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  1. I don't know about ground clearance on the frame, but my airbags will raise the rear bumper 5-6 inches.
  2. 185/195 C range max psi 50, max load 1600lb.....185 D range max psi 65 max load 1850.... 27x8.5x14 max psi 50, max load 1500. The question is what does your Toy really weigh and will 3 tires support the load, after a flat??
  3. If the front seal has ever been replaced check the pully and make sure its itght.
  4. They probably will rub when mounted on duels. The recommended tire is 7.3" section width, these are 8.6"
  5. I've done it with the engine in the truck, not to big a problem. A medimun amount of mech skill is needed. Before you get too excited take off the cam cover and check the chain guides. If they are OK then check again next year.
  6. The DOT codes have not changed, but they may be only on one side of the tire.
  7. Most of the Toy's have a altitude sensor. It won't let the OD work above 3000ft. Are you still up the hill are have you returned to lower elevation.??
  8. If I remember from other transmission posts the rear tailshaft bearing is replaceable, without a new tailshaft.
  9. The 5sp would be cool IF you swapped the rear axle ratio to something like a 4:56 or a 4.88 The Yahoo Toyota Camper site has a speed/rpm /gear ratio in the files section. The peak torque on a 22r is around 2800 rpm and max HP is 4800. So you sorta want to split the difference. Right now you are turning about 3600 @65 in 4th. With a 4.56 you would be turning 3400 @65 and with a 4.88 you would be turning about the same as the 4 sp 3600 rpm . BUT instead of having 3 gears for the mountains you would have 4. So IMHO if you live in the flat lands go for the 4.56, if you live in the mountains go for the 4.88
  10. I THINK it was in the sawzall thread.
  11. Seen to many collapsed roofs from just the A/C. So no one but no one is allowed on my roof
  12. It broke form the top down, thats from a load. It looks like the extension to the frame is the square tubing and it was pushed inside the orginal frame and then welded. It looks like the Toyota fram is where the crack is. Jack up the rear bumper untill the crack goes away and then weld it, grind it smooth and weld a long fish plate over the extension and frame.
  13. A couple of threads for to read, both here in general discussions. 1. Put the Sawzall down, started 22 April 2006 2. Sunraider raised rood,.... started 19 April 2008
  14. I just instlled an extra light on each side of the trailer for the turn.
  15. I would think the factory layout is about right. Overhead bunk stays as a ready made bed, for instant use when you are to tired to "make up" the table into a bed. The side couch makes a nice siting area, a removable table for dining. Can you stand up to use the stove??? If you can maybe raise the cooking area up a bit to make it easier to use. Or put the cooking area in the back for more stand up ease. The refer could go in the low area or stay at the same height and just move it forward. Lots of inside tricks. The fun part is going to be getting it water tight, the floor and tailgate solid. TKG
  16. Partstrain.com has clutch kits from $80 to $300, they range from stock replacement to slightly HD to HD to really HD.
  17. The 22r 4sp package is very common and you should be able to get new HD parts for it from almost any parts store. Yes go for pickup parts just ask for HD stuff.
  18. Stinky burning smoke is not a good sign. There isn't much of a cheat job on this. You will have to .... 1. drop the drive line. 2. Remove the transmission. 3. Remove the bell housing...... Then you can replace the clutch AND the pressure plate AND the throw out bearing. In addition you will need to resurface the flywheel or buy a new one. Rebuilding the master and slave is a good idea at this time too. WME P.S. The master is the one in the engine compartment, the slave is mounted on the bell housing.
  19. A little more details on why you think the clutch is dead. There is both a master and a slave cylinder on your clutch, either one could cause the clutch petal not to work.
  20. Toyots says the procedure is to torque the flange nut to 145ft lb. Then check the preload need to turn the flange. It should be around 11ft lb, with out axles. If preload is low then retorque the flange 9ft lb at a time untill preload is correct. No backing up. if its to high then you need to pull the front bearing and change out the crush tube.
  21. How big is you generator box?? The Onan can be installed from the bottom with a special installation kit. The floor opening needs to be about 25x17"
  22. The best you can do is an Onan 2800, also most $$$ but its the right one. Everything else is some sort of compromise., but cheaper
  23. We're neighbors WME Riverton Wyoming
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