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  1. Read all of the Odessy 4x4 rebuild... ahttp://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?/topic/10983-the-1990-toyota-odyssey-v6-4x4-that-we-call-the-comvee-warning-long-post-with-photos/& AND the 86 Conquest rebuild...http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?/topic/9620-86-conquest-complete-rebuild/&tab=comments#comment-88273
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    Not a Toyota, but a totally awesome build. There may be some ideas for the folks who are doing major rebuilds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yW-ikFvkPnQ
  3. 16 gauge, use 1xxx or 3xxx series aluminum. Other flavors of aluminum are not as "bendable". Plan B go to a big box store and look at FRP panels. Depending on your desired truck lifespan FRP and sheet metal screws would give you an easy, to do quick, fix. Caulk it, screw it use a hairdryer to help bend it. Use house paint or fiberglass to protect it
  4. WME

    In-Law suite

    What the title says...https://www.sylvansport.com/#
  5. Forgot. Doing sheet metal work these guys are a real help..https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06WLJ1WP1/ref=sspa_dk_detail_2?psc=1&pd_rd_i=B06WLJ1WP1&pd_rd_w=ytMVB&pf_rd_p=10ebaf99-73de-4f5d-a994-e7f5fc52f86f&pd_rd_wg=fztBt&pf_rd_r=1203GSA5G02REQYKJZHD&pd_rd_r=1be1f8cc-3003-11e9-9ca9-bfc9d94bcb73.
  6. A sheet of aluminum will work. They make Glue to bond panels for repair instead of welding..https://www.ebay.com/itm/3M-8116-PANEL-BONDING-ADHESIVE-W-8571-APPLICATOR/253438089540?epid=1037315137&hash=item3b02165944:g:nOQAAOSwiBJaExHM:rk:7:pf:0. Some well placed rivets and the glue will do nicely. Start with the top, glue and then bend it around the corner. After the back side is attached, cut the window hole. Glue some thin plywood to make the window frame. Then use one of the old rv windows. Seal all the edges with Dico.
  7. WME

    Furnace Heater Trouble Shooting- Help Needed

    Dry oilite bearings on the blower/fan motor. Crafty person answer, remove the motor, drill a tiny hole in each bearing bulge. Use a hypo to inject some 10 weight synthetic oil. Do this for several days. Simi crafty buy a new motor and install it. None of the above go to your local RV repair shop for new fan motor/new heater.
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    Driving in the snow??

    I live in the mountains in WY, if you don't go in the winter you don't do much for 5 months a year. With decent all season tires they do pretty good in snow. Rear weight basis ya know. I have driven over South Pass several times in the winter with my Toy, even pulling a trailer. The magic is a SMART CAREFUL DRIVER going slowly. Unless you're going off the road, over a cliff or into a 4ft high snowdrift, don't ever stop, even if the rears are spinning. Chains are a last resort. If its really that bad stay home Also on my toy the brake basis was set FULL to the rear Now on real ice fergetaboutit. Also, a limited slip on ice is bad juju, with both tires spinning and a little road camber the rear will slide off to the low side. With an open differential you may not be able to go, but on an iced up off-camber road the tire that isn't spinning will give you some side bite and that maybe thats enough to keep you on the road. On dry pavement and an overabundance of HP a limited slip is a true wonder.
  9. WME

    Furnace Heater Trouble Shooting- Help Needed

    With a sharp point electrode, it takes 20,000v to fire a 1/8" gap. Electricity is very lazy if it can make a complete circuit somewhere other than the gap it will. That includes YOU. While 20KV normally won't kill you, your reflex jerk can cause you a lot of harm. Be CAREFUL around live HV circuits
  10. Got a smartphone?? bubble level app.https://downloads.tomsguide.com/Bubble-level,0301-41172.html..
  11. Additional thought, practice changing a flat tire at home on a solid surface. Learning how to do it on the side of the road in the rain is bad juju. This way you will know if you have all the tools too.
  12. Welcome to the tribe! You need to understand one major thing, your Toy is over 30 years old. You can carefully inspect everything and suffer a problem 100mi down the road, you can inspect nothing beyond what you have done and run for years with no problems. The answer " Just do it". Travel at the speed of smell, enjoy the trip and life. Official old fart expression is to travel the blue line roads. Allow time for "stuff" to happen. You're going to be fueling every 150-200 miles so that will be the rest time for your truck. Add tire checks to your daily fluid checks. Harbor Freight has a cheap IR temperature checker. While your fueling just walk around and check tire temps. A tire with low pressure will be hotter. After a few checks you will know what normal. The checker is also handy for cooking. 55-60mph is a happy speed for your rig, it will run faster but the mpg will suffer greatly at 70 mph. O/D only with a good tailwind. Going down the East coast you will have hills to deal with, learn to be proactive with the transmission lever. Going west you will have mountains to deal with, proactive shifting is a must as is proactive braking. The best driving computer in the world is between your ears, THINK ahead about what the road is doing. If the weather gets bad, just go home, its only 5 ft away. Park safely of course. Useful information... Where to dump your holding tanks (free)...https://www.rvdumps.com/ Cheapest gas...https://www.gasbuddy.com/GasPriceMap?z=4 Flattest route...https://rvmiles.com/flattest-route-finder/ Feel free to ask more questions.
  13. Wheel travel is measured from full drop to full compression. The shock for your truck has 4.6" of travel, when you figure out the ratio of the A arm from the pivot to the shock to tire. You should have 6"+ of travel
  14. WME

