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  1. https://spacecoast.craigslist.org/rvs/d/1986-toyota-sunrader-22-foot/6455635980.html saw this on local craigslist. Looks like it is in Palm Bay FL
  2. 1992 Itasca Catalytic Converter

    When I said a cat should last the life of the vehicle, I was not thinking of 250000 miles. That said, cat's fail for a number of reasons: Possible causes are worn piston rings, faulty valve seals, failed gaskets or warped engine components. Spark plugs that don't fire or misfire cause unburned fuel to enter the exhaust system. The unburned fuel ignites inside the converter and could result in a partial or complete melt down of the ceramic catalyst. Have you considered "coring" it?
  3. Fresh water spigot

    are you talking about the fresh water fill? City water connection? Pictures please,
  4. Suburban DD17dsi Furnace Issues

    curious, have you ever actually changed one of these CB's? I looked up your board and it might fit - looks like it requires a kit?
  5. The furnace in my Suburban DD17DSI started acting up this fall while in Colorado this fall. The gas valve opened but no spark. I used my electric space heater to "warm up" the furnace and lo & behold - the furnace started working correctly. Now in Florida - a bit chilly and it the furnace would not light = this time no gas or spark (sail switch is working) so I tried the electric heater and again it worked. Anybody have any ideas? I am guessing I have a flakey circuit board.
  6. Driver cab heating

    is your engine reaching full temperature ? If your engine can not reach normal temperature due to extreme cold, the warm heater air will not be so warm. Have you ever seen trucks with the front of their radiators covered?
  7. You might consider going on top, removing shroud and examining the actual AC (if it is an older unit) looking for corrosion that would let water in thru the box.
  8. Cabling straight out of generator to coach battery

    if you do decide to connect directly to the battery, I would disconnect one of the battery terminals - back feed from the charge can screw up a power converter.....
  9. if you get on the roof to pull the AC I recommend you get some stout planks that reach from the top of the sidewall to sidewall. The AC is not mounted onto the metal studs but on wood. I suspect the AC area is already slumped down some - every warrior/ spirit from that era that I have seen is. You really don;t want that leak going on very long - if rot sets in that part of the roof it will be a booger to repair. I would do what Derek Up North is suggesting - if one or more of the mounting bolts is loose you might have an easy fix.
  10. https://spacecoast.craigslist.org/rvs/d/toyota-by-gulf-stream/6427654146.html Saw this toy on my local craigslist .... do not know anything about it - yet.
  11. Where to find new curtains

    mini blinds ---- someone like blinds chalet
  12. some walmarts have extensive rv sections. any rv store has sewer hoses/ caps.
  13. if the oil leak is in the oil filter area, I would grab the filter and see if it will spin tighter - rightey tightey. If engine is hot the oil filter will be hot too. it should be hand tight - if you can turn it with your hand (without using a lot of force) it is loose. Also I would get the part number off the filter and see if it is correct for your engine, please post oil filter make & number
  14. how much will that system add to your empty weight?
  15. Okay... dare i say... 'Wood stoves?!'

    I have seen an older toy in the Salida CO area set up with a wood stove. IF one is wintering in such a place, it might make some sense. It had a chimney, sure it had the insulated padding behind and under.