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  1. Rear axle changes..http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?/topic/9743-new-rear-end-gearing-question-456-488-or/. Weird stuff the battery light can be linked to low brake fluid/emergency brake switch. The key switch and the electrical contacts are two separate parts Engine off, the shore power should not charge truck battery, unless you have a high dollar isolator. Got pictures? Take voltage readings at the isolator terminals. Plan B instead of a turbo...http://www.roadkill.com/toyota-3rz-4-cylinder-engine-swap/#modal-5617
  2. More HP and better MPH, you should be working for GM or Ford.πŸ˜€ There several things that can be accomplished to make things better. FWIW I went through with my engine. 2.5" exhaust, 270 degree cam, 2mm oversized valves, overbored TB, and a set of flowed injectors. The engine HP dyno computers showed around 135hp. Made things better on the road, I lost a bit from the stop light, but over 15mph things were good. I pulled a 5x8 enclosed trailer for business and that's what the HP was for, especially in the mountains. Search around here for post about changing the rear axle ratio to 4.88. Makes a big difference. The problem with more power is the temptation to use it and there goes the mpg.
  3. Murphy is not a nice person. When you pack for an overnighter at a local lake all is good and the Toy runs great. When you pack for a 3 week trip this sort of stuff is what happens. However fixing it at home is BETTER than replacing the alternator in the NAPA parking lot in nowhere SD.
  4. Yah skunk water😝. Prevent by draining your system, including the water heater in the winter and a few times in the summer. I use this with a 3x dose for the first time in the spring and a standard dose with each fill up. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Camco-TastePURE-Drinking-Water-Freshener-Prevents-Algae-and-Slime-Build-Up-in-Your-Drinking-Water-Tank-Rids-Odors-and-Bad-Tastes-16-oz-40206/14504326?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=1148&adid=22222222227008504182&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=c&wl3=40839114032&wl4=pla-78652545272&wl5=9029305&wl6=&wl7=&wl8=&wl9=pla&wl10=112562587&wl11=online&wl12=14504326&veh=sem&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI2sTTnIa64wIViR-tBh1rQgXwEAQYBSABEgJfjvD_BwE
  5. Take some a little more interesting to the lake or ocean with your Toy https://www.clcboats.com/shop/boats/kayak-kits/light-touring-kayaks/shearwater-sport-take-apart-sectional-sea-kayak.html
  6. Random string of thoughts A 91 should have a transmission cooler from the factory, looks like a small radiator about 6x9". Go to a DIY car wash and blast the radiator clean. Dead bugs is bad for cooling The factory air flow set up is the trannie cooler is in front, then the AC condenser, last is the radiator. Air flows through the trannie cooler and gets hotter---but the cooler isn't that big so the AC condenser gets some hot air and a lot of cool air. But the condenser is almost as big as the radiator, so the poor ol radiator gets air that is 50 degrees hotter the air temp. If anything is questionable with the engine cooling system this extra heat becomes "the straw that broke the camels back". Shutting off the cab AC lets cooler air get to the radiator. Eyeball check, the engine fan should be 1/2 way in/out of the fan shroud. Earball check when you start off cold can you hear the cooling fan kick on when the engine gets HOT? The fan is noisy when it runs. Toyota red coolant and Toyota thermostat.
  7. OK If you insist!!!πŸ™„ https://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/20038531.cfm There are propane conversions for the small inverter generators If you screw up a little the generator dies, if you screw up big time you die... THINK CAREFULLY
  8. The problems with an industrial generator in a factory box are multiple. Exhaust, the box must be fume tight, the actual exhaust must be plumbed to the outside. How to fuel Cooling air inlet, hot air outlet. You can't just stuff a industrial in the factory box and run it. Most folks just store the generator in the box, then remove it and chain it to the bumper. If you really want to run going down the road, bumper mount is about all you can do. Then you have the fuel problems (fill ups and fuel sloshing on the bumps) starting and power cord hookup so it does fall out. PLAN B. Haunt E-Bay and Craig's list for a used Onan 2800 that's close enough so you can drive to pick it up. Shipping on something this size is mega$$. IMHO you DO NOT WANT A KOHLER 2800, they're loud, shake and parts are almost nonexistent.
  9. Welcome to the world of Toy Houses. 3 kids and a wife are going to be a bit crowed. Fresh water and waste water are going to your limits so a little water conservation training will be needed. Your questions. 1. The 12v side of the house will run everything you want, with adapters, but the AC and Refer. The refer will run off propane while traveling and boondocking. In an RV park it will run off the 110v ac shore power. The AC will require a generator. The factory install was an Onan 2800 Micro Lite. So a 3000 w generator would work great, get an inverter style genset.. Where do you plan on mounting it? Portable generators don't work well when stuffed in the factory gen box. You may need a booster to start the AC. Good, Better, Best would be a Hot Shot starter cap, then a RV AC starter kit from Appliance and Air, best is the Easy Start from Micro Air. 2. Awnings are pretty much standard prices. $800+. DIY install or do you want a shop to do it, shop labor is $80 an hour and up. 3. Most of us just go to a big box home store and buy a roll of Reflectix. It looks like chromed bubble wrap. Use Velcro and cut your own window shades. In very hot or very cold situations we will hang a blanket from the bunk to block off the cab area, it helps to reduce energy needs, heat or cool. Have fun and remember to travel the blue line roads
  10. I still think that a "normal" RV roof AC is the answer. But crawling around the web I found some thing that might be sorta of an answer. A ceiling cassette for a mini split...https://www.pioneerminisplit.com/collections/cyb
  11. If it works out OK, think about mounting the unit on a set of roller drawer slides. A flange on the outside and inside will seal things when driving and when you push it out parked. A former member "Waiter" did a super install, here's his post...http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?/topic/4077-how-to-window-ac-in-dolphin/
  12. Maybe something that looks like this. https://www.amazon.com/LeisureCords-Adapter-Cord-Female-Handle/dp/B07B5KMTNV/ref=asc_df_B07B5KMTNV/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=242022044358&hvpos=1o1&hvnetw=g&hvrand=4132263135653048680&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9029305&hvtargid=pla-428600932252&psc=1 πŸ˜€
  13. About your insulation ideas. Saw something that may be helpful. Remove everything from the roof. Use 2x4 or 2x2 to frame the openings. Get the roof sprayed with foam insulation, then use a truck bed liner to protect things. Leak proof, extra insulation and a white bed-liner will make the roof a lot cooler.
  14. I ASSUME that you told the new owner about this group😍
  15. Forget about a mini split to many unneeded problems. Don't go reinventing the wheel. Get a 9,000-11,000 btu roof mount AC. Make sure your pricing the same complete kit not just the upper roof unit. Also depending on $$$ available the Dometic 11,000 BTU ac uses less power than the Colman Mach 8 9000BTU unit. This is important if you boondock and see a generator in you future.
  16. Because its supposed to be that way.😁 The DC side of things are usually fuses. Now if you mean that the DC appliances work when plugged into AC shore power, but don't work when unplugged, that's a bunch of different problems. Ranging from a bad converter transfer switch, a bad house battery, a blown main 12v fuse and such like
  17. WME