    Smog Fuel EVAP fail

    A bad Carb can cause many failures, but EVAP is not normally one of them. Normally the engine is not even running
  15. WME

    Balancing when parked

    To level a parked make a stack of 2x6 into a ramp or fancy commercial levelers to do the same thing...https://www.rvweb.net/best-rv-leveling-blocks-reviewed/
  16. WME

    Sunrader help

    Here is a forum for Scamp type fiberglass trailers, maybe some ideas for Sunrader owners. http://www.fiberglassrv.com//mods...
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    Smog Fuel EVAP fail

    Most evap tests are not sniffer tests. They are a simple pressure test. ie your fuel system must hold a certain pressure for so long of a time period. A bad gas cap, a cracked hose, the canister cracked are the usual suspects.
  18. WME

    Smog Fuel EVAP fail

    He's talking about your gas cap, go to your local auto parts and buy a new one.
  19. WME

    Coach Battery

    That's a good deal, also its an AGM battery and has different charging/maintenance requirements than a typical flooded cell. Check your converter settings to make sure you can keep the battery happy
  20. WME

    Looking at an 82' Sunrader

    It is a good price if its really what you say it is. Old Sunraders may not fall apart and leak everywhere, but they will develop leaks at any opening cut into the shell. Vents, windows and doors. They also have a terrible floor design. If you have SKILLS then the problems can be overcome, if your skilless then its $$$$ to repair things. The major appliances are the refer and water heater, they are $$$$ the other things are just $. The truck is just a basic truck and John Muir's "How to keep your Toyota PU alive" will get you through whatever needs doing.
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    Finally back, I went down Fri.
  22. What model is your onboard converter/charger? The 200w solar is a good deal, BUT how big is your battery?? Do you know AH or group size?? The refer Dometic 2401 has a simple controller (you) The controls should be on the bottom of the refer. Right to left Big knob A source switch GAS OFF ELECTRIC, next big knob B is the thermostat gas or electric, then a small push button the piezo sparker, last is a window to see the flame. If the refer has been changed out over the years all bets are off.
  23. WME

    Coach Battery

    Charger, maintenance, how far it was discharged are all part of the battery lifespan. A lot of folks do well with WalMart batteries. The fact that they are everywhere is nice when you are on the road a lot and you have a warranty claim. A "best" battery will be over $200. Lifeline, Trojan, Deka are highly rated. You also have to decide flooded cell or AGM. If you need the very best a LiP04 (lithium) run around $750+
  24. WME

    Furnace Heater Trouble Shooting- Help Needed

    Possibility... a dying fan motor. Its stiff and doesn't blow enough air to trip the safety fan sail switch. When you start the truck the motor gets extra voltage, like 12 vs 13.5 , after the heater starts you probably stop the truck. Then the voltage drops back to12 and the fan slows down and eventually the sail switch trips and the fire stops. OR the fan slows and the air flow is reduced and the heat chamber overheats and the safety temp sensor trips. The fix is a new motor, maybe a clean and lube the motor and sail switch will get things going. But your motor is 35 years old and just may be worn out.
  25. WME

    Roof Sag-fix it or leave it alone?

    If the simple inside post thing won't work then could you do a combo of post and cross beams inside? They may not end up at 90 deg angles to the inside but from where ever the post could be "hidden". The other choices require a double cross beam setup. A full width 1.5"-2" angle iron beam (u channel or sq tube will work too). Lay it down and drill through the roof, use a 2" piece of 1/8" strap iron on the inside to spread the load. Bolts every 8" or so. One crafty member did some beautiful steam bent laminated wood inside cross beams. Another cut the inside beam from solid wood with a curve in it. The outside beam needs to be blocked up at each end about 1/2". As you tighten the through bolts you can adjust the amount of torque on the bolts and give the roof a very slight positive curve to prevent water pooling on a flat roof. Do this in front and back of the AC. I use the term angle iron as a generic term steel or aluminum will work, but aluminum is a bit bendier. Of course, the bare metal must be painted. As always all this depends on your skills or pocketbook. A 1.5" sag is a lot and it's only going to get worse over time and cause increasing roof damage.