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  1. Your rig draws a lot less than even 45 amps with everything turned on so there is no advantage to a larger unit to just power things. The main advantage to the larger units is a faster battery recharge when running the generator. Got solar, stay at camp grounds, don't boondock for long periods of time in one place??? then the advantage is less .
  2. Look at your interior layout. On mine I was able to put 2 supports in, one on the sink counter and one at the dinette set back. I jacked up the roof a bit and then cut the poles to fit. Removed the jack and the roof stayed up. Look at a big box store at stair handrails for good looking stuff.
  3. Kinda pricey. You can buy a 20 ah 12 v agm battery for 35$. Use a 12 v adapter and a simple cigarette lighter coard to recharge it. Your good to go for less than 75$. Before you buy anything check the cpap machine and see what it's power needs are, a single battery should be enough for a couple of nights.
  4. The converter will require basic electrical skills. The power panel will need electrical skills and may need carpenter skills.
  5. Info on delam repair. I've never used it so this just info only. http://www.delamrepair.com/index.html
  6. WME

    Am I crazy?

    You don't have to crazy to own and love a 30 year old RV....BUT it helps
  7. After replacing a house battery(s) twice, most current owners of a toy swap out the OEM converter. Lots of electrical progress in the last 20 years. There several DIY posts on the site.
  8. The effects of old rear axle lube on your world have been discussed before. My answer usually involves burning your old work clothes, cause you dribbled a few drops on them.
  9. Check out camping stuff for sleeping pads. A sleeping bag with a pad makes a snuggley place to crash
  10. My book said 75-90, Derek's factory book says 80-90. So I'd have no problem using the Mobil 1.
  11. Check the thermostat, many of them have a on/off switch on the the bottom. make sure its OFF. Last resort, find the 12v fuse for the heater and remove it.
  12. 3.8 pints for 2 pin, ...75-90w... GL-5 4.6 pints for 4 pin (v-6)
  13. In the middle of the semi annual solar A/C discussion, the Harbor Freight generators came up, the 2000 w and the 4000 w ones. Went to HF today to get a new shop roll around tool box. Between the flyers, store and mail prices I found what I wanted at 3 different prices. HF is starting to sell some good stuff, yeah team, but they still run the place like a flea market. I checked the generators out. The 2000 w was 499.00 store price, 459.00 parking lot sale price, 439.00 special coupon price, and 429.00 super coupon price. The 4000 w was just as bad, 399.00, 359.00, 329.00 and 289.00 super coupon price. So check every coupon before you buy anything there.
  14. The adapter came from Custom and Commercial Wheel in Stockton Ca. They seem to have vanished from the internet world.
  15. Aw to late. I had the same problem with the trailer hitch. I got just a straight 18" receiver and cut a 2X2' hole in the bumper. Mounted the receiver flush and butted it up to a 1x3 welded across the frame rails. The bumper takes the weight and the cross bar takes the twisting from the trailer tongue. I also found a bolt on 5 bolt to 6 bolt wheel adapter. I carried it and a 6 bolt spare. Blow a rear tire, just use the spare. Blow a front, bolt on the adapter and use the spare.
  16. FYI the same HF flyer that had the 2000w generator $439 has the 4000w generator for $339. This generator is "sorta" quiet for a constant rpm generator. AND it WILL run a 13.5K RV air conditioner. SO if you serious about a trailer and dog house check it out. This would be about the cheapest way to go other than a used something.
  17. Not a Toy or even a Class C, but this is the gold standard for an aero RV.http://www.tincantourists.com/wiki/lib/exe/detail.php?id=navette&media=nav.jpg Its a Navette
  18. A 1600 generator wont run a 13.5 K btu roof AC. But it will run a 5-6000 btu window AC. There several owners who have installed this size unit and report good results in cooling, but are reporting AC longer run times. To run a 13.5 K unit you will need a GOOD 2.8 kw or larger generator
  19. Just some thoughts about matching batteries and solar panels. A 100w panel will generate about 40AH per day and using the 50% discharge rule for the battery. It would take 6 days to recharge 2 T-105 batteries. A 100w panel would be a match for a 100 AH battery. I can't think of a scenario where a small panel and a big battery would be advantageous.
  20. In my latest HF flyer the HF 2000w generator is $439.00. It is a inverter type
  21. The lights that L&J posted are HID NOT LED. Big difference.
  22. These are what I use. http://www.ebay.com/itm/6-pk-1156-1141-Base-LED-Replacement-Bulb-280-LUM-10-24v-Natural-White-/172256959172?hash=item281b509ac4:g:pIMAAOSwhOVXcvP9&vxp=mtr
  23. Linda the last pic in the wheel well redo shows a hand hold. Looks like it might be a 3 hand wheel.
  24. Check the used duals carefully, the U-Haul trucks came with 14" 6 bolts. The rim should be marked 14-6J or something like that. Some of the 4wd pickups came with a 15" 6 bolt, but the pattern is different. The 5 bolt is just a standard Toyota 14" pickup rim, from any junkyard.
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