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  1. Maybe this one?? https://www.speedwaymotors.com/Speedway-Sanden-508-V-Belt-A-C-Compressor-Plain,8581.html?sku=42813459&utm_medium=CSEGoogle&utm_source=CSE&utm_campaign=CSEGOOGLE&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIvNf-pI6Q5wIVhcJkCh0i9AdpEAQYAyABEgIcn_D_BwE
  2. Good score. Depending on many things, you can rebuilt the bushings and ball joints OR a quick and dirty is pop the ball joins off the spindle and just bolt that on your ball joints and A-arms
  3. FWIW. Toyota Escaper's were made by Damon who went bankrupt, then the asset's were bought by another company who operated under the same name but were different people and no longer made Toy MH's. The new Damon was sold (merged with) to Thor.
  4. Its one of those kinda sorta things. It depends on what the RV mfg started with. The standard pre 87 pickup used a 9.75 x .83" thick vented rotor with a 2" caliper piston. The pre 87 HD (not 1 ton) chassis used a 10.1" x .945" thick with a 2" piston. The later 1 ton used the big rotor with a 3" caliper piston. They all used a 5 bolt rotor with a FACTORY 5/6 adapter. The factory adapter is iron and AFAIK the aftermarket adapters are aluminum
  5. Most of us have replaced the thrashed OEM shocks, With KYB and Bilstein being the top choices. Shock ware house has a set of 4 shocks...good... Monroes $142, better... KYBs $145 and best Bilsteins for $320. $240 labor yikes, do you have ANY wrench skills??? Tools??? Safety stands??? Shock replacement is a long way from Rocket Science. I'm guessing Pep Boys is selling Monroes which is not such a good deal. IF they are selling Bilsteins then the package isn't to bad of a deal.
  6. Awesome Lets see $6000 in parts, 100 hr labor (@$75 HR). $10,000 for the rig. Good thing your doing this for the love of the game and not trying to make a living
  7. Go to a truck store and look for a set of led work lights. If you need day light look at driving led light bars
  8. Your dealing with 2 seals and a trim piece. The frame is sealed to the house with the butyl tape . The window is sealed to the frame with a small bead of urethane auto glass sealer. What most people think is the seal is actually just a trim to hold the glass in place while the urethane sets and to make things pretty. Make sure the frame weep holes are not plugged.
  9. time and Budget??? https://22reperformance.com/#new-page https://209yota1.com/products/toyota-22r-24l-rebuilt-engine Not LA, but California NOTE 1984 22R and 1985 22R are different. May interchange when using a Carb
  10. Just looking at them are they all about the same size?? Take a metric one to your local NAPA store and see what they have. The problem going to be the holes that had SAE bolts in them, is there enough thread left to go back to metric bolts. Worst case you may end up using an SAE tap and making all the bolts holes SAE. These are just simple bolts you don't need grade 8.
  11. Not at this instance, but next time the pan comes off you are going to be doing a lot of scraping laying on your back. What gasket sealer did you use?? Simple answer is a thin film of sealer on the pan and a thin film of grease on the transmission. That way the gasket comes of the transmission with out scraping and you can clean the pan on the work bench.
  12. Somebody has been mucking about on your transmission. The bolts with a 6 point star are SAE (American) the one with numbers are metric. A 1/4x20 bolt will fit in a 6x1.25 hole, not very well but it can be done. Look carefully at the bolts with the numbers on the head. Metric will be marked like 4.8 or 8.8. You need to see what metric bolt is needed and get a metric tap and clean out the threads and use new hardware.
  13. Look at the underside of your Rader. Most of then have no full width support. The floor rest on the frame and the edges support the full weight of the shell. As things age the flor weakens and the shell settle and causes a low spot all around the edge.Weld some triangle braces from the frame and the shell edge
  14. Remove the bolts on the rubber steering coupler. The steering shaft should move enough for you to get thing apart.
  15. Go to Ebay/Amazon and get a 12v TV. Back to the same place and get 200w of solar. With a good battery you ca watch TV all night with out the generator. If you do things right the only things you will need the generator for are the A/C and microwave.
  16. A place to start asking questions...https://www.uship.com/cost-to-ship/vehicles/recreational-vehicles-rvs/page/2/ Also check with a trucking cargo broker, you may find a trucker deadheading west.
  17. If you have to tow the MH with the rear wheel on the ground you MUST remove the drive shaft OR remove the rear axles. Failure to do this will ruin the transmission. Don't forget to plug the holes so the oil doesn't drain out of the rear end or transmission.
  18. Here's the rich folks version of your farmer grade traction mat. https://www.amazon.com/Mr-Emergency-ES428-Black-Rubber/dp/B00KOAX42C/ref=pd_cp_263_2/146-1644706-6146963?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00KOAX42C&pd_rd_r=433b2386-d170-42db-a307-c384a668bb92&pd_rd_w=FnD94&pd_rd_wg=007c4&pf_rd_p=0e5324e1-c848-4872-bbd5-5be6baedf80e&pf_rd_r=TR4GP6J83Z9WPZNT7XEZ&psc=1&refRID=TR4GP6J83Z9WPZNT7XEZ
  19. If you need tire chains on your Toyota MH, stay home or stay put. After all you have your home with you. If you just have to go, here are what dually chains look like. Also here is a quick way to mount a single chain on the out side tire. A FWD cable has the thinnest back side. https://www.tirechain.com/DUALTRIPLE.htm One more thing, the 87 on rigs have 3 hand hole rims, so you can only get 3 of the "emergency" chains on.
  20. See if you can tighten the gland nut under the hand knob. If this is Greek to you go to an RV dealer. Messing around with propane can be bad news.
  21. The shut off valve MUST be open ALL the way. Where is the smell coming from, inside the camper or on the outside?
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