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  1. Roof beams were added in 1987 in most cases. I have seen a few Sunraders with factory beams as early as 1984 but they are an extreme exception. Even in 1987 you need to make sure they are there because the rig could have really been made in 86. No Derek east coast Sunraders never had fiberglass cabinets but then neither did rear dinette west coast Sunraders. Linda S
  2. You definitely need the right tires and 185r14 is the right size. As far a those differentials the 4 banger needs to run at pretty high RPMs . That 5.29 diff is going to be way to high for it to handle. Going to end up stalling a lot. The 4.56 is probably the best. There's only so much torque you can get from a little tiny engine especially when it's pulling a house. We all just learn to deal with it Linda S
  3. Mine has the wrap around windows and no I don't think they weaken the area. I know a lot of people don't like them and say they leak too easily but mine still have the original rubber seal and don't leak at all. Linda S
  4. Very possible he doesn't have a 17 digit vin. Can't check year from the early ones. If he does the year is determined by the 10th digit. A is 1980 and B is 1981 Linda S
  5. If you got the right stuff it's like putty. Double it up. squish it together. Make the seal as thick and wide as seems necessary. Excess will squeeze out when you screw the window back in. Then trim neatly around the frame and it will peel off. Plastic putty knife held 90 degrees from camper wall. Don't try to trim from side or you can compromise seal. Straight up and down Linda S
  6. For the wrap around windows the 2 piece locking gasket is all there is. No other vinyl trim should be on them. The side windows are conventional RV windows Linda S
  7. I'm sure some people here can help with the GPS thing but I do hope your not planning on taking this trip anytime soon. Federal parks are closed and many state parks too. Anyplace that could be considered a gathering place is cordoned off. It's going to get much worse before it gets better. If I was you I certainly wouldn't even be out shopping for equipment. Linda S
  8. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful build with us. Did it feel funny driving with the front up like that? I have to admit I wandered around Verdi a little about a month ago before the covid thing exploded hoping to get a peek at your baby. Well I guess you guys weren't home. Glad it's all working great. Kind of knew from the build it would be. Instant this guy knows his sh-t Linda S
  9. Walmart group 24DC. this one is the only battery I will buy. Never let me down. Very important you get the Maxx one https://www.walmart.com/browse/auto-tires/everstart-batteries/everstart-maxx/91083_1074765_1104292_5926247?cat_id=91083_1074765_1104292_5926247&facet=brand%3AEverStart+Maxx||manufacturer_part_number%3AM-MAXX-24DC Linda S
  10. So 4 to 5 hundred dollars for a system to keep your air bags level? You know they only need to be checked every once and a while. I don't get it. For leveling the fridge I have my trusty 12 volt air pump and after all these years I know when my fridge is level just by looking at the outside of the camper. Maybe I'm just cheap Linda S
  11. this looks like it https://www.yotatech.com/forums/f116/sr5-gauge-cluster-swap-how-pics-179106/ Linda S
  12. No that won't drain your hot water tank. There should be a drain plug on the outside. If you can tell us what hot water heater you have we should be able to show where it is or google it. Lots of manuals for older appliances online Linda S
  13. You should try car-part.com too. This place is only 150 miles from you and has a full cluster for a 93. Linda Danny's Used Auto USA-MI(Detroit) Request_Quote 313-273-9030 / 313-273-DANY Request_Insurance_Quote 155
  14. There are lots of 3.0 clusters on ebay. Most pretty cheap and most tell whether 2wd or 4x4. Check it out. No reason to get the wrong one twice Linda
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