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  1. linda s

    So I bought a '78 Sunrader...

    A Jeep Comanche is only going to give you a rear axle width of 60". A T100 has a rear width of 66.75. With wheels and tires it's going to be about the same width as the duallys. Pretty stable with no modifications needed Linda S
  2. linda s

    Is this really a Sunrader?

    Look at the skinny tires on one of those giant 5th wheels. But they run on them. The important thing is that they can carry the weight. 185r14 or 195r14 will carry the weight of your camper no problem. You might need to invest in a sway bar or Timbren system to make handling better. You could also just go with wider 15 inch wheels. Any adapter will make wheel bearings in the back off center again and cause the same problem the duallies did. Real Toyota wheels are available in 15" with the correct lug pattern https://www.wheelstiresandmore.com/Toyota-Tacoma-2005_p-23501-steel-wheel-rim-15x6-69457.aspx?variantid=27434&ref=g-pla&gclid=Cj0KCQiA5Y3kBRDwARIsAEwloL7ACQ8rt1W_Hl6ZLj4OOSWc9BXyYokbBNATPKNq4M71NGMvtNxNMoUaApCLEALw_wcB Linda S Found the wider tire that would work for your rig. Not a lot to choose from. This might be the only 14 inch option https://simpletire.com/maxxis-205-r14c-tl12458000-tires It also comes in a 15 inch size if you should choose to go that route
  3. linda s

    Is this really a Sunrader?

    This is the smallest of the Sunraders. You can run it just fine on single rear wheels. A complete axle service with new bearings and axle shafts inspected. Then take the outside dually off. It should unscrew. If it's welded your going to need new wheels but it's a Toyota. They are available everywhere. Still a lot of work but plenty of Toyota Chinooks are still on the road with same era engines. Check the windows carefully. Big ones are very expensive to replace. Or just wait and find a newer one. Expect to pay 5 times the price though Linda S
  4. linda s

    So I bought a '78 Sunrader...

    I don't think your going to find all those brackets and supports on your 1978. In fact my 1986 doesn't have them. In fact I have never seen them on another Sunrader. Wonder where they came from Linda S
  5. linda s

    Is this really a Sunrader?

    Yes it's really a Sunrader. Based on the early truck campers. Nice back door has either regular door or the whole thing lifts and makes a shade area. Big opening so you can get larger items inside like a bike. Linda S
  6. linda s

    Parts for 1994 Winnabego Micro Warrior

    The air bags come no where near the gas tank. Get under there and look at how far the gas tank is away from the rear axle. You have a full sized 137 inch wheel base truck. I have a shorty 112 inch wheel base truck. Same rear axle and same gas tank. Airbags come no where near on mine and they would be farther away on yours. Linda S
  7. When you get to pulling the shell off it would be great if you can take really close pics of the seal Sunrader used. A few people here need to see some examples o cab the coach seals. And I'm pretty curious myself Linda S
  8. linda s

    What about when there are two rear axles?

    Zero is no longer posting on this site Linda S
  9. linda s

    New guy! 1993 Itasca Spirit

    It's an aluminum sheet over wood. The aluminum can develop pin hole leaks too small to be easily seen. Best to coat the roof with a white roof coating material like Kool Seal Linda S
  10. linda s

    Trying To Identify The Model

    There's wood under fiberglass paneling. We do have a search function on this site. Type in Odyssey and subject, like rot or water damage. Then click on include all words to narrow down results. Linda S
  11. linda s

    Trying To Identify The Model

    It's an Odyssey and from the look of the front wheels it's at least a 1987 or newer. Looks nice but you need to check a ton of stuff out. Appliances, heater, fridge. Check all walls and roof to make sure it never leaked. Linda S
  12. linda s

    Trying To Identify The Model

    The vin number is or the truck. Doesn't tell you anything about the manufacturer model, just tells you Toyota info. yeah it's an 86. Linda S
  13. linda s

    Driving in the snow??

    I get the bobsled reference. I have a very steep long gravel driveway. Getting out in the winter is pretty much a controlled slide to the street. I tell people I have a gold medal in motorhome mud skiing. FUN Linda S
  14. linda s

    Driving in the snow??

    Very cool tire find. I've never heard of these before but they look like a great option for a Sunrader 4x4 too. How do they ride on the highway. Darn you. Now you got me thinking. I love a meaty tire and here in rainy Humboldt County Ca getting off of the main roads anywhere can be like being in a mud run Linda S
  15. linda s

    selling my toy - what price should I ask?

    Dan I see you have your Winnebago listed on in our classified section for the very reasonable price of 11,500. If there's anyone here still looking you should jump on it. No one takes better care of their rigs than Dan. Oh and Dan you can sell your Toyota but I do not give you permission to leave this group. We still need your advice on a million different things Linda S