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  1. WME

    Advice on what model to buy

    $12K this time of the year is a good budget for a 2wd. 4wd will be 2x that amount. OK everything from here comes as an OPINION Unless you are a devout minimalist get a 21ft unit. These have a separate toilet, bath. The 18ft typically have wet bath, after a few months it might be a bit much. The rear bath also gives you 3 zones, rear bathroom, middle kitchen/living room, front bedroom, again a weekend is way different than 6 months. Are you in a perpetual hurry? My 4 cylinder has been over the Passes in Estes Park and through the Eisenhower tunnel. Again you driving a Toyota pickup and there were a zillion built so parts are easy. Big deal rule, There are no bad Motorhomes, only bad previous owners. Figure $1500 for stuff needing to be fixed.
  2. WME

    Wretched Excess

    No comment..https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/enthusiasts/unicat-has-created-the-queen-mother-of-rvs/ar-BBPzGsz?ocid=edgsp#image=BBPzM4O|27
  3. Engine running BAD...weird things... Make a new ground cable, find a bare metal bolt on the engine, run a 10 gauge or larger wire from there to the battery -, then another from the battery - to the chassis. Sand/scrape a bare spot on the chassis.
  4. Here ya go Linda right up your alley, 4x4 and all, imagine this with a matching paint Sunrader on the back. https://www.mecum.com/lots/LN1118-334354/1935-chevrolet-custom-pickup/
  5. WME

    quick question on 18 footers

    FWIW The kinda sorta modern size replacements are 235/70-14 or 265/60-14
  6. If you could mount the hinge high enough then you won't have the shading problem. BUT unless you have a solar panel cover, there is a large possibility of a rock cracking panel.
  7. WME

    City water intake flange removal '92 Dolphin

    90% of the time you have to get to the fitting from the inside. There you will find a hose and a clamp, or a threaded coupler. Undo whatever and the fill fitting should come out.
  8. WME

    Propane extend-a-stay

    The extenda stay goes between the shut off valve and the regulator. The adda tank feeds high pressure propane to the system.
  9. WME

    Question about Parts

    Well for starters it will help a bunch if you look for parts for a Winnebago Warrior, not a Toyota Warrior. However there only a few Winnie "only" parts in your RV, like the overhead hatches. Most of the stuff is universal stuff so look at your local RV place or internet ...https://www.pplmotorhomes.com/rv-parts-rv-accessories
  10. WME

    Toyota Sunrader 4X4

    Jacks come in 2 basic styles. There is a 2 post lift. you find your campers center of gravity and lift there. You remove truck and lower the camper to a set of blocks. They are not long term stable on just the jacks. The other is a 4 post there is a jack in each corner of the camper. Jack it up and your done. Its long term stable, but blocks are a good idea if your going to be going in and out while you have it off the truck Figure a 1/2 hour to remove or install after a little practice. If you have the "big bucks" after your property sale, then there always this...https://www.stablelift.com/stable-lift-products-two-jack.php
  11. WME


    Unless you have an overwhelming reason to go to a 12v refer, remember that propane has a higher energy density than a battery by cubic space. If you have a real need for a 12v refer, you should renumber to also look at marine refers. The important thing to look for is peak amps, if average amps is available does the reading say at what temp... Apples and apples n all that.
  12. WME

    Toyota class C review by builder

    Well my 86 had aluminum framing and fiberglass siding.
  13. WME

    Toyota class C review by builder

    Escapers had aluminum frames with corrugated fiberglass skins and aluminum roof
  14. WME

    I probably need a seal overhaul, but how

    The rear window has 2 seals. The butyl tape between the window frame and the RV siding. AND a butyl rubber glue between the window and frame. The rubber gasket on the outside of the window is just for looks and doesn't seal anything. Well actually it is there to hold the window in place while the butyl rubber glue dries.
  15. WME

    I probably need a seal overhaul, but how

    A "rubber roof" is just a thin sheet of EPDM "rubber" rolled out and glued to a layer of plywood so it will be hard. Most toys have an aluminum roof, same thing a thin sheet of aluminum over a ply base. Again most toys by this time in their life have had a polymer sealant painted over the original roof. Carefully scrape your roof until you get to the original and let us know what you have and we will give you the straight skinny on how to take care of it. If you have a metal roof, for the seam I would clean down to original roof, Eternabond tape the seam and the Snowcoat it.