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  1. 79 Sunrader cab crack

    You have way to time on your hands This is a VERY important post for all Sunrader owners
  2. While not a substitute for the FF. A simple hack will help to reduce the load stress on the axle. 65psi in inner tire and 50 psi in outer duel.
  3. Like wow

    Quite possibility the answer to a question you were afraid to ask http://www.innovan.com.au/
  4. Solid State Battery Isolator

    There is only 1 regulator in your 12v system it is in the alternator. So small steps. Disconnect the house battery. Take the wire from the alternator (A?) and install it on the truck battery post. What your doing is make a stock truck system. Check the voltage 13.5-14.5v with the engine running. If thats OK, then do the same for the house battery, alternator to house battery, no isolator. Check voltage at the bolt and at the battery again with the engine running. Dont worry about not charging the truck battery, it will run for at least 1 hr. As Derek implied new don't mean good. The math behind that is a normal charging voltage is 14.5v at the battery with the engine running. A shorted cell will drop 2v. So 14.5-2=12.5 which is very close to whats happening to you. Remove the house battery cables and let it rest for a couple of hours and then measure just the battery v. Resting v is 12.8-12.9. 12.4v means 50% charged. Below 11v is bad cell
  5. OK so say you have to much time and money on your hands Find a later model truck with a 22R in it and swap the engine and transmission in to yours. It will cost about the same to find a working 77 transmission. The slightly larger engine will make it easier to drive. The extra power in a Chinook would allow you to use O/D. Its a 2.2L vs a 2.4L thing. AND if your bored, just for grins goggle installing a 20R head on a 22block
  6. Everybody else wants to go to a manual from their automatic. I dont think you will find very many GOOD good A40 transmissions. The A43D is common and it is a fully mechanical transmission, except for the O/D. No idea about driveshaft length and cross member. A large external transmission cooler should be OK. What is your rear axle ratio?
  7. 1984 Damon escaper isolator

    Start with any circuit breakers connected to the battery. Also most converters have automatic transfer relay with age the contacts may be corroded. The old contacts on thee exposed relays can be cleaned, some have a cover and you may or may not be able to remove it.
  8. 1984 Damon escaper isolator

    With your key out of the truck ignition you should still have house lights.
  9. 1984 Damon escaper isolator

    No house battery, no house lights. UNLESS you are plugged into 110v ac and then the converter will run all the 12v stuff in the house. My 86 Escaper didn't have a transfer switch. My 76 Mobile Traveler had one.
  10. Barkeep Zep Cleaning of Sunrader

    OK so is it Adventure or Advantage
  11. Barkeep Zep Cleaning of Sunrader

    OOPS Window is $295, this is the source. https://www.adventurervnapa.com/ Window trim here. https://www.trimlok.com/rubber-extrusion/locking-gasket/two-piece If your feeling sexy they have a chrome locking strip I guess Linda types faster than I do
  12. Solid State Battery Isolator

    Not logical The isolator can not increase the voltage. Ok any 4 post isolator will work. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sure-Power-Battery-Isolator-70-Amp-2-Battery-702-D/232344206760?epid=702441896&hash=item3618cb3da8:g:cqAAAOSwhzRaX0YT&vxp=mtr Here is a different take on things...https://www.ebay.com/itm/Victron-Cyrix-ct-12-24V-120A-Intelligent-Battery-Isolator-Combiner/253501876542?epid=2256124828&hash=item3b05e3a93e:g:yJcAAOSwdGFYpx3Q The combiner will allow your 12v converter to charge the truck battery and the house battery when the RV is plugged in to 110v. It will charge the house battery when the truck is running. It acts as an isolator when parked and nothing is plugged in.
  13. Theoretically you should be OK. Just don't be surprised if there are problems. Bad grounds, forty year old crimped Scotch locks. Get a nylon bristle brush and clean out each socket and use dielectric grease on each bulb. You will also need to change out the flasher relay for an electronic one.
  14. Solid State Battery Isolator

    Long distance electron chasing is just way to much fun. What happens to the truck battery v when the house battery is disconnected? Can you borrow a known good 12 battery to install to check v with. There a herd of possibilities so just take small steps and keep track of the results.
  15. Barkeep Zep Cleaning of Sunrader

    Looks like the passenger side front upper window is cracked. I think they are in the $275 EA,.+ shipping, range. There is a suitable substitute for the seal