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  1. Well the 8 year limit does in most Toy MHs.
  2. They make non license plate mount cameras. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Car-SUV-Rear-View-Night-Camera-Reverse-Backup-Parking-White-Camera-Waterproof/201687281517?hash=item2ef57faf6d:g:PVMAAOSwLF1X-5Dy&vxp=mtr A license plate camera would work. You would just see the upper right corner of the cargo box and lose a few feet up close view.
  3. Got a photo?? All the 1 tons are the same between hubs. The variables are the spring mount pad and the shock mount brackets. Both are easy fixes.
  4. left hand thread markings https://www.metricmcc.com/catalog/Ch10/10-1022.pdf
  5. "Local Trip"

    Last time I was at the tar pits was in the 60's not much then, I imagine its a bit more touristy now. Dinosaur park is sorta cool, but your not going to spend all day there.
  6. Try your local toyota dealer. See if the parts dept can find a diagram for the C&C and print it out for you.
  7. Looks good. If your set on a "portable" system get the 20ft outdoor cables to give you the best chance of getting rays where ever you park the RV.
  8. Walmart. Not the absolute best battery, but good. There are a stores everywhere for warranty issues
  9. Luan is also available in 1/8" which is even more bendable https://www.homedepot.com/p/Utility-Panel-Common-1-8-In-x-4-Ft-x-8-Ft-Actual-0-106-in-x-48-in-x-96-in-833096/100535208 Sometimes refereed to as a "door skin"
  10. Take off the hubcaps and take a photo. Lets see what you got. I THINK the factory rear tires were something like L60x14. Of course that size is obsolete. The fronts were something like 7.50x14, thats obsolete too.
  11. Check your front rims carefully they should be stamped with the wheel size. Something like J14x5.5. If thats what you have, your current front tires will not wear correctly. The 8-5" tires needs a 7" wide rim. Suggestion. Buy two stock rims and put new 185s on the front. Take the front tires and rims put then on the back and sell your rear rims with the tires to the Jeep guys. You will have a bit of a stink bug attitude. When the rears wear out then get the 185s for the back
  12. From the way the tires fit the front rims I think you have stock front rims. 185 tires have a higher rating than what you have and would steer a lot easier. Again a SWAG is some body want more ground clearance for a bit of off roading. Those tires will give you almost 2" more ground clearance. If you don't plan on off roading then 185 on the front and something like a 195/70/15 on the back would work with the rims you have. A thought Toyota 14" rims all the way around would simplify the spare situation.