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  1. Here's an unfinished Chinook project that doesn't need all that much to make it a winner. The owner has done several conversions in the past and is a straight up guy. He knows what he's doing so no surprises https://stgeorge.craigslist.org/cto/d/toquerville-1984-toyota-4x4-chinook/7017472014.html Linda S
  2. Well if you have a 4x4 Sunrader and the only change is the full float axle, none came with them, all you need is the rear duallys. About 800 bucks the last I heard for 4 of them. If you really want bigger wheels if you have a stock 4x4 Sunrader a Front Range Offroad full float conversion kit is the best bet. You will end up with standard Toyota 4wd lug pattern so you can buy whatever size wheel you want. Also you will have single wheels in the back so your 4x4 will track better. Cost of kit $740 plus some junk yard parts. Cost of wheels and tires is of course up to you but you only need 4 and all the wheels will be the same so no spare tire problems. Linda S
  3. Sounds awfully pricey for a wheel upgrade. He could have just ordered 15 inch wheels for the back from Custom and Commercial for far less. There is no fancy wheel option for the 2wd's. Wheel covers will fit on the back. My Sunrader doesn't have reversed duallys in the front so it came with wheel covers on all wheels. Spinners. Man I got a lot of comments about that. Gangbanger in a Sunrader Linda S
  4. Where have you been looking for batteries. Group 24 is very common. I use this one https://www.walmart.com/ip/EverStart-Maxx-Lead-Acid-Marine-RV-Battery-Group-24DC/139801236 Lasts usually around 5 years, has higher amp hours than a regular group 24 at 94ah and cycles 30% more. Costs a whole 100 bucks Linda S
  5. Not a good idea but whatever. Look here at cabinguy's post and the one after it. http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?/topic/4012-auto-trans-altitude-od-switch/&tab=comments#comment-23024 Linda S
  6. Toyota did indeed sell a truck cab and chassis in 1978 with a GVWR of 4600lbs. 500lbs more than the regular trucks. Have you crawled under there and really looked? If you don't have LSPV near the rear passenger wheel someone must have already removed it. Here are the specs for that year
  7. The proportioning valve you need to look for should be near the rear passenger side. Just follow the brake lines right near the wheel. I know they were in the 1979 truck cause Toyota still sells the part. I also found a reference to them being on a 78 when I Googled it. https://toyotaminis.com/forum/threads/load-sensing-brake-proportioning-valves.19724/ There is a picture here but you have to join the group to enlarge. If you want the most rear braking you should remove it completely. Not needed on a camper cause your load is never going to be light. Linda S
  8. The only thing you need to ask for is a 6 lug dually axle. Don't think you need a different driveshaft. Try these guys. They might have the part and I'm pretty sure someone from here had them install their axle in the past https://www.alltoyotaparts.com/ Buckley Wa so at least not all the way across country Linda S
  9. Wait a minute. I thought this was a Chinook. How come it has a fuel injected 22re Linda S
  10. My Sunrader ladder doesn't mount to my bumper. Attaches to body a few inches above bumper. Got any pics? Linda S
  11. An adapter would be the easiest route for the change. Talk to these guys and see what they say. http://www.drivelineandgear.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=59&Itemid=27 They are not that far from you but juggling 2 motorhomes around kind of makes it harder than just getting an axle. What do you do with the motorhome that now has no wheels Linda S
  12. Power doesn't sound all that different from the gas model. It may not have come with a house battery but it must have a dedicated space to put one. Probably inside that rear storage hatch. Linda S
  13. Looks in beautiful shape. What a find. Let us know how the power is. I know early Toyota diesels are pretty much slugs when attached to a motorhome Linda S
  14. Yeah we kind of need to see the feet. Are you talking about the plastic caps that protect your floor from the metal legs? Linda S
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