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    Playing and performing,Celtic, Mountain, English Country and Folk Music, painting, gardening, rock hounding, building marionettes, planning parties, Cooking East Indian cuisine, being a wife and mom, imported beer, and my '81 Sunrader, Sadie.

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    1981 Sunrader- sporting handpainted Indian Blanket flowers. I call her Sadie the Princess of the Prairie. She's my little Prairie Gypsy. I often drive her to the office. It's a freeing thing knowing my "sanctuary" is just outside. She travels with me to festivals, out of town performances, rock hunting and camping trips.
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    Shawnee, Oklahoma

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  1. It's Spring!!! Sadie gets a new alternator and battery this week. I've been driving her daily as my main mode of transportation. I love my little toy. Someday, we will run away together. Just sayin.

    1. Totem


      did you get the powermaster alternator? if so I am drooling...

    2. shandamac


      Nah, nothin' so fancy. O'Reilly's house brand..."Ultima" has made Sadie very happy. This weekend we perform at the Norman Medeival Fest.(I perform. Sadie hangs out.) She's ready to go!

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