    1991 Itasca

    How big is your roof AC? What model, how much power does it draw on a hot start.?? FWIW My Escaper had a 2800w Onan and it would not reliably restart my 13.5 BTU AC. I installed a hot start cap and all was good. It is hard to "Crystal Ball" the effectiveness of a generator running your AC, before you actually have a generator and see what it does. There are 3 levels of starting help for an RV roof AC. 1. GOOD If your generator will start your AC some of the time, but when its hot its not so good. Then a Hot Start cap should make things good. https://www.campingworld.com/hard-start-kit-90042.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIjtS4qpmZ4wIVAqvsCh3b9g_4EAQYAyABEgKs6PD_BwE. 2. BETTER Next is a start timer. What this actually does is start the compressor first so it gets max power from your generator, the it starts the fan. With a smaller generator you may need 1&2. Here is the kit for this https://rv-ac.com/Easy-RV-AC-Starter.html 3. BEST This is a very smart device. Micro Air Easy Start. This does many things for starting the AC, go here and read the FAQ sections. https://www.microair.net/products/easystart-364-3-ton-single-phase-soft-starter-for-air-conditioners?variant=30176048267 The smaller inverter generators can run the roof AC with help, but not the AC and microwave. That takes 3500w +. For a CPAP a larger battery and a solar panel is a much better idea than running a generator all night with a small load. A typical CPAP uses around 4.5 amps at 12v so size the battery accordingly
  18. Fan clutch, gauge bad, temp sender bad. Harbor Freight has IR temp guns they will let you quickly check temps. More rare, Toyota Red anti freeze does not play well with the traditional green stuff. Make sure you are running one or the other.
  19. Go to your local RV repair center. Ask then to check out all your appliances and show you how to work them. Like $100 Advantage is if something is broke vs just working right, they will be able to take care of it right then. Plan B. Stay at a smaller RV park camp next to a smaller Class C, strike up a conversion and ask for help. Most RVers are friendly. Plan C. Find the Yahoo Toyota-Camper Group and join. They have most owner manuals for your appliances. The factory owners manual is usually just a note book full of appliance manuals. Plan D. Hang around here and ask question for one appliance at a time. If they are in good order, most of them are simple to use.
  20. A fan inside, a couple of fans moving hot air out from the rear fins, extra foam insulation. All this makes the ultimate RV refer. Anything you do makes things better than stock.
  21. I did the same to my Escaper. Its amazing how well the suspension works and the RV steers and rides when everything works as designed, as opposed to things loosely banging and clanging around
  22. WME

    Water pump

    For your holding/fresh tanks and your steps, this is 12v dc...https://www.etrailer.com/RV-Fresh-Water/LaSalle-Bristol/277-000164.html For your fresh water hose this 120v AC...https://www.etrailer.com/RV-Fresh-Water/AquaFresh/W01-5315.html
  23. Old poorly maintained RV have a bad reputations for leaks and rotted wood. So basic choice is seal all the leaks, make temp repairs and enjoy it until it collapses. Or the other choice is spend the big bucks. Ya can't put a good roof on bad walls. You need a very good inspection to see what is going on. You can remove the inside trim on the vents and look at the ceiling/roof and see how bad it is. A bore scope might help. Go to the Wal-Mart web site and search for "Lizard Cam". Remove a few windows and frames and inspect the inside of the walls too. From the Peanut gallery remove EVERYTHING from the roof, strip it to bare metal, put a crown in it and spray a pickup bed liner on it for a permeate no leak seal. Additional searches, 1. How to use Borax to kill wood mold. 2. Fixing rotted wood "Rotdoctor.com". 3. There are posts here about putting braces on the outside of the roof and putting a crown in the roof to stop some of the leaks.
  24. Whats too big, the threads or the taper? How is the original mounted?
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