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  1. DanAatTheCape

    Storage options.....

    takeit to florida or arizona
  2. DanAatTheCape

    1989 Toyota Dolphin A/C

    yep and on hot summer days IF the engine driven system is working properly will cool the cockpit - the back should get a little cool. If the engine driven ac is weak --- ouch! I have seen people put a sheet behind the cockpit in an attempt to keep the cool air in the front. When evaluating the ac - put a thermometer in the center output vent - if you are getting 40 degrees that is good. 50 degrees .... well it should be ok. Some people add a generator to the rear bumper and run it while driving so they can run cabin AC
  3. DanAatTheCape

    Grey waste tank on 1992 Itasca Spirit question???

    here is a pic of the view from the back of my 93 Warrior (identical to spirit) - looking forward. Is that square tubing what you calling a "bar"? the square tubing on mine seems to be rigid in place. PS: pictures really help for questions like these
  4. DanAatTheCape


    without looking carefully at your current tires, one can not tell if they are road worthy. A careful exam for dry rot along with what I call the thumb test (pushing the threads for soft spots) is what I would do. If there is no dry rot and no soft spots or broken belts ( indicated by bulges in the thread or sidewall) they may be good for another year. However, if I was going on a really long trip I might buy new just to be sure anyway. If you google 185r14 you will find a number of tires. YES YOU WANT 8 ply (C or D rating) and YES you do NOT want the profile number (the 3 rd number) - you WILL encounter uninformed tire salesmen who will INSIST that you must have that 3rd number and/or they can make one like that work. You may even find one who adamantly insists that it MUST have that 3rd number - get him or her to bet - then tell them to look up 1986 vanagon (it uses the same tires as we do) and collect. IF
  5. DanAatTheCape


    https://www.walmart.com/ip/Hankook-Vantra-LT-RA18-185R14-8-Commercial-Vans-tire/401349831https://www.walmart.com/ip/Hankook-Vantra-LT-RA18-185R14-8-Commercial-Vans-tire/401349831 can have it shipped free to a walmart that mounts tires (has an auto service section). Most will not remove the wheels though - I have removed mine outside their bays. about $20 for lifetime balance and road hazard, and if course wally worlds are about everywhere.
  6. DanAatTheCape

    Kill Switch

    the wire harness going to the airfilter will kill it too.
  7. DanAatTheCape

    1994 Warrior Brakes Failing

    parts are available - maybe I can find the link on this forum
  8. DanAatTheCape

    new roof needed

    don't forget to factor in weight. These things are heavy enough. Also extra weight at the very top is about the worse place...
  9. DanAatTheCape

    RV Awning? Where to buy

    check the rv dealers.... PPL Motorhomes sometimes has gooddeals - and not too far away from you
  10. DanAatTheCape

    Draining water system

    and they will leak -- did that last summer
  11. DanAatTheCape

    GVWR sense.

    the axle numbers do not sum up total weight. They are saying that each axle "COULD" carry that much weight. Technically you still have to comply with the gross vehicle weight.
  12. DanAatTheCape

    Outdoor shower replacement and screen door help please!

    there is a latch . I think I had to replace mine once. Got it at hardware store. My entire door has some play in the door's perimeter. Cabin frame is solid. Hinges are solid. If I park on blocks on one corner,the frame twists slightly - have to lift door slightly for smoother closing.
  13. DanAatTheCape


    Great! Did you do all the items you projected above? How much did it all cost?
  14. DanAatTheCape


    mine has tracks with multiple sliders - one for each pleat in the curtain,
  15. DanAatTheCape

    Wall separating on 92 Horizon

    I'd call that serious.