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  1. Traveling with pets

    ditch the cat
  2. Parts

    A toyota dealer could probably get part numbers. However you are going end up searching junk yards
  3. Ceiling (SIP) replacement

    bet these guys will have the wood you need...http://www.aircraftspruce.com/
  4. there are 3 mounts - each side and rear. Just looked on rockauto.com - starting at $12 going up to $33 here is a pic of a side mount
  5. the way I have checked a motor mount is to get a helper, have the helper put in a forward gear, hold the brakes FIRMLY (preferably with chocks on all wheels and a clear path in the front and rear) and rev the motor. Do the same in reverse. If a motor mount is broken, the engine will rise up on that side. Reverse tests one side and forward the other.e I would consider carefully driving the vehicle on a ferry trip. Typically motor mounts are not hard to repair. it is about access and I have not looked at mine closely with that in mind. I have changed them on a dodge van once. It was not a big deal. Used a jack to raise the engine off the broken side - removed the 2 parts of the broken mount - put the new mount in place and lower the engine in place. a few bolts/ nuts holds it in place,
  6. https://orlando.craigslist.org/rvs/d/toyota-mini-winnebago-v8/6511526059.html Orlando craigslist listing - warrior with a V8
  7. Framework in a 1992 Itasca Spirit??

    here is a link I found a thread I found right below yours... http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?/topic/8424-soaked-rotting/
  8. Framework in a 1992 Itasca Spirit??

    pretty sure the cabover is all wood. The metal in the back is basic framing. You need someone who likes working with wood - if you search around this forum you can find several examples where people have done the job. Lots of time and some investment in material. If you a not a craftsman (with the time) or have a relative or friend, sounds like you might be totaled, Here is a pic of a wrecked 92 spirit (the semi truck "won").
  9. Terrible Smell from the Heater Vents

    the only thing I can think is that it is man made - something burning, etc. OR animal related. Either way if you can't find something in the duct work, it will have to come apart. Hopefully starting with the easier stuff.
  10. gas buddy app

    I plan my stops - sometimes topping off even though I have more then a 1/2 tank. Saving money is one factor. Even knowing where stations are located is often helpful. Given the limited range (200 miles for my rig), planning fuel acquisition can be important in .rural areas. I also carry a 2.5 gallon tank on the rear bumper for my honda generator. It does make me feel better if I have to stretch out my fuel stops. I have used gasbuddy for a few years now. I have found it be very accurate. a few times I have found a gas station not shown on gas buddy, but not often. The pricing info is almost always accurate too. By using the map mode, I can look ahead on my route.
  11. lpg non-operational

    I think WME's explanation is pretty good. In any case, For testing purpose, open it 1/2 way , then you can be sure is is open. You do not want to run it this way - these valves are designed to be all the way open or all the way closed. BTW, the comment on a lot of air in the lines is accurate.
  12. gas buddy app

    Curious if anyone else uses the gasbuddy app. I use it on my android phone - it really helps planning fuel stops.
  13. lpg non-operational

    sounds obvious, but..... make sure the tank is open. Mine has to be turned CCW to open, which seems counter to me. I have before had the guy filling open the tank and I came behind, closed it - thinking I had opened it . Other possible items - bad regulator, no propane, bad component being used (stove top)
  14. shorting the cables?? Never heard of such. Disconnect the power, wait a minute then reconnect.