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  1. I'm so jealous! Your pics of living and traveling on the road look wonderful!

  2. nibs

    Water Heater Malfunction

    Greg, you can find the 110 add on at lots of RV stores, they screw in to the hole that the drain plug lives in, then you wire them to mains power. Have seen them from $50 to $100 each, I think the thermostat just fixes on the outside of the tank, probably just a bimetalic snap switch. Have never used one, but could see how it might be nice in the Toyota when in a park.
  3. nibs

    Exporting to Canada

    I bring vehicles across the border quite often, it takes about 30 mins +/- at the border where they charge you gst, then you have to get a provincial inspection, then get your plates and pay pst. Not sure if the HST in BC is going to change that, prolly have to pay hst at the border. If it has airconditioning, there is an additonal $100 fee.
  4. A bit off topic, but we sold our crafts at the Sisters Fall Festival for about 6 or 7 yrs, great fun, good people and lots of top notch art available. Miss the show, but not the work. .........Tony
  5. nibs

    House battery

    My 84 Sunrader has the truck battery on the drivers side and the house batt on the passenger side either side of the radiator. I put a second coach battery under the couch (rear dinette) beside the fridge. I connect the new stuff I put in to the newer batt, sirius and invertor, also i connected the furnace to this battery and intend to connect the water pump to it one of these days. Since switching all the interior lighting to LED's this second battery is overkill, imo. ...........Tony
  6. Got to admit, if I had an overdrive automatic, I would most likely use it. (carefully)
  7. Not to start an argument, and certainly not to diss an old pro (Maineah) buuuut I am told that the Toyota owners manual says not to use overdrive when driving a loaded truck. These motor homes are a big load for the truck.
  8. nibs

    Portable Generator Size

    What ever you get, make sure it is quiet. Nothing worse than generator noise in a quiet campground. We have a Yamaha 1000, runs a skill saw rated at 1500 watts with no problem, I don't think is will run an AC. But a 2000 should. We don't have AC prefer a fan and a shady spot.
  9. nibs

    wheel covers

    I'm for the paint, and if while your wheels are off, you wire brush the hubs and paint them with a rust covering flat black, the whole thing looks good. As an old trucker, I wanna see what is happening to lug nuts & when I pull over for tea, I touch test the hubs for hotness, tells me if a bearing is going or if the brakes are dragging, cant do that with faux wheel covers. Tony
  10. There is some good boondocking just west of Sisters Or. & a great harvest festival in sisters in early Oct.
  11. nibs

    2 Rear axle's

    Yup, I guess the manufacturer recognized that the Toyota would be overloaded so they added a tag axle to help.
  12. Maineah, I have two auto trannys that need a bit of adjusting - an Allison 740 - and a Mercedes 300D, both shift hard, and the allison shifts too early - where you at - Just kidding. Tony
  13. nibs

    space heater

    Here is a source, with pics, http://www.nextag.com/blue-flame-heater/shop-html the smallest one will roast you in quick order, the one in our 35' bus is 10,000BTU, measures about 12" wide, 18" tall and sticks into the room about 6.5". Personally I would not put one (or any supplemental heater) into my Toyota. I took one out after we bought it. On a really cold morning, we light the oven with the door open, I am sure some will scream "its not safe to do that", but if you think about it, you would cook a roast in the oven, why not use it for 1/2 hr to heat the space. Remember you must have a source of fresh air, and a propane sniffer/alarm is a good idea. We always turn off all heaters before we bed down. Hope this helps, Tony.
  14. nibs

    space heater

    We have had a blue flame chimneyless fire place in our bus for 10 years now (fultimers) we took out the catalitic heater because it is not a space heater, but radiates the heat onto any surface in line of sight, which then warms the space. We took our first blueflame out and put it in our studio workshop and put the newer one (with thermostat) into the bus. Our Toyota came with a "mr buddy" heater which I took out. We never run any heater after beddy byes even when we used to camp and snow ski. Of course you must make provision for air. In our bus I piped in an air supply to the back of the heater, which makes me feel better. Most heaters now have O2 sensors which will shut them down before you croak. Get a top quality propane sniffer and install it near the floor. Hope this helps.
  15. I seriously doubt that it is brake lines, It could be rotors that have warped or rear drums out of round, or ABS if your truck has them. It is unusual for rotors to warp that quickly, unless you drag your brakes (resting left foot on pedal while driving is a big nonono), or using the brakes on long hills when you should have shifted into a lower gear. The rear drums would be a possible but unlikely culprit. ABS can give a pulsing on the pedal - a bad sensor can cause it. You can pull a front wheel and put a dial indicator on the disk rotor to check the run out, dial indicators are often less than $20 with stand at Harbor Freight. Hope this helps.