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  1. Check the used duals carefully, the U-Haul trucks came with 14" 6 bolts. The rim should be marked 14-6J or something like that. Some of the 4wd pickups came with a 15" 6 bolt, but the pattern is different. The 5 bolt is just a standard Toyota 14" pickup rim, from any junkyard.
  2. What bulb type do you use. Where did you buy them from? I have seen sources for some WARM WHITE leds. 6000K an up color is considered bright white, warm white is around 4700K. There should be a K rating somewhere in the web pages when looking for new leds.
  3. What is your rear suspension? Do you have airbags? Folks with weak rear springs have report a 5" lift in the rear after installing air bags ($$) . But you could create "bad" springs by removing a leaf. then just let the air out and garage it. On the road pump them up and have a level ride. Heck you might already have the bad spring thing going on a lot of the older rigs do.
  4. Here is a 350 CFM vent fan for small $$, name brand. Just mount it side ways (vents on side, not top and bottom) on the outside rear wall. http://www.ebay.com/itm/EZ-BREEZE-POWERED-VENT-/162228897986?hash=item25c59888c2:g:WdUAAOSw8gVX9UJX&vxp=mtr Here's a basic 3 spd fan just mount it hinge up. http://www.ebay.com/itm/FAN-TASTIC-VENT-WITH-3-SPEED-FAN-RV-810048-WHITE-/252690630298?hash=item3ad589069a:g:DzAAAOSwhdRYWeMU&vxp=mtr About the arch, just get a bottle jack and a 2x4 the right length and raise the center of your rafters about 3/4". That all it takes to make the rain run off.
  5. Your engine isn't going to implode just because your a bit overdue on the valve adjustment. So don't panic. Just do what you have done. Start asking about where somebody else has had it done and their feelings about the service provided. I think most folks here think a new timing belt and water pump and tensioners are a very cost effective thing to do at this time. You will want the exhaust valves set on the loose side of the adjustment range, especially #6 . If your question is really "should I get it done" the answer is YES
  6. The LT tires have a much stronger sidewall than P series tires. With the weights you posted for the band equipment and people, you looking for a 5300lb wet weight.
  7. I've been over a 12,000 ft pass, but not Pikes Peak. Just don't stop on the way up. I think your worries about coming down are well founded and that it is going to be a bigger problem than going up.
  8. The water heater has a thermocoupler. It fails the pilot light won't stay lit.
  9. Yes, but do we have a 12 step plan to help members REDUCE the number of toys they own. Or are we enablers saying more is better?
  10. So is it installed, inquiring minds want to know.
  11. A few more ideas from the peanut gallery. Put a small arch in your roof, the flat roof on most toys is a major headache waiting to happen. IF you can make the roof wider than the rv and use a bend brake to fold over a lip. Most rvs use sides and a flat roof that butt join each other. The mfgs seal the joint with putty tape, which will leak sooner or later an overlap the the side is not gonna leak. As you are planning a curtain and not a solid wall for the equipment room, you could mount a roof vent fan on the back wall. Run it slow and open a window in the sleeping area and instant cool breeze for sleeping.
  12. The blue tarp is a 1 year tarp, not much quality but after a hurricane thats all you see on homes with damaged roof. So a blue tarp will do what you need, keep the rv dry.
  13. If you build shelves to transport your equipment on, check out pickup tailgate nets to keep things on place.
  14. I don't think Wyoming was your problem, but 30 years of everything bad.
  15. Well my suggestion of a powered vent fan won't work because of the low garage. But the same company makes a stand up fan that could be set in a window. They move a lot of air with a low amp draw http://www.fantasticvent.com/fan-tastic-vent-s-retail-stand-alone-fans.html You have gotten a lot farther along than most of the folks who modify their Toys. Congrats
  16. Yes a good ground is MOST important. About 90% of electrical problems are ground related.
  17. Normally the Maxx is a good battery. A quick check to see if its low battery or something else start the engine and then try the heater.
  18. Ya know its bad when you have to chain up the snow blower and use granny gear to clear the snow. After getting the car out, we (me) slid off the road on the way to church, the car has 4 Nokian Hakkapeliitta snow tires. But with no studs, black ice wins. Finally getting unstuck, turned around and went home. There is a car stuck in our upper drive way, no one in it. So no holiday dinner with friends, at least the power is still on. An interesting Christmas so far. Merry Christmas to All.
  19. 2:23 seconds total eclipse, in my drive way
  20. There is usually only one battery.
  21. I've seen this weird wire setup before recently. The output from the isolator goes to the first CB, then to one terminal of the 2nd CB. The battery feed wire connected to the same terminal, this is the charge circuit. The coach power circuit is the same battery wire back through the 2nd CB and then to coach power panel. It ends up with 2 long wires to power the coach. IF the coach battery is under the hood then this isn't a bad setup. IF the coach battery is in the coach then there is a possibility of a large v drop.
  22. WME

    Waste tank

    Some of the older RV have only one tank. You need to research some more about your rig. The BAD thing about a single tank is when its close to full and you taking a shower and the tank fills up and some really interesting stuff back fills the shower, If you do new tanks their total capacity should be greater than your fresh water tank, like maybe you carry an extra 5 gal jug for an extra day dry camping. The black tank should be 30-40% of the total capacity and the gray tank the balance. Start here looking for replacements... http://www.plastic-mart.com/category/34/rv-holding-tanks
  23. WME

    Waste tank

    Correct, technically they are the Black Water tank for the toilet and a Gray Water tank for the sinks and shower.
  24. Pics of your unit and a model. The relay is replaceable. But in all honesty a new converter is the answer to so many problems. steps for replacement http://home.earthlink.net/~whemme/ This is the most common old style converter, scroll down for a pic of the component layout to see where the relay is. http://www.hayseed.net/~jpk5lad/RV Information/MagnaTek Pwr Converter/RV Binder1.pdf You are about to have a new BFF, a new voltmeter
  25. Some of the older converters have a transfer relay that switches from the 12v battery to the 12v converter when the RV is plugged in. Unplug and see if the lights come on. 12v CB auto reset http://www.ebay.com/itm/20-Amp-12-Volt-Automotive-Marine-Circuit-Breaker-Reset-Short-Stop-Fuse-PACK-OF-4-/112067993530?hash=item1a17c5dfba:g:O3UAAOSwARZXk-fc 12v CB manual reset http://www.ebay.com/itm/CB41200-Sierra-Manual-Reset-Circuit-Breaker-5A-12V-DC-/132027807423?hash=item1ebd7876bf:g:z58AAOSwo4pYSJE~&vxp=mtr These are the older style dc breakers that you should have in your coach. You may have one between the house battery and the fuse panel. YES voltmeter by all means, Harbor Freight, Walmart places to shop for one.
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