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  1. The thing about these motorhomes is bargains can still be found. Mark and Ed you both know that. Still you MUST know or be willing to learn how to work on them. Depending on hiring people for every little repair can kill a budget. Hey I did it. Gee some people even ask me for advice now. How did that happen. Best thing about a Toyota? I can pull into any gas station or 7-11 and not worry about parking or getting out. Linda S
  2. According to NADA the Granville on the Toyota chassis was only made for 2 years, 86 and 87. So few made would explain your not seeing many now. Good chance half of them are no longer on the road for various reasons Linda S
  3. Have you tried this guy? https://sacramento.craigslist.org/sks/d/heavy-duty-sewing/6871149815.html Linda S
  4. I'm assuming your talking about the pilot light on your new water heater? You had to disconnect the old one from the gas lines, why are you not using the same pipes. Where did your existing gas lines go. Helps to explain a little more when asking questions Linda S
  5. Nowhere. If you don't know anyone who sews you would have to order them from a seamstress or an upholstery shop. Could be very expensive. Linda S
  6. Full float Dana axles with real duallies. Don't know if they upgraded the Dana 44 to a 60 for this application but the Dana's were stock on the 1 ton Comanche truck Linda S
  7. Not like a water heater. You do have to push in to get the oven dial to turn, safety, but you don't have to hold it. Sit on floor, turn to pilot and light with the aforementioned long barrel lighter. Helps to light stove top then turn it off to get gas flowing before you move on to oven. Baking in these tiny ovens can be challenging but can be done. Was always my secret for meeting people when camping alone. Blueberry muffins in the morning and brownies at night. The smell coming from your camper is intoxicating and everyone wants to be your friend. Linda S
  8. Definitely factory made. I've seen 2 of those. One in great condition for sale near Portland and one kind of beat up near Mono lake Ca. Both were 4x4 motorhomes Linda S
  9. I sure hope someone makes good use of it too. The Mirage are one of the most unique mini campers ever made. Would look amazing on a newer 4x4 truck. Even American made trucks can work. I saw a fabulous Chevy pickup with a Chinook camper mounted. So cool and your Mirage would be 10 times cooler. Linda S
  10. Yup good old Rustoleum. This vid they used the Tremclad even though they call it trembled. They don't even thin the paint or buff it out. Still looks darn good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIM_dLz1n-Y Buffing after about a week of drying will make it shine like glass Linda S
  11. Toyota no longer makes the rotors but you can still buy the pads from them. Linda S Fitting Vehicle Options: VZN85, 95.. WT Toyota Part No.: 04465-35110 PAD KIT, DISC BRAKE, FRONT Part Description Pad Kit, Disc Brake, Front Replaced By 04465-YZZA9 Manufacturer Toyota. This genuine Toyota part is guaranteed by Toyota's factory warranty. Your Price: $43.59 Retail Price: $60.95 You Save: $17.36 Qty: ADD TO CART
  12. Don't know what year National went from aluminum siding to fiberglass but either way your not painting direct to metal. Not unless your going to strip all the existing paint off. For paint if your not spraying Rustoleum. Google Rustoleum auto paint jobs. Amazing results, bluffs up beautifully Linda S
  13. Yeah you had better tell us what you ordered. Link? Hate to have you get the wrong thing Linda S
  14. Click on your profile, name. From there you can see your activity and go to the threads with all your questions Linda S
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