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  1. Rusker

    Good Paint Scheme For A Chinook??

    I think the original paint scheme from the factory looks great. You can kind of make out the original lines that were painted over.
  2. Rusker

    Any "besotted" Chinook Owners Here?

    That is a really good deal for a Chinook. Did you end up buying it?
  3. Rusker

    Trying To Get My Chinook Water Tight

    I'd double check the seals on all the windows. As for the area around the floormats, I'd check the rain tray and see if it looks like it's rusted inside. Do you notice any wetness under the dash? It's possible there is a leak around the windshield. Nice to see a fellow Chinook owner on here.
  4. Rusker

    Feb 1973 "the Minis Are Here"

    Interesting read. Great find!
  5. Rusker

    1978 Truck Replacement Parts?

    Where are you located? I'll keep an eye out.
  6. Rusker

    76 Chinook $950 Bucks In Yelm Wa

    Just now seeing this. Did you buy it?
  7. Great article. I love expedition portal.
  8. Rusker

    76 Chinook $950 Bucks In Yelm Wa

    You take the camper portion and I'll take the truck portion. :-)
  9. This is an old thread but here is more info on this rv if anyone is interested. http://board.marlincrawler.com/index.php?topic=84173.0
  10. Rusker

    Toyota Chinook Pop Top Models.

    Saw this panel version recently on criagslist in Roswell NM.
  11. Rusker

    Why Put A V8 In A Toyota Rv

    Yes, please.
  12. Rusker

    Why Put A V8 In A Toyota Rv

    Any gen rx7 with an LS engine is a perfect match.
  13. Rusker

    Which Toyota Rv Is This?

    Awesome! It's a shame someone hasn't picked this up. I'd hate to think this will get crushed one day.
  14. While searching for parts online for my Chinook I came across this camper. Doesn't appear to be a Chinook... or is it? Link to the yard that current has this in stock. Anyone in California? http://row52.com/Vehicle/Index/RN23043403