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  1. Here's the dealer and the page with the part. There is only one model number for your rig and your not going to like the price. Part you listed matched no numbers that I even saw. I had to replace this same part on my Nissan. Almost impossible to find but in the end only cost me 27 bucks Linda S;1=3VZE;4=STD;5=ATM;6=4HC;7=RCB;8=WT;9=HLF;13=IV6;14=T1
  2. Get real. The monkey knows how to use a wrench. He's a freaking genius monkey. I moved far from my son-in-law who has been my only mechanic for many years. Had to find someone new to replace the fuel pump in my Explorer. Found Joe on Craigslist. Great mechanic, fair price and close enough I can drop a vehicle off and walk home. Craigslist is good Linda S
  3. Look here for floor construction Linda S SunraderClassics.pdf
  4. Thing is it never ends because we love to do it. Most of the people I know have no idea how anything works and they don't care. House or vehicle they call someone or drop it off somewhere and pay the money to get it fixed. No real interest in what gets done at all. We on the other hand take pride in building and fixing and perfecting our stuff. That passion is the reason this site exists and why we are all here. Fantastic group of people here Linda S
  5. You do good work. I was wondering if I could adopt you. I could use a son who likes to work on cars and motorhomes of course. Linda S
  6. A 78 Dolphin if not messed with should have single wheels in the back which had very wide tires on it. No axle problems there. Trouble is lots of people added a dually set up long before they made the right kind. Need to see pics of rear and know if single or double wheel. No tires made that wide now but there are some D load range tires that will hold the weight. Linda S
  7. I doubt it's the Toyota frame but it could be the floor of the Sunrader. The whole coach is supported on the frame by that floor and if they get damaged the shell can sink. Not an easy thing to fix. You might have to remove some cabinets or the rear dinette seats to add some floor support that goes all the way to the sides. I have heard of some who put metal bars underneath to strengthen it but don't know how they did it. Time to get under there and figure out what's going on Linda S
  8. It was built to be the lightest possible weight and have some flex to actually smooth the ride going down the road. The fiberglass flexes so the floor was built with some slight flex right from the beginning. My Nissan Sunrader came with a very heavy wood installed to help stop the soft floor. Well what it did was bounce up and down going down the road. Made even steering harder. I removed it and used lighter weight materials and the bounce disappeared completely. Think heavy nut on a rubber band bouncing up and down. Not good. So redo it but don't overdo it. You might not like the results. Same for cabinets. Heavy solid wood cabinets are not always a good idea. Always keep your GVWR in mind. Your early Toyota chassis has a gross vehicle weight rating of 4650. Almost a thousand pounds less than my 86. Linda S
  9. Great find. The V6 short Sunraders are specially hard to find even here in the states. Linda S
  10. You can extend the life of the axle and yourself by removing the dually set up and using a single wheel in the back. It's that long extension putting stress on the bearings that causes most of the problems. Your camper is little and correct D load range tires should be plenty to support the weight of your camper. I had an Okanagan Van that my daughter and I traveled the country with. Named her Gypsy and we still talk about her. Great rig Linda S
  11. from the back of the water heater you can see where the water line goes in and out. Just bypass it. Connect the in pipe directly to the out pipe. I never use my water heater. Linda S
  12. If upgrading a 12 volt fan I can't suggest a better one than the Maxx fan vent. Mine is still working fine after at least 12 years and the rain guard is incorporated into the design so no thing sticking up on your roof when your not using it. I hate seeing those rain guards. Yes it cost more than a regular fan but add the cost of the rain guard and not that much. In out 4 speeds and quiet
  13. Incomplete chassis is how all our motorhomes came. Means they were finished here and in your case by National RV in California. I sent you the info I got and everything is fine with the vin. Linda S
  14. There is a commonly used free vin check website that always seems to come up with the wrong vehicle. If you want to PM me your vin I will see if I can find more accurate results. Click on my blank face to the left and send me a message. That way it will only go to me. There should also be some information on the driers side door jamb from the maker. Is that still there? Linda S
  15. Drill holes at corners. Clamp straight metal edge, metal yard stick would work, along lines that need to be cut to keep cut line straight and use coping saw to cut them out Linda S