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  1. Yikes, used automotive is not for the uninformed. So before you dump it at a major loss you need to find out what it would take, to make it right. Drive around to some local RV parks and ask the office who is a good local RV repair place for an older RV. Talk to a couple of RV repair places to get a feel for things. A proper inspection is going to be $100+. With a repair estimate in hand you can make an educated decision. Good luck, if you have ANY questions come back here and ASK.
  2. Add 200w of solar and fergetabout the generator most of the time.
  3. A couple of choices. https://www.permatex.com/products/gasketing/gasket-makers/permatex-automatic-transmission-rtv-gasket-maker/ https://www.permatex.com/products/gasketing/ultra-series-gasket-makers/permatex-ultra-black-maximum-oil-resistance-rtv-silicone-gasket-maker-4/ Most auto parts stores will have them. Maybe even Wal-Mart.
  4. Pro level silicone remover...https://prosoco.com/product/dicone-nc9/ Stuff around the house that helps a bunch...WD-40, vinegar .
  5. You need an inverter to invert the 12v DC rv battery to 110v AC to power the fridge. A Solar panel powers the inverter in the daytime, a big battery runs things at night. You need a large enough solar panel to both run the inverter and recharge the battery to full capacity. If you want real numbers you need to find the power consumption label on the fridge. WAG would be 200w of solar and 150AH of battery. You should not discharge the battery more than 50% capicity 1000w inverter should run the fridge. A 250w inverter will "run" the unit but it won't start it.
  6. Sorry no pics, that was a long time ago. Birch underlay...https://www.homedepot.com/p/Underlayment-Common-5-2-mm-x-4-ft-x-8-ft-Actual-0-209-in-x-23-75-in-x-47-75-in-431178/203183022 It comes in 4x4' or 4x8' sheets. It is designed for being under vinyl flooring. It has no interior voids so it won't develop sink holes over time. I cut mine so that the joints extended way past the factory ply joints. I glued it with exterior construction glue and used 3/4" screws. I used water putty to fill the screw divots and sanded everything smooth before installing the vinyl. If you have a flexie floor goggle Birch Cabinet plywood. It comes in 1/2 and 3/4" thickness. Cabinet ply has more ply layers so its stiffer than regular plywood.
  7. Yes a 1" drop from center. Make it a continuous curve. If you like the results then use the same curve on the bottom and make a 2" beam. Make one for each side of the A/C.
  8. Take a 2x4 on edge and put a 1" curve in top . Make it the full width of your house. Sunrader put some ribs in their later models to support the roof A/C.
  9. WME


    It will become a "bad" choice when you try to sell it. As far as what you do with it, your plan would work. Without propane how would you cook? What is the generator for? With 4 batteries and 300w+ of solar you could run your refer for a long time, like perpetual motion. Add some insulation to the out side. Better yet spend the bucks and get a 12v marine chest refer
  10. The birch plywood underlay and using a premium thick vinyl flooring (remnant) made it quieter.
  11. FWIW. I removed my carpet and the billizon staples holding it down, I cut to the edge of the benches and cabinets . I glued and screwed a layer of 5/16 underlament plywood down to seal off all the carpet edges by the benches and cabinets and make a stiffer, smoother floor. Then glued down a single piece of vinyl flooring and caulked it around all the edges. This created a swimming pool effect so any spill can just be swept out the door. I later finished things with 1/4 round around the edges for a better look. A lot of strange corners so I cut up used some cardboard boxes and used duct tape to make them into a tight fitting pattern. For a warmer floor in the winter I used a couple of hall runner rugs.
  12. WME

    solar question

    FWIW here is my set up. It runs off the house batteries and the 280w worth of solar panel. The 2 100w glue down panels failed after 1 year and I now have a single 280w traditional panel. http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?/topic/10205-my-frigeumrator-dont-kul-gooder/&tab=comments#comment-95165
  13. I got nailed in a construction zone going into Rocky Mountain National Park. I pulled over just before I had to stop. I talked to the flagger and he held traffic and I backed up about 100 ft to a "flat" spot. Then started back up the hill. Made it to the top mountain in first gear. All this goes back to too much weight and not enough HP
  14. It worth around $300, because its an Onan. If it was a Kohler you would have to pay some to take it.
  15. The metal tube is standard muffler tubing. It is held on by hose clamps. Just remove it and go to your local auto parts. You may have to buy a piece a bit longer and cut to size. or maybe you will get lucky.
  16. I know you dislike ATF, but change it again. Maybe clean fluid is flushing things out. The filter in the A43d is a bug screen and the small stuff goes right through. Did you do a linkage and neutral switch adjustment?
  17. WME

    solar question

    My bad I ran some numbers. a 20w panel and a 10 ah battery would be better. The 15w panel would be right at the edge
  18. WME

    solar question

    The fans are good, the panel is to small you going to under v the fans and they will run slow and hot. The 7w is only at high noon with no clouds. I'd use 10-12w. Perfect answer is a 15w panel and controller with a small AGM battery. https://www.amazon.com/ACOPOWER-Polycrystalline-Photovoltaic-Battery-Charging/dp/B07N854MW4/ref=sr_1_7?keywords=15%2Bwatt%2Bsolar%2Bpanel&qid=1565122354&s=lawn-garden&sr=1-7&th=1 Battery...https://www.walmart.com/ip/Interstate-12V-5Ah-12V-5Ah-Sealed-Lead-Acid-Battery-This-is-an-AJC-Brand-Replacement/122436590 A thermostatic fan switch will turn off the fans when the refer isn't running https://www.ebay.com/itm/2-RV-Camper-Refrigerator-Cooling-Fan-Switch-Thermostat-DIY-Free-ship-Instruct/121719154712?hash=item1c5706e818:g:7XcAAOxy86RSUaF4 A less glorious answer is the fan switch and run the fans off the house battery. If the fans ran 24 straight they would only use 15AH. FWIW I run my fans this way and the low desert they will cycle on/off till way past 2:00 AM. With your proposed system your fans stop at sundown
  19. Very good idea. I don't know about shipping and taxes, but something like this is what you need to simplify life. http://www.bestconverter.com/DLS-240-45-240-VAC-_p_391.html
  20. Follow the shore power cord. The power panel has to be accessible for obvious reasons.
  21. There were 2 factories. West Coast built Sunraders have wrap around and Mid West built Raders have flat windows.
  22. The book says to adjust park linkage and neutral start switch before proceeding with advanced trouble shooting. There is a beautiful flow chart for the A340E transmission and a crummy 2 page "guide" for the A43D. Here's the guide...http://htftp.offroadsz.com/marinhaker/programi/toyota/Automatic%20Transmission/A43D/4generalt.pdf Also there is a pressure check. The pressure port is just below the O/D solenoid. Idle pressure in D 65-77 psi, full throttle stall pressure is 144-169 psi. In R the idle pressure is 100-117 psi and at stall it is 213-270 psi. Low pressure in R evaluation, " range circuit fluid leakage, rear clutch defective, Brake #3 defective or OD clutch defective". Sorry not much real help
  23. The engine compartment was wider in the 89 models compared to the earlier PU. The V-6 3vz has 150hp @ 4800 rpm and 180 lb ft of torque @ 3400 rpm Plan B is to install a 2.7L 4 cylinder 3rz It has 150 hp @ 4800 rpm and 177 lb ft @ 4000 rpm. The T-100 PU is the donor of choice. The "problem" is the intake and exhaust switched sides, but that's still easier than a set of duals.
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