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  1. P.S. The top half of the AC cover comes off from the outside. The lower half is held on by 4 long screws/bolts from the inside. To replace the gasket these are what you need to remove. Gaskets are universal and cheap
  2. From the way it looks so far, when your done you should be able to swap straight across for an Earthroamer.๐Ÿ˜€
  3. Carefully remove a section of the keeper and compare it to this selection...https://www.pellandent.com/RV-Window-Seal. If you have the time lay the new one out in the sun for a couple of weeks, this will help preshrink it. Most commonly the keeper strip will gap where the ends meet or pull out at the corners. Being cheap I used some of the old preshrunk keeper from a big window to seal a smaller window. Worked great and after 2 years no gap. The newer stuff shrunk a bit and so I cut a filler strip and used a bit of glue on the ends to seal it.
  4. WME

    New engine

    This is a perpetual "rub the brass lamp" post here, installing a diesel engine into a Toyota motor home. MBZ 300D's (OM617), Toyota 2L and 3L diesels, Cummings 4BT, VW 1.9L TDI. There seem to be about 4 that were actually done. The GM 3.0L Vortec diesel and the FCM VM Mortori 3.0L are two of the modern diesel engines to consider if you win the lotto and must have a diesel Toyhouse.
  5. Get your tool box ready and plan to head for your local "pull a Part" soon. In Sept GM is releasing a new 3L six cylinder diesel. 277HP and 460 LB Ft torque. Rated at 33 mpg hwy in a Silverado 1500 PU
  6. I posted this before, but apparently search doesn't find it๐Ÿ˜œ...https://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/20038531/srt/pa/pging/1/page/1 6 pages of pro/con.
  7. The way the RV was built means NOWAY. Typically the floor is built first, then vinyl flooring, then carpet in the needed places. Then the walls are added right on top of the floor covering, so the carpet goes to the outside. Cut the old as close as you can, lay down the new stuff and if needed use 3/4" quarter round to neatly edge things.
  8. Southern Ca is a Sunrader hot spot. Sell it as is. A WAG on $$ would be a nice running Rader would be in the $7000 range. A proper 1 ton axle install would cost $3000. A complete new engine installed would be $2500. So its worth $2000 as is. The possibilty of needing a complete new engine is very slim. $500 would fix most engine problems. SO that will make RV more valuable.
  9. 3 hand hold wheels used a tapered seat open ended lug nut. The 86 6 hole wheel used a flanged nut. What it is all about is the taper in the rim and tapered nut center the wheel. The 6 hole wheel is centered by the hub and the nuts just hold it on. Some of the tapered wheels are referred to as a coined wheel
  10. When I got my Escaper I did a slow flush used 16 qt of fluid. The fluid looked like Mocha at the beginning. The upside for you is the transmission had 45K mi and recovered nicely and was running just fine when I sold it 25K later. I looked in the factory book, they refer to the pipes as "oil tubes" with no mention of function. Just don't dent or bend.
  11. Get out your lug wrench and tighten up the lug nuts ASAP, Do not drive until this is done. Actual damage is usually just the studs and nuts. Your looking at $200-300 in repair costs. You have to remove the axle to replace the studs, lots of labor, the parts will be the least of your expenses. The shop that caused the problem should be responsible for the repairs. The damage is the wobbling rim will mangle the threads that it rubs against. This reduces the amount of good threads that the lug nut has, the clamping force on the rims is reduced and could result in more wobbles in the future. Where ever you go for the repair have the shop remove the wheels and YOU inspect the threads, a damaged thread is probably OK, but 3 or more is bad
  12. The RV roof AC's use R-22 or R410 as the fluid. Its a sealed system and requires specialized equipment to "recharge" $$$ and usually not worth recharging an old unit. SO if its working use and enjoy, if it's not working replace. All the roof AC have a compressor and the main fail point. The start/run caps are a different thing and are easy to replace if they fail.
