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    Playing and performing,Celtic, Mountain, English Country and Folk Music, painting, gardening, rock hounding, building marionettes, planning parties, Cooking East Indian cuisine, being a wife and mom, imported beer, and my '81 Sunrader, Sadie.

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    1981 Sunrader- sporting handpainted Indian Blanket flowers. I call her Sadie the Princess of the Prairie. She's my little Prairie Gypsy. I often drive her to the office. It's a freeing thing knowing my "sanctuary" is just outside. She travels with me to festivals, out of town performances, rock hunting and camping trips.
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    Shawnee, Oklahoma

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Update: July 18, 2010 - Hot, Hot, Hot!!! Got to 104F today. On the bright side, Mac built/welded Sadie an expanded metal storage shelf that fits beautifully on her 3 pt receiver hitch. It's the perfect size to hold the icechest (or storage box) and her little generator. Life is good.

Update: Summer. June 30, 2010 Had the most amazing drive up to Idaho, through KS, CO,WY, and MT. Sadie averaged about 18.5 mph. Used premium gas, and stopped about every 3 hours or so to top of the tank. She never overheated. Total of 3,560 miles. Fridge worked, heater worked, hot water heater did not work, (or I was impatient) so will need to check on that. Need new seals and valves for grey and blackwater lines...Came home to an overgrown garden and squash beetles...lots of good tomatoes and serranos though. Ready to take the little motorhome on another trip North. Very, Very Soon!!!

Update: Spring. April 14, 2010 The garden's in, the grass is green, and 2010 has getting off to a great start. Several Sadie trips planned this year; rock hunts, camping, and festivals. Looking forward to a wonderful year!

Update: Christmas 2009: Garymac got me and Sadie a generator for Christmas! We love it!

Update: 10/28/2009- 3 days to Halloween. We can't wait!!

I found orange rope lights at Big Lots that match Sadie's Tangerine flower paint, and the kids and I plan on pulling her up in the yard, and setting her up like a hippy/gypsy campsite. Jen's flower power car parked right there too. Should be fun.

Been a busy year. Went on several rock hunts...fav, Medicine Park near Lawton. Just beautiful! Driving through the Nat'l Wildlife Reserve was tops. Wish I'd had my camera. Sadie and a herd of buffalo would have been way too cool. August was Gil's last surgery, and Sadie in her new Prairie garb graced the parking lot at the OU Presby Tower for an entire week. A anonymous fan left an invite to an upcoming Rainbow Road Trip to AZ under her wiper blade. (It's the thought that counts.. smile.gif )

All in all, a real interesting year. Looking forward to 2010 (and 2 more weeks of vacation!!!)!

Update: 06/25/2009 Sadie the Prairie Princess - Flower of the Plains

What an amazing experience it was to paint my motorhome. Of course, she was a sweetheart before in her simple cream and small 80's earth tone stripes, but in her heart Sadie screamed, "Enjoy! Embrace! Carpe Diem!"

As I've gotton older, I realize that everyday is precious. In the box, 9-5, working to make living easier (and sadly more complicated), it's very easy to lose touch with "The Fun!"

I say, "Make it happen!".

I work to play, all the while striving for balance. smile.gif

Sadie's new paint job leaves me leaning more on the "Fun" side. I'm okay with that.


Holly Lolly Molly,

I have a new best friend, and her name is Sadie. Purchased in May of 2008, Sadie the 1981 Toyota Sunrader needed a lot of TLC and a new rearend. What's a girl to do? Why.....whatever it takes. So while I saved up for the major stuff....1 ton, dual wheels, full floating 6 lug rearend, shipping and labor, I resealed her windows and then got busy on her interior: new carpet, new paneling, new paint, recovered cushions, new curtains. The rearend I found in Phoenix, had it shipped UPS LTL to Jerry the Axle Surgeon (a real cutie patootie). A rebuilt carb, new plugs and wires, a good fuel tank flushing, new fuel filter and fan belt, and she was revved and ready to go by October 23.

We've just returned from our first trip: the O'Flaherty's Irish Music Retreat in Midlothian TX, where she glided down and back on 17mpg...(maybe more, but my math stinks). She is the best friend a silly gypsy/musician/artist/mom/wife/girl can have. Looking forward to what the future holds.

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