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    Fuel tank size

    "Normal" tank size is 17 gallons. Some "rare" Toys came with a 25 gallon optional tank, again very rare. The gas gauges are the same for the instruments. But the gauges are not very good. WAG at the E you have 2-3 gallons left. If its important there should be a drain plug in the tank, drain it carefully, pour in 5 gallons and head for the nearest gas station and top it off. Keep an eye on the gas gauge while your filling
  2. Major spring cleaning, I found a box labeled "RV-Y2K" First photo is weather strips, approximate lengths..L-R 8ft, 15ft, 12ft. The L one has peel off sticky, middle one has a hard plastic side and a sticky side, right one just is. $10 shipped for all 3. Photo 2&3 .. 95 amp 4 post isolator never used, no instructions. But here is general stuff...http://www.cooperindustries.com/content/dam/public/bussmann/Transportation/Resources/instructions/BUS_CBT_INST_180012q.pdf $15 shipped. I do pay pal
  3. Whats wrong? can you post a photo of the old and new dampers side by side?
  4. WME


    Reducing load is just as important as increasing battery size. Replacing all the lights with LED bulbs will reduce battery draw by10-15 amps, so its like going from a 24 gp battery to a 27 gp battery with out the weight. A 100w panel and a 100AH battery will give you enough power for days of moderate usage. If you use more than moderate power your battery will still make 2-3 days but it will be charged to like to 90% of starting charge each day. So after 3-4 days your battery is down to 70% or so. Not a problem cause your done camping and the battery will fully charge on the way home. Any driving during camping time will also boost the battery. 200w and 200ah will approach perpetual motion. Even running a TV with a DVD and the wife's CPAP machine all night, in my case. Mounting the panel flat on the roof makes everything simple, but does reduce the total power some. You also can't park in the shade IMHO start change the lights to LED and go with a 100w basic solar system and use what battery you have. If its not enough then add a bigger battery, still lacking add another 100w panel and a another battery. Get a 20 amp controller with the first panel so you can add another 100w panel without having to upgrade the controller.
  5. Cup Hook...https://www.homedepot.com/p/OOK-1-1-4-in-20-lb-Vinyl-Coated-Steel-Mug-Hooks-2-Pack-534169/300547200 Safety cup hook...https://www.homedepot.com/p/Everbilt-1-1-4-in-Oil-Rubbed-Bronze-Safety-Cup-Hook-2-Piece-per-Pack-803114/204794133
  6. WME


    Go to the Xantrex site and research what you want for watts and the sine function. You want to look at the Freedom series Inverter/Charger. The HF is mod sine and the HFS is pure sine. Then use the P/N to shop online.
  7. Yep, a new is in order. They run in the $25 range. The A/C unbolts from the inside, should be 4 long bolts. If it's just a gasket you should be able to do it from the inside. If the PO had "fixed" the leak with some goop then you have to get on the roof and scrape all the junk off.
  8. WME


    The Xantrex link I posted is an inverter/charger is one box. It is available in 1000w or 1800w. depending on model number it has a 20, 40, 55 amp 3 stage charger builtin. It also comes in mod sine or pure sine. It also has a built-in transfer switch. A much simple install than buying a new smart charger and an inverter.
  9. The 5/6 Factory front wheel adapter is VERY rare but it's real. The factory later changed the front hub to a 6/6 setup. This is the most common front used 87 on till production stopped. The only way to figure out the propane tank capacity vs gauge is to run out of propane and fill an empty tank and look at the gauge as it fills. A propane tank is full when it reaches 80% of volume. Full is when the spit valve emits liquid propane.
  10. WME


