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  1. $12K this time of the year is a good budget for a 2wd. 4wd will be 2x that amount.

    OK everything from here comes as an OPINION

    Unless you are a devout minimalist get a 21ft unit. These have a separate toilet, bath. The 18ft typically have wet bath, after a few months it might be a bit much.

    The rear bath also gives you 3 zones, rear bathroom, middle kitchen/living room, front bedroom, again a weekend is way different than 6 months.

    Are you in a perpetual hurry? My 4 cylinder has been over the Passes in Estes Park and through the Eisenhower tunnel.

    Again you driving a Toyota pickup and there were a zillion built so parts are easy.

    Big deal rule, There are no bad Motorhomes, only bad previous owners. Figure $1500 for stuff needing to be fixed. 

  2. Jacks come in 2 basic styles.

    There is a 2 post lift. you find your campers center of gravity and lift there. You remove truck and lower the camper to a set of blocks. They are not long term stable on just the jacks.

    The other is a 4 post there is a jack in each corner of the camper. Jack it up and your done. Its long term stable, but blocks are a good idea if your going to be going in and out while you have it off the truck

    Figure a 1/2 hour to remove or install after a little practice.

    If you have the "big bucks" after your property sale, then there always this...https://www.stablelift.com/stable-lift-products-two-jack.php


  3. Unless you have an overwhelming reason to go to a 12v refer, remember that propane has a higher energy density than a battery by cubic space.

    If you have a real need for a 12v refer, you should renumber to also look at marine refers. The important thing to look for is peak amps, if average amps is available does the reading say at what temp... Apples and apples n all that.

  4. The rear window has 2 seals. The butyl tape between the window frame and the RV siding. AND a butyl rubber glue between the window and frame. The rubber gasket on the outside of the window is just for looks and doesn't seal anything. Well actually it is there to hold the window in place while the butyl rubber glue  dries.

  5. A "rubber roof" is just a thin sheet of EPDM "rubber" rolled out and glued to a layer of plywood so it will be hard. Most toys have an aluminum roof, same thing a thin sheet of aluminum over a ply base.

    Again most toys by this time in their life have had a polymer sealant painted over the original roof.

    Carefully scrape your roof until you get to the original and let us know what you have and we will give you the straight skinny on how to take care of it.

    If you have a metal roof, for the seam I would clean down to original roof, Eternabond tape the seam and the Snowcoat it.

  6. If your some where you can dump a tote tank, your some where you can dump your RV tanks. So unless your going to transfer waste to it, then strap it on the back of your RV and take it home their not a lot of help ...

    There are some campgrounds that have only a central dump point, if you didn't want to drive there every couple of days it would be useful. I have a 10 gal at home I can dump in my homes sewer clean out. I use it for maintenance.

    .P.S. an 18 gal tank would weigh over 130 lbs full.

  7. 3 weeks before this BIG trip I went fishing at the head of the Sweetwater River. When we leave the hwy, its at 7500 ft. Drove on 12 miles of "all weather" county maintained gravel road, then 11 miles of county maintained "not all weather" gravel road, 8 miles of sorta gravel Fire Service road, finally 4 miles of bladed dirt road to get to a camping spot on the river.

    So So fishing, native fish are a lot smarter than hatchery fish. The Milky Way is totally awesome when your camped at 10,000ft and making smores. Unfortunately it wasn't pin drop quite due to the river noise😏

    We do a lot of dry camping by rivers on BLM land or at  remote Forest service camp sites. Even camp at civilized camp grounds on lakes and reservoirs and kayak fish. The Winne has a lot more ground clearance than my Toy did so long as the road isn't insanely twisted or really off road Moab style I get to go more places

  8. 1. Your going to kiss a lot of toads before you find your princess. This time of the year is when to buy an RV

    2. You NEED to personally inspect before buying.

    3 Toy MHs are 25-40 years old. Its Sunrader vs all the rest as far as brands go. What is more important than brand is how its been cared for by the previous owners. There even bad Sunraders out there.

    4. Buy what you want it to be. DON"T plan on stripping it and rebuilding it. There are way to many half done projects out there, so don't ruin another one of the increasing fewer Toy MHs.

    5. The the best your budget will allow. Even then plan on spending $1000 to get it road ready


  9. My guesstimate is -.75 mpg for the toad, so about a $100 in gas. We used the towd for 7 days during the trip. Rentals in big cities run $40 a day so the towd is "cost effective" with a Class A.

    A towd with a Toy doesn't seem to be as good of a deal. Maybe a scooter instead. With a 20ft or shorter Toy get a bicycle for camp grounds and just drive the Toy everywhere else.

    We had rain or snow for 4 days, the extra room sure was nice. Going for 6 days with the onboard water and waste tanks sure is nice too.


  10. Have you ever asked your self why drive a Toyota MH,  I mean a tiny fuel tank, equally tiny water and waste tanks, no power, and it shouldn't be towing anything. Well bub have you??

    Well basically your CHEAP😜. Let me reinforce your smug self rightness....

    We just returned from a 19 day 3350 mi trip in our, new to us, Winnebago Brave, one of the mid sized Class A out there. We pulled a Buick Encore as a towd.

    The score sheet 3350 mi, 441 gal of fuel, $1350.00 fuel cost, 7.5 mpg, cruse control was set in the 62-65 mph range and the average fuel cost was $3.10.

    The Brave has a 70 gal fuel tank and a 500mi range. Largest single fill was 58 gal. Major PIA is most fuel pumps have a $75 credit card single transaction limit. 😭 So what ever time you save with the large tank, you waste running your credit card 3x. Usually that means 2 credit cards...

    We now return you to your normally sponsored program......

    A regular trip report will be posted in the usual place.