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  1. iadoptedatoy

    MPG on 92 Itasca

    Hi all As some of you know, I sold my 85 Huntsman Toy and bought a 92 Itasca Toy. With the 85 we averaged around 14mpg ( 4cyl). We have just returned from our first trip in the 92 (6cyl) and only got 11mpg. I see things that are written about both and the mpg is higher then what we get. Are most people making their toy seem better than it is or is there something I can do to improve our mpg. Thanks for any and all help, Cathy P.S. Thanks to all of u who hepled in my stripe problem. My husband removed all the stripes and logos and replaced them himself and it looks brand new!
  2. I misspoke................ My husband says we have air bags not air shocks. We did get them from http://www.3tsrv.com/ Cathy
  3. Check this place out. It's where I bought air shocks for my toy. http://www.3tsrv.com/ Cathy
  4. iadoptedatoy

    Where's the stripes?

    Thank you.....I'll check those sites out today! Cathy
  5. iadoptedatoy

    Where's the stripes?

    Thanks ,I'll check it out! Cathy
  6. iadoptedatoy

    Where's the stripes?

    Thanks! I hadn't thought of the bead size being different. Cathy
  7. iadoptedatoy

    Where's the stripes?

    Y'all are so helpful! I really appreciate your ideas. I'm in need of awning replacement fabric. I took the advice of another topic on here about it and found what I needed at a good price @ RV Workshop ( shademaker ). I hope to be able to order it within the next couple of weeks. This is just the most helpful place in the world for all Toy lovers. Thanks again, Cathy
  8. iadoptedatoy

    Where's the stripes?

    Well I did it.............sold my 85 Huntsman and bought a 92 Itasca Spirit. It's a real cutie and in great shape except a few of the stripes ( not all ) have chips missing. The last owner tried to pressure wash it and any little pieces that were at all loose chipped off. So........... I'm looking for stripes and wondering if you can buy some stripes or do you have to buy them as a whole set. Mostly I'm worried that since they don't make the toys anymore that I may not be able to replace them with the same kind. It's not real bad but would like to know any info. for the future if I decide to fix them. We bought it in Athens Tn. They were running it on Ebay and we offered him his reserve price........because it was well worth it! (8000.00 )Everything works and no leaks ever. 60,000 miles. Thanks, Cathy
  9. iadoptedatoy

    1992 Rockwood

    Thanks for fixing those pics for me. I love the look of it but it has too many problems and too many missing things for me to pay anything close to 9000.00. The Maine tags might explain the no A/C. LOL Thanks, Cathy
  10. iadoptedatoy

    1992 Rockwood

    I've sent them to you thru email......thanks for helping...good luck......It will solve the mystery of what does a rockwood look like lol Thanks again, Cathy
  11. iadoptedatoy

    1992 Rockwood

  12. iadoptedatoy

    1992 Rockwood

    Here are the pics he sent me of the 1992 Toy Rockwood Roamer. It has no A/c,no oven, bad carpet, looks like a mattress over cab, no awning,bad spot in ceiling and a dent in the side. However, I do like the style alot. Given just the few things I mentioned I don't want to pay 9000.00 for it. Am I wrong? Cathy Sorry the 2 pics of the outside won't upload because they are too big 2.1 mb and 2.3 mb and I can't seem to delete this post. Soooo sorry! Does anyone know how or where I can show these pics to ya'll or how to resize them?
  13. iadoptedatoy

    1992 Rockwood Toyota?

    Everyone I emailed the guy again yesterday and told him I had tryed to look for a Rockwood online and couldn't find one. I was thinking maybe he had made a mistake on the ad. He said that it says Rockwood in big letters on the side. He also said that when he bought it and bought the tag for it that the registry had trouble finding it too but finally did. I'll let y'all know if I ever get the pics. Thanks, Cathy P.S. Here is the ad.... http://nashville.craigslist.org/rvs/1098187493.html
  14. iadoptedatoy

    1992 Rockwood Toyota?

    Allen Here is the one I found. http://nashville.craigslist.org/rvs/1098187493.html Thanks for trying to help, Cathy