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  1. Well, I sold my Toy today. A nice young couple came by - 20 year old - with a dream to explore the USA. BTW, Told them about this forum - if you see Diego and Ali(spelling?) please say hello. I sold it for 9500 with me keeping the Honda 2000. I probably could have gotten more but not into the hassle ( I could not keep it at my condo). It did have a few outstanding issues - relatively minor, but they should be addressed. It was amazing how much crap came out of the cabinets! Sad to see it go, but a new chapter starts.
  2. my guess is a dripping faucet - put a bowl under all your faucets - including any outside shower. btw, I do leave my water system pressurized except when I am actually using it. Also, of you do identify a dripping faucet, remove the knob & outer works, turn on the water pressure for a short blast - one little piece of sand or grit can be the source.
  3. you could try the screwdriver trick. Use a long screwdriver like a stethoscope, google "how to use a screwdriver as a stethoscope" for videos
  4. Thanks for all the kind words. As I move my stuff into the Casita (which has a lot less storage) I have considered listing the Casita for sale and keeping the Toy. The reason I was considering changing is that I like to wander far off the beaten path, Because of the long "tail" I have found myself restrained. With a trailer I can drop it off and then wander. I have also considered a small fifth wheel or a smaller class A & towing a jeep. When I am in Florida I hunt the many WMA's some of which have free campgrounds (boondocking opportunity for those interested in wintering in Florida on a budget) - moving the Toy required a helper to stage vehicles and was a pita.
  5. I am thinking of changing my RV life. Since my wife has left this world I am thinking of trying a fiberglass trailer (Casita), I am looking at one now and then I plan to sell my toy. 1993 Winnebago warrior. 130k miles. mechanically sound. timing belt & valves current, runs & drives good. V6. replaced rear leave springs 4 or 5 years ago - added extra leaf to stock set up. Bilstein shocks. Tires are about 1/2 gone, about 3 years old. Roof AC replaced a few years ago. Frig replaced in 2010 - has always been run level - works great.. Interior in good shape - I have had plastic runners on floor and towels on seats. All Appliance work with one exception - furnace is erratic/ questionable at best. Engine driven AC reworked a year ago - pulls 40 degrees. Actually cools cabin some when underway even on hot days - cab is quite comfy. This is the 321-rb *rear bath* ..Also could include Honda 2000. No pics yet - exterior would clean up good - needs a bath at the moment. Old pic attached. brochure attached. ANY THOUGHTS ON PRICING? 93-MicroMiniWarrior-brochure.pdf
  6. my old heater is cranky - if I warm it up with an electrical heater then it will work. after it works once it is good until it gets really cold again.
  7. interesting - when you look at the amazon as, it looks like it i coming form kankook, but over the right it tell who is selling and shipping.
  8. it aint rocket science - it is a front end. If you are not familiar, get it checked by a reliable mechanic. ball joints, tie rods, bushings etc. it does not have leaf springs or coil springs, it has torsion bars.
  9. the biggest item IMO is water damage. I think that is a "stick built" unit - IF it has had significant water damage, walk away UNLESS you want & like a major project AND get the unit for almost nothing,
  10. i would add levels on the frig cabinet & in the cab. IF you park "unlevel" the process behind the frig can have a blockage - in the worst case it can blow a line & you get the ammonia smell of death - ($$$$ - new frig time). I use the following guidelines - if I have to be stationary for more then 15 minutes and can not get within "one dot" of level I turn the frig off. No worries while in motion. Check your flame after being in high winds - they can blow out. this is what I use: they stick on. I got my camper as level as possible - used a big level on the cabinet over the frig to check, then tuck them on. One set on 2 sides of the cabinet & one set in the cockpit - one on the door and one on dash - I can usually nail it, I carry some woods for the many times where there is no desirable level spot. I have seen these at most rv stores and at some walmarts. https://www.amazon.com/Camco-25503-Utility-Trailer-Level/dp/B004ME4MKE/ref=asc_df_B004ME4MKE
  11. I think you guysare talking about different things. DO YOU HAVE A SERVICE MANUAL?
  12. I have a 93 warrior, had a 92 spirit (same unitwith an Itasca brandname). I get 14 mph, 13 with AC on during hot travels - about 60 mph. I have been all over colorado - crossing the big mountains I usually end up in 2nd gear wound up, doing about 40 mph. I have driven a 4 cyl - the 6 cyl is a lot better but still under powered. If you understand inertia, momentum and how to use the transmission to select the appropriategear for up mountain & down mountain, it is a ok. If you think you are driving a regular car you will be disappointed. You probably have a 321-rb (rear bath) by far the most common unit. i have put a lot of miles and a lot of work into mine, Attached a few files..................... 93-MicroMiniWarrior-brochure.pdf brochure321rb---1992.pdf 1992 Warrior Operator's Manual.pdf
  13. what do you mean by travel? Have you looked at service manual?
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