 hrs while I was out of vehicle plus while driving during the day everything worked better than expected. I have decided to make a separate circuit to the fridge.
  8. Converter and 110 Fridge

    I really don't know. It is beneath a panel in the closet and I have never opened it up to look at it. Right now I am packed to go on a trip. When I get back I may be able to look at it.
  9. Converter and 110 Fridge

    Add to the mix that the alternator in the car is also generating power that flows into the Deep Cycle. I was not sure how what route that flows
  10. Converter and 110 Fridge

    jdemaris jdemaris, yes you are correct I did mean a inverter and it is a 1500/3000. Bob It was because of the circle of current that I was concerned. Thanks for your input. Tony.
  11. Converter and 110 Fridge

    My vehicle is a 1985 Es-caper I have recently added a 1500 watt converter onto my deep cycle battery to run my 110 fridge while driving down road. Should I run a separate circuit that would go direct to the fridge or could I plug the shore power into the converter and run 110 though the present wiring that is already there. I was not sure what effect going to the shore power would have on isolator and present wiring. Thanks if you can help me on this.
  12. 12V To 110 Inverter Size

    Thanks everyone for all the input. Maineah are you suggesting that the one from amazon for 53.00 might be a possibility? Maybe this one then http://www.amazon.co...erter 1500 watt
  13. 12V To 110 Inverter Size

    I run a small igloo dorm fridge that draws about 1 amp. I want to install a inverter but unsure of size and brands. I see several on Ebay some 1500 watt very cheap around $35. I usually only stay in parks with 110. I mostly want it for the travel time. TDS
  14. Propane Tank Conversion

    I do not see any response to this topic but I sure wish there was more information about it.
  15. Windshield Leak Water Gets Into Cab

    I had a similar problem. When you take off the trim on the bottom there is a cover that goes across the vehicle where the fresh air comes into the cab. Once that cover is removed you will find a cavity that goes across the vehicle. That cavity opens to the fender and drains the water that come off the windshield to the ground. the hood hinge folds up into that cavity. There is seam that crosses the vehicle where the hinge and the firewall meet that make up the bottom edge of that cavity. Mine was rusted through at and above that seam. It was not visible from outside the cavity or inside the hood since it was above the seam inside the cavity. I cut into the cavity from the top and revealed the hole and sealed it up. The first layer of metal that is at the bottom of your windshield on mine (an 85 model) came off with screws. I first remove the chrome at bottom of windshield and then remove the vented cover that goes across the vehicle. I was then able to pour water into the cavity and then check into the cab to see if I had water intrusion. Yours may be different problem but that is how I solved mine.