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  1. Fuel tank volume

    All 2wd Toyota trucks in 1990 came with a 17.2 gallon tank. Maybe you have 2 gallons of gunk at the bottom Linda S
  2. Furnace help

    I can see it's a Hydro Flame but if you can find the model number we can find a manual for it to post a link to. What I mean is Derek can find it. He can find anything Linda S
  3. Furnace help

    Is your propane tank valve open? Your heater in a 89 warrior is direct ignition. I see to remember the on off switch for the thermostat is inside the case. pop it open and see if it's there. If thermostat is set to on and you have power in your battery or it's plugged in to shore power your fan should come on even if it doesn't light. If no fan fuses are the next check. If you can get the fan to run turn temp off and light stove for a few moments to get propane into the system. Then turn temp up again. You will hear the fan run for a short while and then you can hear the furnace ignite. Sufficient power is a must or the fan won't run fast enough for the sail switch to let the ignition happen. Linda S
  4. Rough Shape. Need Parts RV?

    Things that you could sell, windows, rear view mirrors with loop arms, not made anymore so people are looking for them . It's an oldy so that siding is probably aluminum and worth some scrap money. Fridge might still work if not in bad shape can bring a hundred easy. It's a Toyota. People are always looking for Toyota parts for all years. Tear the house part off and I bet you could find someone who wanted the cab and chassis for a flat bed project. Not going to make you rich but you could probably more than pay for your time if you wanted to part it out. If I was closer I'd be there with tools and having a field day. Linda S
  5. That refrigerator has a freezer. See door inside at the top. Same as mine and I have Hagen das bars in mine right now. Yumm. Just noticed shelves are missing. They can be replaced. Linda S
  6. Yes getting a deal takes time. Doesn't mean they aren't out there. This one might be gone and it's a bit of a drive but https://ventura.craigslist.org/for/d/rv-dometic-refrigerator/6253299916.html I would so rather buy one I can see and check to make sure it works than one that had to be shipped a long way. Linda S
  7. When your headlights are on the word over-drive lights up. Mine looks green but maybe that's what he's talking about. Just lit so you can see it at night Linda
  8. How is SunRader Lock Receiver attached?

    Something else about that mechanism. Last month my door wouldn't open. Not at all. I had to unscrew the bullet latch part. Wasn't the door. Latch released fine when not attached. Bullet mechanism had come out of alinement. Screwed it back in and didn't open again no matter how hard I tried to line it up. So I screwed it in really tight and hit it the plate with a hammer to lift the bullet part. Works fine now. Just in case anyone thinks their lock is done for try a hammer. Think block holes are loosening up from all the door banging over the years Linda S
  9. How is SunRader Lock Receiver attached?

    Mie is screwed into what looks like a block of wood. I can't tell because it's still covered with very attractive formerly brown shag carpet. Doesn't look glassed to anything. Just sticks out from wall on that side and looks to be attached to framing around the door. 19 inches long ad 2 1/2 x2 width ad depth. Linda S
  10. Solar barely runs refrigerator

    How many amp hours for the battery. Check the fridge for excessive drain. Sometimes they are faulty and run constantly instead of only when needed. Have you checked the water in your battery. Does it immediately go to 11 or drain down to that. Instant 11 means you have something wrong with the system somewhere. Messed up inverter can cause drain too Linda S
  11. The roof structure was built up some in later years around the air conditioner and 1987 and later Sunraders have 1 or 2 beams depending on the length of the coach that span the width of the coach. My 1986 18ft Sunrader has a slight dip but is very strong. I have been on the roof dozens of times and I used to be a very hefty girl. Weak spot for the cabinets seems to be the rear passenger side. On both of my Sunraders the cabinets fell and broke some because the screws attaching them to the back wall had come out. First order of repair is to check all screws Linda S
  12. Water tank leaking at exit sight

    Mine had a huge gaping hole and I fixed it the way I described above. Still doesn't leak years later. If you really want a new one look closely at the tank you want to replace. They often have model numbers on them and manufacturer names. Tell me what you find and I can look for it. Linda S
  13. Roof Rack/Basket

    Best case for the weak roofs of Toyota motorhomes is to attach right at the edge of the roof. The walls are better equipped to handle the extra weight load than the roof. There are bumper mount kayak carriers but they are very expensive. https://www.rvkayakracks.com/prices Our member Roy made his own similar to this using a hitch carrier. http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?/topic/7144-installed-vertical-kayakbike-rack-on-sunrader/&tab=comments#comment-58049 Linda S
  14. Not that easy to find. Discontinued by Toyota and the only aftermarket one I could find has also been discontinued. Very odd. He's a remanufactured one from Ice Engineering http://www.lceperformance.com/OEM-Re-manufactured-Cold-Start-Injector-22RE-Earl-p/1062063.htm Linda S
  15. Houston flood took my toyhome

    Yeah take the money and run. So sorry but sometimes moving on is the best solution. Good luck and maybe the perfect one is waiting for you Linda S