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  1. Just for grins I went to the 22re Performance site and did some reading... They are calling dino oil-mineral oil as opposed to synthetic. So just press on.
  2. The typical furnace is in the 3-5 amp range. Remember that they only run about 10% of the time, in normal camping weather. After 23 years in the USAF " jet engine" sounding heaters don't bother me ?
  3. Mineral oil is a misnome, your fine with what's in it. In the OLD days break-in oil was a single weight low detergent oil. Now days mfg put in normal oil and just recommend a short oil change for the " break-in". The really HP engines are shipped with synthetic oil from the get go. Old OHV pushrod engines ( not 22re) sometimes have cam break-in problems so there are hi zinc break-in oils . A few year ago the diesel engine oils were good to use on older engines BUT they have been reformatted for use in DEF diesels and are worse than normal auto oils. One of the better old school oils now is the Valvoline VR1 oil. Best thing to do is contact 22re performance and see what they recommend for oil after the first oil change.
  4. When I replaced my stat I found a cheap 1 day programmable thermostats. Programeded igt to kick on about a half hour before I planned to wake up the next morning. Didn't need a 7 day programmable because on vacation there is no weekend
  5. Ebay No Idea of quality, seller has good feed back. http://www.ebay.com/itm/85-95-Toyota-Pickup-2-4L-Complete-Cylinder-Head-Head-Gasket-Set-Bolts-22RE-/281094975886?hash=item417290f18e:g:D00AAOSw5VFWQpbj&vxp=mtr#vi-ilComp
  6. Lowe's... a battery powered millivolt digital will work great. simple : https://www.lowes.com/pd/Honeywell-Electronic-Non-Programmable-Thermostat/3464344 programmable : https://www.lowes.com/pd/Honeywell-Basic-Digital-5-2-Day-Programmable-Thermostat/3464340
  7. Well if the brand names are failing, try some chineseum rotors from ebay. Look for groved or dimpled rotors. Do not use drilled rotors.
  8. Some toys have a real anti roll bar mounted on the rear axle. For short term just remove it to get the rig home.
  9. We're leaving June 10 for the Grand Canyon and the Utah canyons. Next year is Glacier and into WA and OR. We've done the OR coast route before and we're really impressed by the state parks
  10. Your rig is 25 years old, with who knows how many owners. Some PO were good some not so good. You have to act like they were all bad and check everything 2 x
  11. Check your battery polarity, there is weird wiring on some coach batteries. The click is probably an auto reset circuit breaker.
  12. Not much help then, my favorite rotor is from EBC but they don't seem to make rotors for old Toyota PUs
  13. Instead of thinking of rotors, think brake system. Brake system parts. 1. Rotor 2. Brake pads 3. Brake caliper 4. Rubber brake hose Big $$ but you may need to do all at the same time. Just for info what make rotors and pads are you using
  14. "22RE Performance" is the name of the company that built the engine. They build semi custom stockers and full custom 22RE engines.
  15. Here is the Wyoming duration chart https://www.greatamericaneclipse.com/wyoming/
  16. WME

    Generator install

    Well other than venting, cooling, insulating, and sealing against carbon monoxide not much else
  17. WME

    Generator install

    Its not a generator box, so running it in the box is a bad idea. Transporting it is OK, if it has a vent lock on the gas cap. Just remove it from the box and chain it to the rear bumper and go for it.
  18. Just screw the nuts on a couple of turns, they will trap the loose cones.
  19. OK so we're talking about a 20 year old RV with a 12v system. How do you charge a 24 or 48v battery under way. This is a long slog to read but it has the right answers...https://www.victronenergy.com/blog/2015/03/30/batteries-lithium-ion-vs-agm/
  20. As far as MPG I couldn't tell, my right foot was all too happy to use the extra power. If I remember right my mileage was in the low 13's @ 60-65 mph I did have to tweek the the AFM to run a bit richer as the factory setting was a bit lean with all the modifications. Ted did not have your at the time I did my mods, choices were the Crawler or the HO.
  21. Take a sample to your local RV store. OR http://www.rvplus.com/vents-and-trim/trim-inserts-molding-drip-rails-and-gutter-extensions/
  22. I used Teds HO 270 degree cam. A small loss at the bottom end but from 2500 rpm and up a nice boost.
  23. Its usually within a few feet of the water tank. Open all your floor level storage compartments, turn the pump on and listen.
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