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  1. Garden hose , using a medium spray (rain drops). Make it rain for a while and keep checking in side.
  2. If the AC drains on to the roof when its running, then the drain vents are open and working. A off the wall possibility is that the cold rain caused some condensation on the air ducting and thats were your drop came from
  3. Possible interest for someone
  4. Upper red circle is a switch and a light, not a relay. Major problem here is, there are a ton of Toy MH with aftermarket AC units. So the Toyota diagrams are of limit value.
  5. If you can power up things, try touching the unknown black wire to ground and see if the relay clicks. Check the temp control dial in the cab and see if it is missing a wire connection.
  6. Dohicky is most likely a relay. The temp switch can't handle the current to power the clutch. So the temp switch controls a relay that can handle the required current. I would GUESS that the disconnected wire goes to the AC temp control switch
  7. What brand AC??
  8. 1. Black "wire" in generator compartment. This is most likely the generator FUEL line, don't remove bolt. 2. Switch PO installed, who knows what its for, follow the wires. Possibilities AC cut off for mountains, booster switch for dead truck battery. driver seat massage??? 3 Clueless about the rest
  9. PCV is simple and yet befuddles a lot of people. There 2 vent pipes on the valve cover. The front one, just behind the oil fill cap, is the inlet. So you need to plumb a hose the air cleaner so that clean air is feed into the engine. Plan b is a air cleaner type vent. Some thing like this.. Both setups need the rear vent this is where the PCV valve is installed. A hose should go from the PCV valve to a manifold constant vacuum source. Installing the air cleaner vent with out the PCV valve, just as a, vent will result in an oil covered engine. No vents at all will cause oil leaks every where.
  10. Well I guess 256bit and I've been smoking something The 3rd plate is a water block off plate for manifold changes. Forgot that that LMBC was only changing the carb not carb and intake. The link also has a video which answers many questions.,
  11. Who made the kit and what does the instructions say? If you need to block the egr the "block off kit" for the 22r has 3 plates and is like $15
  12. M8x1.25, well there goes plan D.. Some times you can put a slightly larger SAE bolt in place of a metric bolt. But the Size diff between 5/16 and 8mm goes the wrong way...
  13. Ya your pic looked tight. That's why I said to try to unscrew it after a turn on the nut. If it will unscrew then there are some threads of some sort in there. Get the stud out and run a tap in, clean things up and JB weld the new stud in the hole. It might hold. Use antiseize on the nuts. What size are the nuts and studs??
  14. Its an old hot rodder trick to pull out rocker arm studs. You can use a stack of washers or a socket that will go over the stud. When you tighten the nut it will pull up on the stud. IF the stud turns grab the top and use a wrench to turn the nut. After a turn of the nut try a double nut on the stud and see if it turn out, if not then go back to the single nut and keep tighten it until the stud comes out. You may need to add washers as the stud gets longer as it comes out. After all this can you get a drill. tap and an helicoil into the hole????
  15. Vice Grips, lock, pull, turn. Plan b. If you can get a nut screwed down enough to get some threads out the top. Then take a stack of washers put them on the stud and then install the nut. Grab the threads on the top and use the nut to pull the stud out. NOTE THIS WILL DESTROY THE THREADS, you will need a helicoil