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    Filling ASME propane tank

    The max SAFE capacity of a propane tank is 80%. So a "12 gallon" tank would be full at 9.6 gallons
  2. WME

    Filling ASME propane tank

  3. WME

    road noise mitigation

    Ya the sound deadening stuff works, but you still won't end up with a Rolls Royce cabin. The stuff comes as a deadener or as a oil can preventer. A full layer of Fat Mat acts as a deadener/reducer. There are several products like Fat Mat, just get the rubberized type and not the asphalt based stuff. The Lizard skin spray on stuff changes the vibration frequency of a large metal panel and prevents it from acting like a speaker and amplifying sound. You can get just 12" squares of the Fat Mat stuff and place it in side doors and around speakers and some random spots on the floor board and it will change the ting door close to a thunk. This place has both types... https://www.ebay.com/str/Deimos-Deals?_trksid=p2047675.l2563 On my 64 Hot Rod Chevelle I've used both, including the roof.
  4. WME

    Anyone heard about Toyota Camroad?

    Well we will forgive you if you post some photos of some of the cool Australian RV. Most of us lust greatly for a new Toy MH, instead of trying to keep these 20 year old Toys running.
  5. WME

    interesting idea

    AN interesting idea if your doing an interior rebuilt. Dicors dancing table. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21PdGjtZdhc
  6. WME


    1/8" bungee cord and and a small wood screw at each end
  7. WME

    Mirror Upgrade

    I used some flat stock steel and extended my mirrors out a couple of inches. I could actually see the side of the rv. With the convex mirror I could see the rear wheels a big help in parking.
  8. WME

    Rescue Me and a Dolphin!

    Where are you and where is it?
  9. Rookies driving rule #1. If you go up a hill in 2nd gear, you go down the hill in 2nd. Give your overworked brakes a brake?
  10. WME

    towing limits 92 warrior

    Flat towing with 4 wheels on the ground is OK with a proper towbar setup. The key is PROPER. Look at Blue Ox towbars for ideas Brakes...https://www.pplmotorhomes.com/parts/towing-hitches-jacks-chassis/vehicle-towing/supplemental-braking-systems/towed-vehicle-braking-systems/roadmaster-9700-brake-system_9700?jt=1&jap=1o3&js=1&jsid=36859&jcpid=8a8ae4cd48005458014820e2e0170ec4&jkId=gcp:se_36859:pp_297526964861:ag_46947118725:cp_194253624:n_g:d_c:cr_231578161136&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI3IiX9Jyw2wIVEp7ACh056A8rEAQYAyABEgLjEfD_BwE
  11. WME

    towing limits 92 warrior

    Random thoughts... 1 V-6 power..probably OK 2 Frame extensions marginal...The hitch has to be frame mounted, reinforced extensions to the frame required. The bumper ain't going to get it. 3 Brakes marginal. .They are designed for a 4000lb pickup, and now they are stopping a 6000lb MH AND then you want to add another 1500lbs.....? 4 Even though the V-6 has a lockup torque converter you will need a big transmission cooler. The locking converter will be unlocked a lot with this load. P.S. ? I towed a 1000lb trailer through the Rockies with a hot rodded 4 cylinder. I had reinforced frame extensions and the hitch went through the HD bumper. The trailer had electric brakes.?
  12. WME

    Sunrader Generators

    The Mini Mach are 7000-9200 BTUs depending on the year. My Escaper had a 13,5K BTU, a hot shot starting capacitor and a 2.8kw Onan Mico Light generator
  13. WME

    Sunrader Generators

    This is an older ONAN generator, open all your exterior hatches and look. https://www.ebay.com/itm/ONAN-4-0-RV-GENSET-GENERATOR-4KVA-SINGLE-PHASE-S-N-C803513803/112964503705?epid=1353188441&hash=item1a4d358899:g:w6UAAOSwK~da42SF This what an older Kohler generator looks like. https://www.ebay.com/itm/ONAN-4-0-RV-GENSET-GENERATOR-4KVA-SINGLE-PHASE-S-N-C803513803/112964503705?epid=1353188441&hash=item1a4d358899:g:w6UAAOSwK~da42SF Both are large, noisy and expensive. The previous owner would surely be touting their existence.
  14. WME

    Maxxair install

    It depends on the length of the "fish", Ive used welding rod as the tool. Several times good and several time not good. I hit a cross support of some kind.
  15. WME

    Need some tips!

    Construction adhesive from the inside. Any more holes BAD.
  16. WME

    Coach Battery

    Your making things way to complicated. Just hook up the battery, do proper battery maintenance and your golden. You need the battery to run fans, pump water, flush the toilet while traveling. If you just have to do this, just get a 50 amp switch and place it in the + battery to "disconnect" the battery when hooked up to shore power.
  17. WME

    Coach Battery

    Connect it. You might want water or something on the trip. If you have the old style converter just install a 24 hr timer on the power lead and set it for a couple hr a day if your worried about damaging your house battery
  18. WME

    Plumbing Phobia

    Will this do?? Also comes in 1/2" https://www.pplmotorhomes.com/parts/electrical-plumbing-lp-gas/rv-pumps-water-filters-fixtures/plumbing-fittings/couplers/union-connector-38-cts_88-9541
  19. Everyone is acting like changing the timing chain is a big deal. It takes about four hours with the right tools. If it's an emergency you can hillbilly a change in about 30 min
  20. WME

    Removing Coach Battery and Isolator

    I was quoting my old multi charger instructions. Your battery has the charge voltages on the side. 14.2-14.4v charge and 13.6-13.8v float. A simple $20 inline amp meter will show charge rate. As the charge level increases the charge amps will self regulate and decrease
  21. WME

    Removing Coach Battery and Isolator

    A gel is very sensitive to VOLTAGE. 14.4-147v is correct for fast charge, 13.5-13.8v for float/trickle. A battery will only except the amps it needs at the right charge voltage. The only way to overamp a gel battery is to overvoltage the charge. So check your charge voltage.
  22. WME

    Removing Coach Battery and Isolator

    How big is your GEL cell ?
  23. You can use tin snips to cut FRP, works well to trim with. .
  24. WME

    Boondocking anyone?

    Well not guaranteed 100%, here's a start....http://www.rvdumps.com/ PS here's is another useful friend ...https://www.gasbuddy.com/GasPriceMap?z=4
  25. WME

    Side mirrors, only 1 is convex?

    Try Napa, they use to stock the mirrors.