    The 110 AC outlets only work when plugged into shore power. The roof A/C is the same. No, you can not run the roof A/C from with an inverter. Lack of battery capacity is the reason. You can add an inverter. The better inverters have a transfer switch built in so its an automatic change over. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Xantrex-Freedom-HFS-2000-Inverter-Charger-Pure-Sine-Wave-2000W-55-Amp-12V/202682096421?epid=28030649367&hash=item2f30cb5b25:g:vw0AAOSwK65bvMmt
  11. I got some medium sized cup hooks. Just screwed 3 in a row in the roof and clipped the rods in. This lets you keep the reels attached
  12. My Escaper was a rear bed, side wet bath setup. The tanks were very low and would scrape if you were not careful. Maybe some P/O had to replace the tanks at some time. I know the waste tanks were way less than the 15 gallons in the brochure. The 25 gallon fresh could be a possibility.
  13. Didn't realize National did things that different. IIRC my Escaper was 11-gal Black, 12-gal gray and 22 fresh. A friends Winne was 12/12 and less than 20 so they would carry an extra 5 gallons of fresh. I guess with the Dolphins you could carry 20 gallons of "spare water". Still, have to manage water carefully, for anything longer than an overnighter. My current Winne is a lot easier for an extended stay with 40/54 waste and 84-gal fresh. Of course, the downside of such prodigious capacities is the 75-gallon fuel tank. Filling that up is a lot more painful than filling the 84-gal freshwater tank. 😢
  14. The tanks in a Toyota RV are small. Like 12-13 gallons ea for black and gray, with 25-30 gallons of fresh. Water management is a must. If you're in an RV park don't hook up the drain hose and open the valves. Major bad JuJu. The black tank will develop the dreaded black mountain. Leave the hose hooked up but drain the tanks every 2-3 days. Drain the black tank first. After draining the tanks get a couple of gallon jugs and fill up your tanks so you can see how big they really are and see if the gauges work correctly IF you can measure your tanks use math instead of the gallon jugs, there are 231 cubic inches in a gallon.
  15. My Escaper had a full-time rear bed. It was great for 2 people 1 up top and 1in the bed. Think of a hotel room on wheels. It was great if you were outside all day, just fall into bed. On a rainout day, it was too small for 2 people.
  16. There is a drip tray under the finned condenser inside the refer It should have a drain tube to the outside. Check to see if it's plugged up.
  17. NFPA 1192. " Valves Access Door and Panels. Doors or Panels providing access to valves shall not be equipped with locks or require tools to open" That law enough??☠️
  18. FWIW You can not lock the propane compartment. Clamps or straps for holding the tank are easy...https://www.pplmotorhomes.com/parts/electrical-plumbing-lp-gas/lp-gas-parts-1/bottle-racks
  19. Well after all this trouble and the fact that it's a 4x4. You need to head back to the wrecking yard and find a dash mounted Toyota Inclinometer
  20. Boring math... A typical small 4 CF RV fridge uses about 850 BTU per hour. There 91,000 btu's in a gallon of propane so a gallon of propane is worth about 120 hours in average temps. A 100-degree temp will bring usage to 1400 btu or 3 days per gallon. A honda1000 will run the same refer about 8 hr per gallon of gas +ware and tear on the engine.
  21. Your transmission has 2 safety start switches. Neutral and Park. Looks like the park switch has gone south. Well now you can at least get MIL home 😃
  22. Mountain driving. #1 Basic rule go down the hill in the same gear you used to up the hill. Check brake temps a few times at the bottom to get a feel for things. If you can't keep your hand on your middle of the rim, you're going to fast.
  23. A 4Runner cluster will run $200, a Small tach will run $30. Heres an example... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Bosch-FST-7906-Sport-II-Tachometer-2-5-8-New-in-Package/264294550990?hash=item3d892ecdce:g:NggAAOSwx5hbw7j2. To make your engine really happy you need to change the rear axle ratio. Common upgrades are to 4.56 or4.88. $450-$650 eBay
  24. What kind of tools do you have access to?? A 20-ton press and adapters are needed. SO choices here are, buy new A-arms with bushings installed (easy peasy way) or pay a shop to replace the bushings. Full blown poor country boy redneck approach. Get a propane torch and burn out the old rubber, then use a cold chisel, hacksaw, Sawzall to split the metal sleeve and then pound it out. Installing the new one, a press is really helpful. BUT you can use a BIG vice and a cheater pipe on the handle. A chunk of pipe big enough for the bushing to slide into. Press in one bushing, insert the cross arm. Grease the other sleeve, make a C-bushing out the pipe by cutting a slit down the side. This will let you support the arm and use the vice to squeeze things together. Full blown flintstone is to rest the arm on the vice and use a BFH to drive in the bushing. Replacing bushings is a 2 person job
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