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  1. The NT-16 was the standard heater in most Toys of your vintage. What make and model do you have now?
  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Suburban-NT16SE-RV-FURNACE-NT-16SEQ-16-000-BTU-GAS-12V-CAMPER-NON-DUCTED/124052423020?hash=item1ce219c16c:g:E6gAAOSwFytaEzIC
  3. Here are "just the facts" At 60mph with LT185/14 tires. 4.10 ratio 3rd gear 3400rpm, O/D 2400 rpm 4.56 ratio 3rd gear 3750rpm, O/D 2700rpm 4.88 ratio 3rd gear 4000rpm, O/D 2900rpm 5.26 ratio 3rd gear 4450rpm, O/D 3150rpm FWIW "normal" O/D's are around 15%, including most Toyota manuals,. So IF Toyota used the RIGHT ratio in the A43D, with a 4.10 ratio, the engine would be turning 2950 rpm in O/D. Very close to what the 4.88 does with the 28% O/D. With a 5.26 ratio the engine is running just a bit slower in O/D than the 4.10 is in 3rd As always YMMV
  4. Fred were the regulators DOA or did they fail after X hours.
  5. The easy answer is a large Mr Buddy, but you will need to open a window and a roof vent a bit for fresh air....https://www.mrheater.com/product/heaters/buddy-series.html No idea of the cost but here is a plan B...http://www.ventedcatheater.com/
  6. Well I did say $$$, but it is available in Qts for around $70 and will cover 10-20 sq ft. Once you use the chip chart to find the color there are rattle cans in matching colors
  7. So like how bad ($$$) do you want to match the color?? https://www.fibreglast.com/category/colorgelcoat You can rent a gel coat color chip chart. I cant imagine that Leisure use a super custom color on their gel-coat. The whites are on page 4 of the online colors
  8. WME

    LED headlights?

    Stage 1 a set new H6054 Halagon lights, check grounds. Stage 2 add a relay to stage 1 lamps...https://www.ebay.com/itm/H4-HEADLIGHT-2-HEAD-LAMP-RELAY-SOCKET-PLUG-WIRING-HARNESS-FIX-DIM-LIGHTS/262426012429?epid=1068229017&hash=item3d19cf2b0d:g:FGgAAOSwQNRXLlAl Stage3 Full boat. E spec Leadlight lens. H4 bulbs, keep the stage2 relay
  9. What ever you do remodel, repair remember Sharkbite...https://www.homedepot.com/b/Plumbing-Pipe-Fittings/SharkBite/N-5yc1vZbqpfZ4n3
  10. Got new photos? The original post the shows the house battery disconnected. I'll take small steps. Take your new volt meter, read the instructions. 1. Engine off, coach unplugged. Measure the voltage truck battery, you should measure 12.5+. 2. Start engine measure truck battery again should be 14v+. Coach battery check. 1. Everything off or unplugged, check coach battery 12.5v+ 2. Plug in coach check coach battery V 13.5v+ Let us know what you find
  11. Rule 1 Get a voltmeter. Cheap workable https://www.harborfreight.com/7-function-digital-multimeter-63759.html. With out this you will spend hours guessing.
  12. Wrong tires, wrong gear😝 185/60/14 tire.. capacity 1047 lbs (82) revs per mile 916. Most of these Toys weigh 4000lbs in the rear. With these tires you have 0 excess carry capacity in the event of a flat, what is your spare tire situation? LT185/14/c...capacity 1850 lbs (102) revs per mile 809 this the correct tire IMHO Because of the difference in automatic O/D ratios vs 5th gear of the manual transmission. The best choices are 4.88 for the auto and 4.56 for the 5 sp manual. The 4 speed manual is best just left alone. You have less than 100hp all the gears in the world aren't going to overcome that. What your trying to do is run down the road with the engine turning between the torque peak, 2800 rpm and the HP peak, 4800 rpm. Like around 3800 rpm. There gear calculators on line that will let you try things
  13. FWIW the 17 digit VIN wasn't required until 1981. The RN number is sometime used or it seems the coach number can be used
  14. WME


    Is it my computer/internet or have others found the Forum to be cranky lately?
  15. Maybe your are confusing the VIN (vehicle identification number) with the Motor Home ID number. The VIN is Toyota and the ID is Sunrader
  16. KISS, spend $ on Old Man Emu springs or remove a leaf from the front springs
  17. The normal system function is when the engine is running the alternator charges the truck battery and through the isolator it charges the house battery. With the engine off the isolator is disconnected The converter and solar panels just charge the house battery. There smart isolators that will let the alternator charge the house battery AND let the converter/solar charge the truck battery. https://www.boatandrvaccessories.com/products/cole-hersee-48530-isolator
  18. I build large scale Radio control airplanes. We use a lot of fiberglass and carbon fiber. This is a source of all kinds of cloth, tubes, resin and some really cool composite panels. I don't know if you need something this exotic, but here is a source. http://www.cstsales.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI0Z68naG36AIVwh6tBh1fPgnzEAAYASAAEgIlmPD_BwE
  19. I was cheap and lazy. I routed the both airlines to the driver side rear wheels. That way I could fill/release air with out having to go on a walkabout to get both valves. A bulls eye bubble level on the rear bumper worked to level front to back and side to side. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Swanson-2-in-Surface-Level-SL0002/300224978?MERCH=REC-_-pipsem-_-203639896-_-300224978-_-N
  20. Yep Kitty fur and Tiger hair have been around a long time in the speed business.
  21. It will work, BUT your right foot is way smarter. The medium size rolling grades are going to cause the CC to down shift at full throttle to maintain the set speed. Also no OD
  22. Start here...http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?/topic/11900-89-saggy-rear-suspension-and-steering-pop-advice/ Air bags are probably the best as they are adjustable. With a small 12v tire air compressor you can use them to help level the rv when camping. Best shocks are Bilstein, 2nd choice would be KYB. Monroes are MEH The banging is most likely totally worn out leaf spring bushings. Each spring has 3 sets of bushings. Normal auto stores can get OEM rubber bushings. The better bushing is a poly bushing from an hot-rod/off road shop P.S. Big $$$ solution is new bushings, springs and airbags. Make it like new Airbags and bushings are the minimum P.P.S Read up on adjusting the rear basis brake valve. With your rear suspension fixed you brakes will act strange until you adjust the basis controller. http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?/topic/4321-brakes-load-sensing-proportional-valve-lspv-and-lspbv/
  23. Looks like your going to need some sorta of Z bend in the stripes at the front of the coach to make the new stripes align with the cab stripes.
  24. It looks like the straight lines are separate from the S's Should be easy to shorten.
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