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    Playing and performing,Celtic, Mountain, English Country and Folk Music, painting, gardening, rock hounding, building marionettes, planning parties, Cooking East Indian cuisine, being a wife and mom, imported beer, and my '81 Sunrader, Sadie.

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    1981 Sunrader- sporting handpainted Indian Blanket flowers. I call her Sadie the Princess of the Prairie. She's my little Prairie Gypsy. I often drive her to the office. It's a freeing thing knowing my "sanctuary" is just outside. She travels with me to festivals, out of town performances, rock hunting and camping trips.
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    Shawnee, Oklahoma

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  1. Omg I love sadie, and i love her paint job , I want to do something like that with my NEWW toyota motorhome i JUST bought(omg I'm so excited) my name is Cathy and I'm 52 and love going to Vancouver Island music fest every year for the last 16 years is there anyway you could send me a picture of your sadie so i could keep it in mind when i paint. chattycat@shaw.ca thanks Cathy

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