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  1. I talked to a local front shop that was recommended by a friend who was a toyota mechanic during the head recall era. The shop handles trucks and could handle a toy. That guy quoted 2.5 hours labor. I am disabled - it took me multiple days - little bit here , a little bit there. It was not a bad job - I used an autozone loaner pickle fork to separate the lower ball joint. You need a 30mm socket for the axle nut. Other sizes were 17 mm, 12 mm an I think a 24mm for the nut on top of the LBJ. 2.5 is reasonable for the entire job - assuming you have everything you need all lined.
  2. DanAatTheCape


    Great! Did you do all the items you projected above? How much did it all cost?
  3. DanAatTheCape


    mine has tracks with multiple sliders - one for each pleat in the curtain,
  4. DanAatTheCape

    Wall separating on 92 Horizon

    I'd call that serious.
  5. BalljointPlay.mp4 decided to replace lower ball joint - supposed to have zero play. Lower's carry the load. A shovel handle was used to lift the tire repeatedly. Note that the torsion bar has to be "unloaded" so to speak - jack up lower control arm first. Many youtube videos available - just be sure to find one that covers torsion bar style suspensions, used an autozone part - rockauto was a lot cheaper but I wanted to get this thing ready for a trip. The 15 second shows about 4 iterations, took a bit to load for viewing here BalljointPlay.mp4
  6. this might help: https://cart.bilsteinus.com/portals/0/PDF/BILSTEIN_Motorhome.pdf
  7. as tight as I can get them - using a piece of pipe, for extra torgue.
  8. Derek Up North, You are correct - I will correct ------------ Thanks!
  9. DanAatTheCape

    Mirror Upgrade

    here is a front view on the mirrors on my warrior - I suspect they are stock.
  10. DanAatTheCape

    Could anyone help me price my 4x4 Odyssey

    very interesting machine. I am curious about the chassis - did not know later model 4x4 existed. I am not sure how to price it - I would have to see a lot more about the inside. Curious what you mean no dually? do you have single rear wheels?
  11. the attached pdf shows pictures/ part numbers of some replacement lug nuts I recently purchased. acorn: NOE 641-3238 $3.69each (Corrected part number) open: NOE 641-2137 $2.49 each on my warrior, the same lug nut works all the way around. The acorn style uses a 23mm socket, the open style uses a 22mm socket. I use anti seize on my lugs to reduce galling.
  12. DanAatTheCape

    Mirror Upgrade

    not familiar with a 86 savannah travel, but if it is like most toys, you can put a bezel lens inside the rear window - I can see quite well out of mine. maybe some pictures of your ourside mirrors might help - mine has 2 mirrors on each side - one fisheye, one regular.
  13. DanAatTheCape

    Dometic fridge problem

    I've had good luck with my dometic. If you have a flame, the only thing there I can think of to check is if the flame looks good. Once on my first Toy (may it RIP), there was soot buildup. I had a RM2410 - easy to remove little flame guard - I cleaned it by wiping it with my finger. Seems unlikely your cooling unit has crapped out - unless you happen to have been using it unlevel. Other then that, it sounds like maybe a control issue.
  14. not sure what you mean by block - engine block? no check engine light - do you mean the cel does not illuminate during prestart check?
  15. DanAatTheCape

    Rain gutters?

    no gutters per se, however if you have a leaking seam, that should be addressed. In the meantime, while in storage, maybe park with one end higher than the other - on wooden blocks etc.