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  1. Spring time = sellers market, summers coming and thats when people want to go camping Fall= buyers market, sellers dont want to pay storage and insurance
  2. WME

    Bought a Sunrader - SO STOKED!!

    I raced bicycles and high performance racing go-karts. Those left me with a some rash but nothing major. I commuted on a motorcycle for years. I got rear ended by an 18 year old kid who "didn't see " me. Something sharp cut through my leathers and boot, it took 70 stitches to make things whole again. My leg makes an excellent weather forecaster. I used my Toy RV to help the neighbors out when he had open heart surgery. Drove it to the hospital and set it up in the back parking lot for the wife to stay in. She used hubbies hospital room shower so the rv had enough water and waste for 5 days Now days when the in-laws are here ( campground only folks) for an outing, I carry a city bike to get around. Here is the bike rv ladder mount https://www.ebay.com/itm/Stromberg-Carlson-LA-102-BIKE-RACK-FOR-UNIV-RV-LAD/302409067291?epid=1229923265&hash=item4668fc2b1b:g:Jb8AAOSw7XBY8Tkr:sc:FedExHomeDelivery!82501!US!-1&vxp=mtr My current RV is 31 ft so a little rack doesn't matter.
  3. OK peanut gallery idea. Turn the temp control to cold and run fan at full speed. Drive around until the truck is at full temp. Do a smell check and then turn the heat to max and see what your nose says
  4. WME

    Bought a Sunrader - SO STOKED!!

    Motorcycle-bike or bicycle-bike? I have road rash marks and scars from both
  5. Pine-sol ??? Because the smell seems to be fading have you rechecked your tool bag?
  6. WME

    Bought a Sunrader - SO STOKED!!

    OK, but just to make sure. Get in and row through the gears
  7. WME

    Bought a Sunrader - SO STOKED!!

    Rachel Welcome to the wild world of old Toys. You will think its huge for a while as you adjust to it. Monterey Leisure Products was the mfg if that will make the insurance search easier This is a mechanics OPINION, so take it for whats its worth. Your Rader came with a 4speed, so some time in its life time the transmission was switched. This is not a BAD thing per say, but it can be a problem depending on which transmission was used. The thing is in 5th gear you are using a lot of throttle to maintain speed. This means your approaching the torque limit of 5th gear of some of the 5 speeds. The failure point is the 5th gear bearings. SO don't lug it in 5th EVER. One answer, down the road, is to change the rear axle ratio and let the engine run a little fast making more HP at less throttle There won't be a big change in MPG , but the engine and transmission will be happier. FWIW the automatics have the same gearing problem with O/D and most folks with the 4 cylinder and an automatic never use O/D
  8. WME

    Rent a Rader

    I looked into this. Found the prerental checklist. Yikes it would take a day to make the rv correct. Of course you have to do it again for the next rental. An then you would have to put "your" stuff in when you wanted to use it.
  9. Well if it ain't mice, then you are going to Utube a video on how to remove the blower motor. Then you can look. On second thought, if the smell is stronger in the recirculate mode maybe there is something on or under the carpet. Check there before removing the fan motor.
  10. WME

    What do you think? 40k? 140k? 240k?

    I vote original mileage
  11. This is what I use. No moving parts and the winter time tarp just slides over.
  12. WME

    Howdy from West MI

    Starting somewhere. https://www.roadsideamerica.com/
  13. WME

    The straight poop on Macerators

    Instead of RV tp we use the cheapest stuff from a dollar store
  14. What your getting to http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?/topic/8049-stripping-down-a-roof-eye-opening/
  15. WME

    Condensation on ceiling

    Vent the mattress bottom Plan A https://www.homedepot.com/p/Veranda-0-2-in-x-48-in-x-8-ft-White-Vinyl-Privacy-Diamond-Lattice-73004042/100003591 Plan B https://www.defender.com/product.jsp?id=1818021
  16. WME

    Condensation on ceiling

    The cab-over mattress traps a great deal of moisture. Many older Toys have a lot rot in that section. Not much fun sleeping on damp musty mattress.
  17. WME

    Condensation on ceiling

    The Escaper has an aluminum frame so Derek's idea is valid. Ventilate your rig
  18. WME

    Oxidation of fiberglass on Sunrader

    Remember the Zep needs 4 or 5 coats for the "look"
  19. WME

    Condensation on ceiling

    Condensation = high humidity warm inside, cold outside temp. The cure can be mechanical, run A/C or a dehumidifier, some sort of passive air exchanger will help or just open a vent somewhere.. The largest sources of increased humidity is YOU during the night. Cooking and showering are less so because both should have a fan vent to remove the humidity. You should check under the cap over mattress. There is a problem there too.
  20. WME

    Painting the outside

    Clean it with the Bar Keepers Friend trick, Check the Toyota part for thin paint (primer showing), surface rust. If its OK. Then mask some stripes on and rattle can them with a good paint. Wait most of the summer for the paint to harden, not just dry, and then Zep wax the whole thing. It will be a nice 20ft job
  21. WME

    Screened Entry Room

    Here is the room I had, they come different lengths. https://www.ebay.com/itm/LIMITED-Add-A-Room-17-Screen-Room-LTD-ROOM-/122424608863
  22. WME

    Screened Entry Room

    My previous rig had one. It fasten to the side of the MH and the to the pull out awning. The MH door was just outside the room. The MH was parked until the room was removed and folded away. No quick runs to the store.The room was great IF you were going to stay in one place for several days, but for an overnighter its a PIA. With two people the set up was about 45min. With just the sides and floor to store it took up about 1/3 of a full width underbelly storage bay. In a Toy it would be a hassle to store if you were just doing a 1 night stay.
  23. WME

    Found some new rims, hopefully

    Your sig block says F150 rear suspension what does that mean ?.
  24. WME

    Found some new rims, hopefully

    What year is the ford axle from? The Intrepid wheels have a huge backspace because its FWD. Also with a wild guess about your axle the bolt pattern seems to be off 114mm vs 139mm. So at first glance...NOPE P.S can you shorten your signature block? it takes us country folks a long time to load a bunch of white space
  25. Well the 8 year limit does in most Toy MHs.