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  1. Where do all the wires go?? Did it ever work?? A standard setup is 3 wires. Alternator center. house battery one side and truck battery other side. Some isolators need an "exciter" voltage.
  2. Before you get welding done, look at the floor of your Sunrader it should be flat from side to side. They were built with a wood/paper honeycomb floor. The floor rests on the truck frame rails all the weight of the camper rest on the unsupported edges of the floor. Over time the edges sag and place more weight on the cab. You MIGHT be able to jack up the edges of the shell and weld on some triangle reinforcements from the top of the frame rail, out to the edge and then to the bottom of the frame. This is a serious job, but if done right its a permeant fix. GOOD LUCK
  3. Red light on one leg is GOOD. The CB connects the 12v to the other wire.
  4. DO you still have the rubber diaper around the distributor??? http://parts.germaintoyotaofnaples.com/p/Toyota_1982_PickUp/COVER--WATER-PROOF-FOR-DISTRIBUTOR-COVER--WATER-PROOF-COLD-SPEC/42975539/1911435011.html
  5. A real close look seems to show a non factory weld just below the new crack. So this is an ongoing problem. Finding and fixing the cause is the important thing.
  6. Welding is easy, the real question is WHY did it crack?
  7. The broken black thing looks like a manual reset breaker. Unplug it and see if a local auto parts store has a replacement. As a last resort find an auto reset breaker. Plug in the new breaker and see if you get and noises.
  8. OK I'll be the moving target. I use dry graphite. Its in a carrier that evaporates in about a minuite Graphited oil NO WAY, OIL, grease WD-40, 3in1 nope.
  9. IF you modify it, sooner or later you will forget to "unmodify' it for and a long drycamp and be stuck in middle of nowhere with a dead truck battery.
  10. Kool, the prices are realistic for a organized shop with all the right tools and knowledge. 2 days MAX. 2 techs with the right stuff 1 full day
  11. http://www.engnbldr.com/ Give these guys a call and explain your situation. They normally don't ship engines, but they may know a shop you can deal with.
  12. WME

    What happened

    A self imposed sabbatical. His general knowledge is still to be found on the Yahoo Chinook group
  13. The T-100s are the only ones with the gear shift indicator in the instrument cluster.
  14. Well since the plug redo help, the next thing is a full tune up. First make sure the engine is correctly tuned up, valves set and timing correct. Then it may need some new parts, but start with the simple things.
  15. Its not the RV that matters, its the previous owner(s). There some really ugly Sunraders out there.
  16. Yea a 5L, 5 cylinder Toyota Diesel If its local to someone it would be worth a look see, even if only for parts
  17. Anything is possible with a 30 year old vehicle But if your filter is in the same place as the factory filter, its likely that some one just replaced the factory filter with an aftermarket one.
  18. I'm not sure when it started, but some Toyota carbs have two accelerator pumps. The main and a auxiliary pump.
  19. Too stiff in the rear... 1. It ain't a MBZ, its a truck, deal with it. The stock truck came with a 5 leaf spring pack, most Toy MH have a 7 leaf spring pack. 2. The springs have collapsed and your ridding on the bump stops. 3. Some P/O has added overload springs to make it ride level. The cure is 4 parts, all cost $$$. Make sure the correct springs are installed (see above post about arched springs), get air bags, check/replace the suspension bushings in the rear. Correct shocks Adding more springs will make it stiffer
  20. The fuel sock is on the fuel pickup INSIDE the gas tank. This not a Toyota unit, but this is what everything looks like. https://www.opgi.com/el-camino/L240644/?gclid=CjwKEAiApLDBBRC8oICb9NvKsg0SJAD9yOHsy3qTC7yEBFZOW1aiq5c4MgJzqbK8MF7B2TixL7q6LBoCpXnw_wcB
  21. Yea accelerator pump and choke. Here is the factory fuel filter, http://board.marlincrawler.com/index.php?topic=45702.0
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