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    Rear Kitchen?

    Sorry no help, I had a permanent rear bed model.
  2. WME

    Why a Toyota??

    3 weeks before this BIG trip I went fishing at the head of the Sweetwater River. When we leave the hwy, its at 7500 ft. Drove on 12 miles of "all weather" county maintained gravel road, then 11 miles of county maintained "not all weather" gravel road, 8 miles of sorta gravel Fire Service road, finally 4 miles of bladed dirt road to get to a camping spot on the river. So So fishing, native fish are a lot smarter than hatchery fish. The Milky Way is totally awesome when your camped at 10,000ft and making smores. Unfortunately it wasn't pin drop quite due to the river noise๐Ÿ˜ We do a lot of dry camping by rivers on BLM land or at remote Forest service camp sites. Even camp at civilized camp grounds on lakes and reservoirs and kayak fish. The Winne has a lot more ground clearance than my Toy did so long as the road isn't insanely twisted or really off road Moab style I get to go more places
  3. WME

    Why a Toyota??

    Have you ever asked your self why drive a Toyota MH, I mean a tiny fuel tank, equally tiny water and waste tanks, no power, and it shouldn't be towing anything. Well bub have you?? Well basically your CHEAP๐Ÿ˜œ. Let me reinforce your smug self rightness.... We just returned from a 19 day 3350 mi trip in our, new to us, Winnebago Brave, one of the mid sized Class A out there. We pulled a Buick Encore as a towd. The score sheet 3350 mi, 441 gal of fuel, $1350.00 fuel cost, 7.5 mpg, cruse control was set in the 62-65 mph range and the average fuel cost was $3.10. The Brave has a 70 gal fuel tank and a 500mi range. Largest single fill was 58 gal. Major PIA is most fuel pumps have a $75 credit card single transaction limit. ๐Ÿ˜ญ So what ever time you save with the large tank, you waste running your credit card 3x. Usually that means 2 credit cards... We now return you to your normally sponsored program...... A regular trip report will be posted in the usual place.
  4. WME

    flushes/black water capacity

    We need to know your ratio of #1 to #2 . ๐Ÿ™„
  5. WME

    Catalog of manufacturers and models

    1. Your going to kiss a lot of toads before you find your princess. This time of the year is when to buy an RV 2. You NEED to personally inspect before buying. 3 Toy MHs are 25-40 years old. Its Sunrader vs all the rest as far as brands go. What is more important than brand is how its been cared for by the previous owners. There even bad Sunraders out there. 4. Buy what you want it to be. DON"T plan on stripping it and rebuilding it. There are way to many half done projects out there, so don't ruin another one of the increasing fewer Toy MHs. 5. The the best your budget will allow. Even then plan on spending $1000 to get it road ready
  6. WME

    1978 Toyota Sunrader need help

    Most of the time intermittent starting problems are caused by this guy...https://www.ebay.com/itm/TOYOTA-Starter-Repair-KIT-SOLENOID-CONTACTS-PLUNGER-Rebuild-Parts-Set/201532245369?fits=Make%3AToyota&hash=item2eec420579:g:80sAAOSwB4NW1GhH:sc:USPSFirstClass!80111!US!-1:rk:2:pf:0
  7. WME

    Why a Toyota??

    My guesstimate is -.75 mpg for the toad, so about a $100 in gas. We used the towd for 7 days during the trip. Rentals in big cities run $40 a day so the towd is "cost effective" with a Class A. A towd with a Toy doesn't seem to be as good of a deal. Maybe a scooter instead. With a 20ft or shorter Toy get a bicycle for camp grounds and just drive the Toy everywhere else. We had rain or snow for 4 days, the extra room sure was nice. Going for 6 days with the onboard water and waste tanks sure is nice too.
  8. Well I guess you had better take your one note samba and go, don't let the door bang you in the As*. Beside Dereks responses there were legit questions you choose never to answer.
  9. Lots of purddy pics. What we want is the $$ for a US legal unit FOB in say LA. Posting stuff we can't have is like waving raw meat in front of hungry wolves
  10. The two row cam chain was "updated" to a single row in 1983, the timing chain guides were also "upgraded" to plastic then.๐Ÿ˜ก $500.00 head gasket redo??? ...https://www.ebay.com/itm/Brand-New-Head-Gasket-Set-for-Toyota-SR5-Sport-Utility-4-Door-22RE-22REC-22R/263834040980?hash=item3d6dbbfa94:g:7~wAAOSwEN9bUFSa&vxp=mtr Clear off the deep end redo...https://www.ebay.com/itm/85-95-22R-22RE-Toyota-2-4L-Cylinder-Head-Gasket-Set-Timing-Chain-Kit/391543981005?hash=item5b29d703cd:g:-18AAOSw0UdXwFDA:sc:FedExHomeDelivery!80111!US!-1&vxp=mtr Lots of choices in between.
  11. Replacing the head gasket is not complicated, many times its done with out removing the timing cover. just dont forget the hidden bolt under the distributor gear
  12. WME

    Adding furring strips

    How to rehab a Sunrader in 21 easy steps...http://www.boundfornowhere.com/blog/build-out-week-1-2
  13. WME

