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  1. The offical rated towing capicity of any Toyota MH is 0 lb Unofficaly I tow a 5x8 enclosed trailer, it weighs in the 900 lb range. It also has electric brakes and the 4cylinder 22re has a mild hot rod job on it.
  2. How big is it and how much does it weigh?? Tries have come a ways since 1983. There are single 15" rims and wheel combos that will safely carry 1700lb per wheel. You might check in to repairing the stock axle and running a single wheel per side. If your rig weighs less than about 2900lb on the rear this would be doable. Over 3000lb and not enough spare weight capicity for "stuff" Best bet is the internet and a 1 ton axle for a sure fix.
  3. Most don't have a manual. For the truck get a Chiltons or haynes for the normal stuff. For the camper its just the indivdual instructions.
  4. 1 Well as long as your going surfing and not sking the 4 cyl does just fine 2 On the coast route at 55 mph, the goal of 14mpg is very possible with a well tuned 4 cyl 3. Your budget will put you in the 87 and newer range, thats good cause then you don't need to worry about the axle thing.. 4 Mold, mildew, funny smells and soft spots. Make sure ALL the apliences work or make adjustments in $$$ 5 Lots of these Toys with 75,000 + mi on then, even a bunck with 100,000. Just depends on how it was cared for Go to the Yahoo groups site there is a check list in the file section. Good Hunting. WME PS 4x4s fall in the hens teeth bracket
  5. The factory book I have has the standard axle seal at the outer end of the axle. " remove seal, remove bearing, install is reverse" Also it makes a big deal out of pacing the 1 ton bearings. Nothing about the standard bearring. I was just going by the book, never had a standard axle apart. Oh well I 'll give this one to you
  6. Standard axle is splashed lubed. The 1 ton is as you thought. If you have oil coming out then the seal is shot.
  7. Get a Chilton's for the same year pickup. Usually there is not a manuel for the camper, what you get is a bunch of manufacture instructions for each of the "things" in the camper...stove, refer, heater etc..
  8. OLD trick, take kids side walk chalk and make a line across the tread and drive a 1/2 mile in a streight line. Adjust tire pressure untill the chalk wears even across the width of the tread.
  9. If you are going to do all 6 then go with the crowd. 185R 14 LT load rating D or in new tire speak 102-104 195 do fit the uprated axle and rims but you have to be careful with air pressure. If it gets to low the tires rub on the inside and may blow out.
  10. The full floater had a special 6 bolt pattern with special offset 6bolt rims. So if your salvage yard gets you the correct axle, make sure they get the rims (4) also
  11. The avereage altitude around here is 5000ft, so in 20 years my O/D has almost never been used.
  12. When Toyota shipped the replacement axle kits they came in 3 flavors. A,B,C and were for different year groups. Sorry cant remember which is what. The diff was the hardwhere, shock mounts and little things. With a little welding and swaping u-joints any axle can be easily made to fit. You need the duallies set up because of the weight of the Toy. Thats what started all the problems too. The other foaters are huge things Dyana 60 and such like, rims and tire sizes would be a problem. No clue about conversions
  13. The Pop Tops get the best gas milage and have the simplest setup engine and truck wise. They don't have holding tanks or toilet or shower, so you would be spending lots of time in RV parks. Though some carry a porti potty You basicaly get a bed, table, heater, simple stove,ice box (though some do have refers) and a single faucet sink ( cold water only). The sink drains into a tank you hook up outside each time you want to use it. In Yahoo groups there is a group for Boondocking that may have ideas about simplicity
  14. Its not so much a bad brand of Toy MH, as it just bad individual ones. An 86 would have had the bad axle, but should have been up graded in the recall. My 86 has the 5 bolt front and the six bolt full floater rear. Just check your rear axle, better yet call and see before your new one is delivered.
  15. WME

    ? for WME

    Rats, I just got the word from "Higher HQ" gotta have a bath and toilet. So guess we keep the Escaper. Maybe I do need some thing to play with as a hobby
  16. WME

    ? for WME

    Thats blown as in Kauput, not as in Blew.
  17. WME

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    Hey Nolan: Just what is involved in mounting a Chinook body on a normal chassis? I know where both halfs of the equation are. A mid 80 4x4 with a blown engine and a Chinook that has not moved in 3 years, it even has 4 flat tires. Man this kind of thinking sure can cause problems
  18. WME

    ? for WME

    Maybe, that rig is just way to cool.
  19. Depends on how dlx your generator setup is. The basic ones require you to plug in the 30 amp shore power cord into a generator power outlet box. Its usually some where near the cubby where the shore power cord is keep. The dlx ones have an auto transfer switch, or you can add one for about $100
  20. OK and how does your basic old fashioned brake system work???
  21. Bypassed ???? On my setup the valve just limits pressure to the rear, so a simple coupler would be all thats needed.
  22. What Nolan says, I've just put a big kink in the control rod so that I get full rear breaking all the time. My rear axle weight is heaver than most Toy pickups, so I figured I was OK.
  23. Remove the coach battery lead from the isolater and connect everything to the same post. I've gone 200 mi with a dead alt and EFi with no problem. I "THINK" my house battery would run the fuel pump for about 10 hr, but I ani't gonna try it just to see.
  24. WME

    Extra storage

    Many of the frame extensions are weak. Two bikes is one thing but a couple hundred lb of stuff is not a good idea. Its not so much the weight as it the overloads caused by the bumps, g-forces and all that.
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