  13. Just go to any of the big box stores and look at the warranties on the sealers. Menards doesn't make the stuff, they just buy it and sell it.
  14. Eternabond tape...http://www.eternabond.com/RV-Leak-Repair-Products-s/22.htm Proseal 34...http://www.prosealproducts.com/productDisplay1.asp-id=278.html Add a coat of Elastomeric coating for a more permanent fix. a couple of gallons will do the entire roof with two coats...https://www.menards.com/main/building-materials/roofing-soffits-gutters/roof-coating/sealbest-white-elastomeric-roof-coating-9-gal/1531811/p-1444444994270-c-5822.htm?tid=-5407131749131224559&ipos=5 Quick and dirty dry in the roof, prevent further damage. Then after you fix the transmission, you can repair the ceiling and any structural damage.at your own pace. Water will run a long way from the point of leak. Other common leaks are the clearance lights and the roof AC gasket
  15. First thing check brake fluid and then brake travel switch on brake pedal.
  16. Not a KIA, but in most Volvo's 1982-1990. I have the Factory service manual for the 1986 PU. If the paper book doesn't have the flow chart give me a PM and we'll talk
  17. Is a trip to "Pick a Part" in your future? Toyota A43D was used in Toyota pickups 1982-1995
  18. Sorry the computer decided to attach the post itself and it won't let me delete attachment
  19. Midnight at Wal-Mart around here looks like a script from Steven King.. Clanking and banging...yes the stove/oven. But most common is badly worn suspension bushings. NAPA has both poly and rubber replacement kits.A suspension working as designed makes a big improvement in the wind and on windy roads. The Toy homes actually do fairly good in the driving department. Their short comings are are wind and hills Of course some power helps too. The three bolt header to down tube connection is a sore point for exhaust leaks, especially if the system has been messed with. PS after market down tubes mostly suck, but with a turbo that's a moot point.. Toyota did a factory 22RET turbo set up, so if you want to really lean on the boost there are proper pistons out there. I switched my headlights to E-spec H4 with the relay setup. Made things almost doable. So says the ex-rally driver, who was used to gigawatt lighting. Here's an easy fix for the fuel pump hole...https://www.amazon.com/Dovewill-Marine-Round-Inspection-Hatch/dp/B074BSHFGM
  20. http://rechargeac.com/how-to/ac-system-pressure-chart This is a temp vs pressure for a correctly operating system
  21. Looks like you have some more electron chasing to do. Your missing quite a few clearance lights. they are a DOT requirement.
  22. New is cheap,...https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313.TR2.TRC1.A0.H0.Xrv+screen+door+latch.TRS0&_nkw=rv+screen+door+latch&_sacat=0
  23. When I got my Escaper it took me 2 weeks to fix the DC wiring and I did electronics in the military for many years. IN the end it was worth hassle and expense of larger than its supposed be wiring (like 4-8 gauge instead of 8-12 gauge) Long single piece of wire runs were done. The charge wire from the isolator was 5 or 6 pieces, 2 wire nuts and the just twisted and taped. When I was done I had picked up over 1.25v charging voltage at the battery. Your headed down the correct path to having a much more enjoyable and relaxed time in your new RV. The house circuit breaker box is normal install. Should be some thing like a 30 amp main and 2 10 or 15 amp breakers. One for house outlets/ microwave and the other for the roof AC. Remember this is " how to eat an elephant" stuff
  24. I'm way past the high school glass pack stage๐Ÿ˜Ž. What I used was the muffler for a Ford 3/4 ton pickup with a single exhaust and a 460 cid engine. Feeding the muffler with only 144 cubic inches didn't build any back pressure and the noise level was quiet and drone free
  25. So how would you describe your wiring, a pile of spaghetti or a rats nest. Your new BFF's are going to be a voltmeter and a case of beer. Disconnect the batteries and try using just a separate battery charger. See if they will come back to life. P.S. How to charge a very dead AGM battery... https://www.optimabatteries.com/en-us/support/charging/resuscitate-deeply-discharged-battery
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