    Repair on a Sunrader roof

    Unless it has had Linda's tree fall on it or somebody has done the low overhead thing to it its should be an easy fix. 96% of Sunrader leaks are vent and marker lights. The Sunraders have just 3 parts a floor, a lower wall and a 1 piece upper. Thats why a lot of people want them...
  14. WME

    Nerd buys Travelmaster, now the fun/repairs begin

    C&C only sells pairs of 5/6 adapters, so you need a "friend" in the same situation as you are to split the costs of a pair. The side benefit of this plan is you only need 1 6 bolt rim. Buying your own pair means you need 3 6 bolt rims, 2 for the front and a spare. With your 5 bolt front the center of the tire and the weight is carried between the 2 front bearings on the front hub. With the 5/6 adapter the weight is the same place because the 6 bolt rim is flipped around and the deep dish and adapter work together to center things. P.S. Toyota uses a similar adapter on the later model MH chassis. P.P.S. If you can find a wrecking yard U-Haul Toyota box truck or a newer Toy MH you can easily swap the complete front end and gain the factory 6 bolt with bigger brakes. At the right yard this might be cheaper than 2 adapters and 3 rims
  15. WME

    Nerd buys Travelmaster, now the fun/repairs begin

    Long distance traveler...you have the 6 bolt rear and 5 bolt front wheels. Spare tire situation. 1. Carry 2 spares 2. 5 bolt spare for front. Rear flat, limp on with with 3 rear tires and fix flat ASAP. Most owners do this..I gone 100mi on 3 tires. Remove flat, inflate single tire to max psi, drive slow. 3. Find a "friend" and order a set of the 5/6 adapters from Custom and Commercial Tires, find a 6 bolt rim. Flat in rear just change the tire. Flat front, bolt on adapter and 6 bolt rim. 4. Buy a set of adapters and 3 6 bolt rims. Mount adapters and rims full time, have one 6 bolt spare . These Toy MH use a ODD size tire, a lot of tire jockies say they don't exist. So buying a replacement tire on the road can be chancie. Tire LT185R-14C... "8 ply", "Load range D", "Load index 100/102". Custom & Commercial...https://www.customandcommercialwheel.com/
  16. WME

    Rubber Roofs

    FWIW my local full service rv center says for a rubber roof install they charge $100 per linear ft., parts and labor. Thats over a good base, roof repairs are extra
  17. Some had electric brakes on the tag. The axle usually used a coil torsion spring for support. The tandem idea had a couple of variations, 4 or 6 rear wheels. The 6 wheels had foolies on the truck axle so they had the axle problem, just less often. The tag added about 350 lbs of weight and add about 700lbs of carry capacity so for all the $$$ you only gained 350lbs of carry increase. The tire wear was a bit weird with the rears sliding in corners.
  18. WME

    Storage options.....

    Sorta in order from best to worst. 1 A real garage. 2 A barn. 3 A tarp shelter...one of these....http://www.hiscoshelters.com/portable-rv-garage-shelter.html These tarp jobs have 3 different grades of roofing 2-10-15 years warranty 4 An RV cover...2-10 year life span, depending on quality 5 A tarp tied down properly...Use garbage bags with foam popcorn to form a roof line so the liquids will run off. blue tarp 1-2 years, silver tarp 1-5 years 6 Nutting put a couple of blocks under the front wheels to help drain the roof
  19. The recall was NOT against Toyota, but against the RV manufactures.
  20. WME

    yurt material questions

    DIY Yurt...http://www.johnclarkemills.com/2010/08/08/building-a-folding-rigid-insulation-hexayurt/
  21. WME

    Blackwater leak

    The Escapers were factory foamed. helps keep the floor warmer. Its a high quality foam and is very fire resistant. The black tank on the mid shower/toilet is very low mounted. Suffers from ooppses. Its easy to check. Empty it and flush it several times. Over fill it and find the leak. If it leaks inside then you need a new seal... Its a simple foam gasket. Leaking outside then your looking at a crack some where. The tank vent is on the roof. The sink is molded in removing it would involve a lot of fiberglass work. A slight help with the shower room thing is a curved curtain track, gives you a bit more elbow room. Also the sink door is laminated and will peel easily, a cap of clear Gorilla tape goes a long way
  22. WME

    Roof Questions for a 1987 Escaper

    A good grade of Elastomeric coating will last 10+ years. The PROBLEM is the quality of the work the PO did. Is your coating cracking or peeling? If its intact just inspect yearly and proceed accordingly. To redo a poorly done roof coating is a major PIA. You have to strip things down to the bare metal, prime and recoat with 2-3 coats
  23. WME

    Weight on roof

    No NASCAR race viewing, sorry. If you need to do maintenance then a full width (side to side) plywood to spread the load.
  24. WME

    chinook wall paneling

    If you read between the lines, this is an excellent idea for uprating a Chinook wall. http://www.frugal-mariner.com/Insulating.html
  25. WME

    tire valve stem extenders

    There are 2 basic style air chucks for duallys .The 2 way angled and the 2 way straight. Go to Amazon and you will see what they look like. After you figure out what stem you have get the best chuck.