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  1. powdrhound

    Removing Ac?

    Between my lady and my dogs, and living in the hot valley, I use my A/C quite a bit. Even on the days when it is only in the mid-90's (cool summer days) the temperature inside gets above 100 degrees. If I am going to take the dogs for a ride, I can pre-cool the inside to the mid-70's, and it will stay comfortable for Bella and Murphy for a long time. I just replaced the A/C this year after the old one lost it's charge.
  2. powdrhound

    Sunrader Weight

  3. powdrhound

    Towing A Toyhome?

    When my fuel pump failed in the Kirkwood RV lot, (as I was on my way to get propane before a predicted three foot weekend snowstorm) the tow truck driver had to drop the u-joint at the differential, and tied it up out of the way. It towed easily for him, though. $10 per mile charge. AAA paid the first $200. Then cost me another $300, to get to the closest mechanic in Gardnerville. First time that a paid mechanic had worked on the SkiBumMobile since I purchased it. But towing it home would have been over $1,400. Sad part is that I had to totally re-do the work, as we discovered a small crack at one of the welds on the front angle iron support of the tank. Got the tank boiled out so my welder could seal the tank. He extended the fix, and welded all around the piece, and did the rear support also. (I was able to spin the pickup tube around to the front, and lowered it to the bottom of the tank, reclaiming about a gallon more usable fuel capacity.) Missed a week of skiing for that downtime. But, Yes, it can be towed.
  4. powdrhound

    A C, roof brace clamped down

    Sagging roof lifted back up to level.
  5. powdrhound

    A C half inch roof Sag below brace

    This is how much the roof had sagged.
  6. powdrhound

    Air conditioner, roof braced

    The air conditioner had caused to roof to sag by over half an inch. Interior ceiling cabinets kept popping out it's attachment screws. I used 1.5" thick wall square aluminum tube to span between the roof supports. The compressor area extends down half an inch below the rest of the a/c base, so used 1/2" x 1.5" channel around the roof opening. Foam 1/2" pipe insulation in the channel is my gasket. My local RV shop helped me lift the a/c back to the roof with their forklift. Thank you Denis RV.
  7. powdrhound

    PackaSport opened

    Packasport fiberglass ski/cargo box
  8. powdrhound


    Packasport fiberglass ski/cargo box
  9. powdrhound

    Toybox and snow

    This question recently came up on the Yahoo forum. I copied my reply: Although my Nokian tires really need No assistance from chains, in California I have to use them when it goes from R1 to R2. I use the Z-chain's on the outer tires. They work great. Z-547. I carry two 8" long pieces of 2x6. Set one flat, one on top, angled down in between the 2x6 and the inner tire. The top 2x6 acts as a ramp, and pivots easily when I back onto it. This lifts the outer tire completely off the ground, and allows me to easily hang the z-chain on the outer tire. And allows me to make all of the final adjustments quite easily. With our limited clearances, I have to run the chains quite tight against the tire. Often I have to use a bungie cord to tighten the chains so they will not rub. You may need to pump more pressure in your air bags to increase your clearances. With new tires, I adjust the chains to one lug from full tight. With used tires, I run the z-547's at full tight, with the bungies as necessary. I am back on the road within 20 minutes. When properly adjusted, I can drive up to 40 mph with confidence, if the conditions allow. Usually, I do drive slower. My last trip, I had to drive for way too many miles of dry road, but they had R2 posted for a couple icy spots. One of the cross-members snapped. I was able to tie it off and continue, but I was pissed at CalTrans for the un-necessary R2requirement. Replacement cross-members are available thru special order. Let me again voice my recommendation of the Z-chain. Since there is always some portion of the Z cross-member between the tire and the road, you have NONE of the whump-whump-whump you get with regular perpendicular cables or chains. You get a much smoother ride. I have had several occasions where, after staying for the week at Kirkwood during the storm week, with the chains on for the week, the snow and slush has frozen into a do-nut between the tires. This traps the inner cable completely within the ice do-nut. I then spend 20-30 minutes per side chipping away at the inside ice pack. No fun. In summary, the Nokian Hakkapeliitta tires do not need chains for EXCELLENT traction and control, but when required while in California, the Z-chain is my best choice. I have driven thousands of miles on ice and snow covered roads in Oregon, Washington and Idaho with complete non-chained control. Enjoy your trip. John Let it Snow! R1: Chains required, except Autos & Pickups with M&S tires on all wheels. (We are heavily overloaded pickups) R2: Chains required, except 4WD with M&S on all wheels. R3: Chains required. (Usually closed before R3) You have to watch out for the sign, see which way it is turned. The phone line (800-427-SNOW) is usually pretty accurate, but there are times where rapidly changing chainlines are slow to be updated.
  10. powdrhound

    Please help me decide

    I also need to replace a bit of paneling, around the fridge. For this application, and for a touch of structural strength, one of the birch or oak 1/4" plywoods at my local Lowe's will fit my needs. A couple layers of polyurethane should seal it well. Let it Snow!
  11. Add a few ounces of RV antifreeze very time you use your toilet when it drops to zero. Imagine a large congetsitated poopsicle if you don't.

  12. powdrhound

    Plugging 1000W Power Inverter

    Alvin, I do not understand why you want to install the inverter off of the starting-type battery, and why it makes no sense to use your deep cycle battery. It seems your plan is never to use the inverter unless the engine is running. I don't want to be running the engine every time I use the computer or TV, and I definitely do not want to run down the chassis battery and not be able to start the engine... To me it makes no sense to use the chassis battery. Please help me. Thanks. John
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  14. powdrhound

    Lug Nut Torque

    If I weigh 170 lbs and stand 12" out on a breaker bar, I have torqued it 170 ft-lbs. Used this last week when I had to pull off the wheels to remove a 3" rock that had wedged itself between them. I must have stopped directly on the rock, as it happened at a stop on hiway 88 west of Carson Pass. Big clunk after turning around on the USFS road. Could not hammer it out, so had to pull the wheel. The lug wrench worked great. Put it on the nuts and stood on it. Popped off nicely. For the final tightening, with the lug wrench bar being about 12" long, I stepped up on the bar and let it settle with my weight. Checked out fine when I got home. This was not the first rock of the trip, but the only one I could not pull out. But I successfully skied this Patch.
  15. powdrhound

    will Toyota Odyssey fit in regular parking?

    I often park the runt in regular width parking spaces. We easily fit between the lines. Easier if one side is unoccupied, but not difficult. You have to figure that most cars you are parking next to have Much newer paint jobs, so they will be careful. I have no problem exiting the vehicle through either door. I try to find ones that are double length, and pull forward to the front line. Hangs into the back space, and either no one parks behind, or short cars park there. Most single length spaces are pretty much out, unless there is extra clearance behind you, or like is said above, you can hang the rear end over the curb. I have only taken out a few plants and sprinklers, and havn't yet scraped the black tank (real close, once...). Have someone watching. But the downtown parking lots in San Francisco still charged the RV rate.... John