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    Found some new rims, hopefully

    Your sig block says F150 rear suspension what does that mean ?.
  2. WME

    Found some new rims, hopefully

    What year is the ford axle from? The Intrepid wheels have a huge backspace because its FWD. Also with a wild guess about your axle the bolt pattern seems to be off 114mm vs 139mm. So at first glance...NOPE P.S can you shorten your signature block? it takes us country folks a long time to load a bunch of white space
  3. Well the 8 year limit does in most Toy MHs.
  4. I hope this stuff will post. 1.http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?/topic/9709-interior-refit-cabover-rot-repair/ 2.http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?/topic/10345-87-rbr-mini-cruiser-complete-rebuild-with-filon/ This will get you started.
  5. WME

    Toy Homes are Like Boats

    So as a non dirt dweller where is your compost pile?? As an old military fa*t I have lived in tents for 90 days at a time in places ranging from winter time in Hokkaido Japan and near the DMZ in Korea, to the jungles in the Philippines and Thailand in the summer time and rainy season. SOP was to pee in a pipe driven into the ground and to poop in a 55 gal drum and weekly drag it off to a corner, pour diesel on it and burn it. Thus the expression "the sh*t detail". I would have been delighted to have a composting toilet back then. There several folks here who do extended bare camping and they would do well to have a composting toilet. But I've grown fond of a flushing toilet and hot showers. There is such a marvelous infrastructure built that I can use on a weekly basis when I travel. So good luck with your life style and I'll wave when I pass by.
  6. WME

    Toy Homes are Like Boats

    The thing about owning an RV is its yours and what ever outrageous thing (paint, bordello interiors, etc) you want to do to it, its yours to do. P.S. "Fresh" toilet compost is NOT suitable for Food, human or animal, production. It needs to age for at least 2 years to insure all the bugs are dead. So off to the landfill.
  7. Can you make this a locked sticky?
  8. WME

    Driver cab heating

    Yes check thermostat, some POs replaced the factory stat with a lower temp aftermarket one. This is one place where Toyota OEM is what you need. It should be 195* A 180 will cost you a bunch heat.
  9. WME

    Coast to Coast Flat and Slow

    Wow doing the Cannonball in a Toyota M/H, who would have thunk.
  10. WME

    Gas Water Heater Conversion Help

    OOPs misread the post. It looks like everything is still there. Is there a separate gas turn off valve for the heater?? If there is close it, if not close the main tank valve, light the stove until it runs out of gas. There is a pile of what looks like rust below the burner. See if you can remove baffle and clean the burner out. checking for webs and dust With every thing clean and back together. Fill up the tank with water and turn on the gas (don't forget to shut the stove off) and try to get the pilot light going. IF its good then open the control valve and see if the burner lights. It may take a LONG time for the pilot to light because of the lack of use if
  11. WME

    Gas Water Heater Conversion Help

    Time for a VOM. Use the ohm portion and check across the heater element, there should continuity and there be more than 0 ohm, maybe 100-1000 ohms. If that is good then then use the AV voltmeter to check for correct voltage at various points along the cord. Thats about all you can check.
  12. WME

    Coast to Coast Flat and Slow

    Special app for Toy RV owners and bicyclists. https://www.flattestroute.com/ Use your mouse on the elevation graph to see where the high points are. Also the map will try for the most direct route, so try a two step routing. Like SD to Valdosta, then to VT
  13. Its all about your camping style. Are you in a tiny home or are you in a water proof tent... What good is a refer that will work at 15 deg off level, you can't sleep that far off level for any length of time. The new refers will work at 3 deg off level. That's about it for sleep anyway. Maineah has the whole picture, its all about energy density. Yes you can run an compressor refer in an RV, but Toys all ready have a weight problem. Adding a couple or three more batteries and enough solar to run a compress indefinitely and what happens to your carry capacity?
  14. WME

