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  1. You can use tin snips to cut FRP, works well to trim with. .
  2. WME

    Boondocking anyone?

    Well not guaranteed 100%, here's a start....http://www.rvdumps.com/ PS here's is another useful friend ...https://www.gasbuddy.com/GasPriceMap?z=4
  3. WME

    Side mirrors, only 1 is convex?

    Try Napa, they use to stock the mirrors.
  4. If you plan on removing the windows then, rubbing compound and a power buffer should do the job. As a possible plan b try mineral spirits, it all depends on the quality of the paint used.
  5. WME

    Camroad for sale

    Stuart's PH number like an Australian number. He is already in the right place for an instruction manual.
  6. WME

    Bought a Sunrader - SO STOKED!!

    The problem, such as it is, is with the transmission not the rear axle. 5th gear OD are great if you have 300hp, then a slow running gets better MPG. But with 105 hp there is no excess power to allow you to relax the throttle. You have to use a lot of throttle to run 5th gear. That places a big load on the 5th gear bearings. The transmission was designed for a 3000lb pickup not a 6000lb mobile house. Basically 5th is for tail winds and down grades. You will soon find out when you can use it. So go ahead and play with it. Short term no foul. As a side note most people with the automatics report the same or better mpg by NOT using OD, so keep close track of your mpg with and without 5th gear
  7. WME

    Bought a Sunrader - SO STOKED!!

    Remember the post about 5 speeds way back in the beginning of your journey. Start saving for a new rear axle center pumpkin with a 4:56 ratio. EBay is a good starting place or your local pick n pull.
  8. WME

    Curtain between cab and coach

    I went to a large fabric store and found a quilted multilayered thermal window fabric. Wife sewed a folded flap on the top and stitched a full length bungee cord in it. I screwed eye hooks on each side and would just loop the cord in them. She sewed a flap on the bottom and I installed a length of light chain in it. The chain keeps the bottom sealed and will go over things if need be. In the summer a cheap clear shower curtain works to keep the cab cool with the dash AC
  9. WME

    79 Sunrader cab crack

    A MBZ turbo diesel install is going to be a very popular post. Swedish Diesel porn. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cIl-F7PqPA 200hp with turbo change
  10. WME

    Like wow

    Quite possibility the answer to a question you were afraid to ask http://www.innovan.com.au/
  11. WME

    79 Sunrader cab crack

    You have way to time on your hands This is a VERY important post for all Sunrader owners
  12. WME

    Barkeep Zep Cleaning of Sunrader

    OK so is it Adventure or Advantage
  13. WME

    Barkeep Zep Cleaning of Sunrader

    OOPS Window is $295, this is the source. https://www.adventurervnapa.com/ Window trim here. https://www.trimlok.com/rubber-extrusion/locking-gasket/two-piece If your feeling sexy they have a chrome locking strip I guess Linda types faster than I do
  14. WME

    Barkeep Zep Cleaning of Sunrader

    Looks like the passenger side front upper window is cracked. I think they are in the $275 EA,.+ shipping, range. There is a suitable substitute for the seal
  15. WME

    Rear Dinette to Bed Converting

    The small table top makes a better table for eating. The folding bed support is simple and the only "problem" is storing it.
  16. WME

    Traveling with pets

    Yep ditch the Kat, get a dog... We travel with 2 small dogs, they, quickly learned the rules and we only had problems once. A tornado warning caliber, thunder storm, both dogs made it to the bed on the first thunder boom. A little mess next morning To keep control of the liter box stuff you would need some sort of a box with a roof and a flap door, an open box would get liter scattered around with a serious bump. Depending on your cat, a lot of the litter boxes end up in the shower/tub
  17. OKey DOkey. If the floor and transmission are generating enough heat to do that, its time to research Reflectix. Remove the seats peal back the carpet and lay one layer over the front floor and up the firewall as far as the carpet goes. Put an 2nd layer over the transmission hump and the driver side floor over the cat converter. Flip the carpet back over and install the seats. Your toy will be cooler and quieter
  18. WME

    Spare tire relocating?

    One of the Toyota PU hoist showed up on Ebay.. https://www.ebay.com/itm/90-Toyota-pickup-spare-tire-winch-mount-holder-carrier-lifter-hoist-2WD-/112776219863 Here is the setup on my Class A, its probably to big for a Toyota RV but the idea might work removing the tire from the rear... https://www.rvupgradestore.com/BAL-Hide-A-Spare-70-Frame-Recessed-Mount-p/92-0150.htm
  19. Next warm day open the hood and sniff around the cowl area. Also maybe try a hair dryer and heat up different places.
  20. WME

    Spare tire relocating?

    Your best bet is a trip to your local wrecking yard. Find a Toyota pu of the same year as your MH and pull the under mount bracket and chain hoist. Sometimes they are on ebay
  21. WME

    The Magic of Zep Wet Look Floor Polish

    TINY color chips. Wimbledon White.. https://shop.thecoatingstore.com/1965-Ford-Mustang-Wimbeldon-White-M-Car-Kit-1965-FORD-MUSTANG-M-CKIT.htm French Cream... https://www.homedepot.com/p/Rust-Oleum-Universal-12-oz-All-Surface-Matte-French-Cream-Spray-Paint-and-Primer-in-One-6-Pack-282816/205427410
  22. WME

    The Magic of Zep Wet Look Floor Polish

    I just said that it would be a better match than white. Plan B Rust-oleum matte french cream PN 282816
  23. WME

    The Magic of Zep Wet Look Floor Polish

    Yep poor repair, then painted with "white" WalMart paint. There is a chassis tag on the firewall it should have a code for the Toyota color on the cab. From your photos the Toyota color is a much better match than "white". Just go to an auto parts store to get a rattle can of matching paint. Stick your hand in an old nylon panty hose and rub it over the repair. You will feel everything. You may need a long board to sand things smooth, then spray on the new paint. Warning the paint will take several months to harden. After that you can Zep it. Cowl tag info.. http://www.4crawler.com/4x4/ToyVIN.shtml Toyota 1984 color guide.. http://www.automotivetouchup.com/touch-up-paint/toyota/1984/all-models/
  24. WME

    Bought a Sunrader - SO STOKED!!

    In the pile of receipts is there one for a timing chain/timing kit? Passing smog is a very good karma on your part. Lets see shocks..Monroe MEH... good KYB....best Bilstien.. medium difficulty replacement (rusty bolts) Bilstiens are a bit more sporty in the handling deport. Tie Rod ends easy, bushings are medium hard, have your guy check the ball joints too. You will need a front wheel alignment after everything is installed. If your mechanic is crafty he can replace the pan gasket without pulling the engine, BUT check the front seal first, its the usual suspect when it comes to oily pans and is fairly easy to replace.
  25. WME

    Bought a Sunrader - SO STOKED!!

    The 22r is in the anvil class when it comes to reliability. Thing to watch for is the timing chain and chain tensioner, their easy to check with valve cover off, you need to adjust the valves at least once to set a base line. The carb is a sore point as its old and its hard to find quality carb builders these days. Alternative is a CA smog approved Weber conversion. Your radiator looks new if the PO was good to Lil Putt maybe he did the timing chain too.