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  1. More "Local"

    Four Corners to Capital Reef National Park Look carefully the bridge is over the CO river Closer view of the bridge CO river Looking back to the bridge from the other side
  2. More "Local"

    Climbing to Mesa Verda So where do you park your Toyota MH? So whats your house going to look like in 800 years More nuttin on the way to 4 Corners Guess where
  3. How to change lightbulb?

    Needle nose pliers. Grab the base not the glass.
  4. More "Local"

    From Vernal UT to Cortez Co and then Mesa Verde National Park. The total trip included the canyons in UT, And between stops there is a bunch of nothing. Although some times nothing can be interesting Oh look somebody else is out here
  5. For critter control??? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Accordion-Folding-Door-24-36-x-80-Panelfold-Durable-Non-Leaded-Vinyl-Fruitwood/182885645767?hash=item2a94d57dc7:g:tUgAAOSwi0xaAtZd
  6. "Local Trip"

    Finally found the lost SD card. This summers fun. 95% of the trip was on blue line roads. Vernal UT Dinosaur National Park
  7. I think the 12v for the wiper motor is a common feed point for the isolator. But it should be on the switch input or see if you can find the park wire for the motor. It should have 12v with the wipers off. P.S. make sure it also got 12v with the wiper on.
  8. Upgrading the Foolies

    OOPs. Didn't see that...However plan B... The chunks should be interchangeable Find the right axle and just change gear carrier.
  9. Upgrading the Foolies

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rear-End-Axle-Differential-Assembly4Wd-Fits-86-95-Toyota-Pickup/322674169201?fits=Make%3AToyota|Model%3APickup&hash=item4b20e11571:g:W94AAOSw8UZZ8Lwg&vxp=mtr IF you go to singles, measure your old axle backing plate to backing plate. See if you can find a pickup rear axle that is wider. Cutting the spring mounts to fit is not backyard stuff but for a proper shop its common. The wider axle will help make the MH more stable.
  10. Looks better than factory. Only 1 thing you need to vent the propane locker to the outside. A household square soffet vent will do and when painted looks good.
  11. Upgrading the Foolies

    You need to measure how wide your springs are apart. Then measure the width of the spring mounts on the axle. This is "the big deal" If they match its easy switch. The gear ratio should be 4.10. Minor hiccups that are an easy fix are the emergency brake cable and POSSIBLY the drive shaft flange. You should rebuild the axle while its out (Bearings and seals) With the chunk out look carefully at the gear teeth for chips and wear. Spin the flange and check for noises and smoothness.
  12. Plan B http://timbren.com/ses-kit-lookup/ You might have a go against the new Dodge Demon, the driver might be laughing so hard he would miss the green light
  13. Staggered shocks are normal in newer solid rear axle cars. They help keep the rear wheels planted when you spinning the rear wheels on a full power drag race start, by preventing axle hop. I'm sure your glad to know that you can drag race your toy house
  14. Check lines and fittings for leaks. If the bag is actuality blown the easiest fix is to buy the same model replacement bag. A different maker kit may have a different mounting method that can complicate a new install.