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  1. WME


    On a lot of Toys with small generator doors, the unit was installed from the bottom. The door was just to check vitals. Maybe an oil change. For major work, you dropped the generator out.
  2. There is no pressure on the return line...unless the PO misaligned the T when it was installed and peeled off a chunk of rubber hose and that is blocking part of the return line. The ONAN has an electric fuel pump is it OFF when going down the road? Weird stuff. Remove the fuel line from the ONAN carb stick it in a bottle and have someone start the Truck engine and see what comes out. if you get fuel, remove the Toys gas cap and see what happens. A correctly working tank venting system will have a vacuum in it when the truck is running (the hissing when you loosen the gas cap). If it is building pressure that's not good.
  3. My Escaper genset ran fine with the T in the return line. There is no pressure on that line. The return line goes into the tank to the 3/4 level. The main FI line in a major nono. I'm unsure about the evap line, but I think it goes into just the top of the tank so the genset wouldn't run long if it was there. Jackup the RV and see if you can see if any clamp is leaking. USE JACK STANDS
  4. Duct tape and a tie wrap.
  5. A stock or almost 22R doesn't need a whizbang oil pump. Buy an OE quality one. Aisin is a reputable company, avoid the $25 ebay ones. If you just gotta have the whizbang one get a 22RET turbo pump. Beware there are a lot of 22R pumps being sold as 22RET pumps. The turbo pump has a different gear pitch and has a higher volume to support the turbo oil flow.
  6. If it's removable just keep it someplace safe and install it when you go on a trip. Druggies use propane tanks to transport anhydrous ammonia. That stuff is very corrosive stuff so they need replacement tanks often. They have also been known to go to big box stores and buy exchange tanks, release all the propane and use the empty tank for their trade. Then exchange the damaged tank for a fresh one. If you use exchange tanks look carefully for green corrosion around the valve
  7. The Pulse-Tech comes in 12,24,36,48v models. The only thing the unit cares about is the voltage. So the 12v unit will work with 2 6v batteries in series (my setup) or with 2 or 3 12v batteries in parallel. If you have some spare time between fishing trips, take a stroll through their web site... https://www.pulsetech.net/ .
  8. Choices.. buy a solar controller that has 3-4 stages. Some mfg call their controller a 3 stage others that do the same thing call theirs a 4 stage. What your looking for is an equalization charge stage. A desulfator as a bit different. This is what I use for a desulfator... https://www.ebay.com/itm/PulseTech-PowerPulse-12-Volt-Battery-Maintenance-System-PP-12-L/183658489068?epid=2254333963&hash=item2ac2e624ec:g:bVYAAOSwaEdcTyhv. It'snn powered from the battery so there is a small constant drain. The solar panel will handle it though.
  9. Boat repair ships will do HD upholstery or n=know who does. If you want water/kid proof stuff this is where you get it
  10. I don't know if this is compatible with the primer you used. https://interlux.com/en/us/boat-paint/topcoat-finish I have used it to brush paint an RV door that was fuzzy fiberglass, Thinned and 3 coats of brushed on paint made a hard shiny finish. No idea about metal.
  11. Kevin.. Before you spend any $$ go here and read the entire sticky...http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?/topic/4321-brakes-load-sensing-proportional-valve-lspv-and-lspbv/ A simple adjustment can greatly increase the effectiveness of your brakes. 90% of older Toy MH's need rear spring bushings. On the scale of things, they are a VERY cost effective improvement in ride quality and handling. Before you spend $$ on making things "better" you need to make things "right". Right often includes shocks, rear springs/airbags, front brake pads and rear brake shoes. Its important check for rear seal failure and grease soaked brake shoes. There is a long thread here about front bushings..http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?/topic/11352-upper-control-arm-bushing-removal-replacement/.
  12. WME


    If you're into large mobile things and are on I-80, stop in Cheyenne and check these fellows out... https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=278&v=ogXRHk8Hq-Y https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVcOPIaekOU So how big does your 21ft Toy feel
  13. On your Renogy chart, I don't see any adjustable parameters. It appears to just be a status report. Normally the adjustments are battery type- Lead, Gel, AGM, and if the load function is in use or bypassed. There are special controllers for LiPo batteries.
  14. I used a hard start cap with very good results. BUT I had an Onan 2800 and a 13.5 kbtu ac. My problem was hot 100 degree days at over 7000ft. The Onan was derated enough by the altitude that it need the cap to kick off the ac all the time. For RV ac and a 2000-2500w inverter generator the good, better, best seems to be Hard start cap, RV AC start $100 unit, and the Micro air being the best
  15. Congratulations you have a perfectly operating solar charging setup. AKA "Don't Worry Be Happy". Lest you doubt the vastness of my RV battery system knowledge 🤡 here is a voltage vs charge % chart. https://www.energymatters.com.au/components/battery-voltage-discharge/
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