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  1. the shift points is affected by the loads on the engine - I have noticed that by relaxing the right foot will sometimes prompt an up shift.
  2. my 92 has both engine oil and atf in the same place. I have to remove the eng oil to pull the atf.
  3. Fuel Gauge no workie, '81 mini-cruiser

    good luck running it down. Is anything else not working? -- thinking fuse. in the meantime, fill tank completely full, log the odometer, plan your fuel stops,
  4. Furnace blows but no heat

    low 12v dc voltage will make the gas valve and lighting process not work so well. plugging into shore power should have boosted your 12v dc. Your dc cabin lighting should have gotten brighter too. You should get the same result not plugged in but with the engine running. After the furnace lights, the igniters are not used again but you still need 12v dc to keep the gas valve inside the furnace open.
  5. it is a 2 handed operation --- you have to feed it in little bit at a time with one hand close to the dipstick tube. Mine hangs at one point - but I can get it past there. Mine twist as I take it off - I note the angle the end is at when it all the way out so I can put it back the same way.
  6. Wiper Blades

    you can download toyota service manual. My 93 model uses 17 inch wiper refills
  7. Appliance Manuals

    maybe those manuals could be uploaded to this BB
  8. Need advice for buying a Toyota RV.

    that 18 mpg is a pipe dream --try 14, maybe 15
  9. it might "remove" most of the gunk, but it only takes a very small amount to clog some of the orifices in the control mechanism......
  10. tri-mark dead bolt lock

    I have same lock - got a duplicate cut years ago, think it was at Ace Hardware. Blank was made in taiwan - HY-KO, CO106. Cost about a buck. Does not have large offset as the unique looking trimark here is a link to a cross reference: http://hykokeys.com/uploads/files/key_cross_reference.pdf
  11. Does alternator charge coach battery while driving?

    you can tell if it is working 2 ways: use a multimeter -or- turn on coach 12v dc lights, start engine and watch lights - they should get noticeably brighter
  12. Winnebago Warrior/Itasca Spirit Plumbing Repair

    I did think about those - so far I have decided not to touch! LOL
  13. I think centrifugal force is part of the equation - I would run it and see how it does. IT is fairly easy to change on the vehicle later if neccessary
  14. it is all about energy mgt - the 4 cylinder is a tough little engine - what Bob C said!!!