    Driver cab heating

    I had an 86 Toyota and the heater worked well down to -20. The first thing to do is look at the cables from the control panel to all the various flaps and such, make sure each one does what its supposed to do and hasn't slipped of the lever. Next is remove the heater blower motor and make sure its running at full speed. While its out check the heater core for blockages. In 30 years you never what rat built a nest in the heater box or a pile of leaves has filtered down through the cowl vent. There photos on this site of the junk found in the heater box. You would believe some of them
  15. For the table...https://www.pplmotorhomes.com/search?categoryId=&query=table+legs For the chairs...https://www.ebay.com/itm/Boat-Marine-Seat-Pedestal-Base-Post-Mount-Swivel-Chair-Fishing-BassFREE-SHIPPING/202113239317?hash=item2f0ee34915:g:tOEAAOSwSutaCqFI&vxp=mtr
  16. WME

    Newbies Afraid of Freezing Lines

    Experience from the winter school of hard knocks.....WINTERIZE and don't use it on the road. Have the PO show you how and do it before you leave. If that seems a bit much then scroll up to the forum appliance section and look for the post about "air purged water lines". With a $5 blow out plug adapter you can do a quick purge and just pour some antifreeze in the sink traps. Drink bottled water, mix RV antifreeze and water 25/75 (75 is water) and flush the toilet with that. While you SHOULD be safe from freezing on the southern route, they did just have a monster storm go through. So this is more of penny wise,,pound foolish type advice While most of the lines are inside and with open cabinet doors the heater will keep things from freezing, all it takes is a heater failure and you in a warm hotel room for the night to cause problems. The gray and black tanks are exposed to outside temps and nothing is more fun than trying to dump a frozen poop tank. If the tank was full when it froze then you stuck using gas stations until things warm up. So the gray tank gets some antifreeze too so that the valve is protected. Have fun with your new toy. Remember the only dumb question is the one you didn't ask.
  17. What does it look like from the underside? Is there some frame that the wood step fits on. If there is just cut a new step, fiberglass it to make it water proof and install it. The original lasted 30+ years so its not something you will ever need to redo if you water proof it
  18. Yea bolting is a PIA, but if you mess one up unbolting the old one is easier than grinding off a couple of welds. Using a good 20v cordless drill with a 18" extension makes it a snap to level.
  19. My current rig and its predecessors had/have black iron gas pipe from the propane tank to each appliance then a flair to MIP half union with a 3 ft or so of copper to unit. The copper has enough flex so that you can pull the appliance out and then unhook the copper line. The flex piping you see on a lot of home water heaters is NOT recommended for RV use
  20. WME

    Houston flood took my toyhome

    How long is the new rig? I had a Vortec 7400 in my midi Class A 9-10 MPG at Toy speeds. So gas on a trip is more. But there is more space inside, bigger waste n water tanks, a more relaxed engine RPM AND you can have a Towd with no problem. Downside of more space and more water is longer vacations
  21. A quick way to check the approximate clearance is to drive a rear wheel onto a length of rope. Pull the rope tight to the rear bumper low point. Anything mounted below the rope will be a possible drag point. Of course driveways and badly crowned streets will intrude into the "safe" zone. So remember it's just a guide and not a cast in brass rule of clearance.
  22. I mounted my front jacks on the frame just where the bumper mounts attach. I had reinforced the rear frame and bumper for towing. So the jacks were mounted on the extensions where they would not interfere with the departure angle. The front jacks were sideways and the rear one front to back. These jacks are wobble so by mounting them 90 degrees to each other helps stabilize things. I tried to keep one rear wheel on the ground and the parking brake set or a set of chocks on a front wheel. NEVER have all 4 tires off the ground. They are NOT lifting jacks they are just for stabilizing only, so keep the bottle jack.
  23. WME

    Propane system problems

    Best bet remove the tank and wire brush/wire wheel it clean and then paint it with Rustolem. 2nd choice jack it up and lay down and do the same thing as above. Last choice just a quick scruff and paint
  24. WME

    Wood replacment

    The Kreg jig tool will make a strong joint. Pre glue the joints with TiteBond II and then jig them together. The joint will be stronger than the wood itself.