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  1. linda s

    Upgrading to Shoulder Belts Up Front

    Shoulder belts have been required since 1968. Linda S
  2. linda s

    Front Sleeper window

    Is it still intact. Try finding a place that makes boat windshields. They form plexiglass all the time. That's your best chance of finding an exact replacement. Other than that you would have to go with a flat piece of plexi to fit into the space. Linda S
  3. It's called a cowl grill and to remove it you remove the wiper arms and then break a lot of little plastic push clips to get it off. Make sure there's somewhere near you that carries a wide variety of auto clips before you start. Linda S buy one of these instead and suck that crap out https://www.homedepot.com/p/Think-Crucial-24-in-Flexible-Crevice-Attachment-Tool-Fits-32-mm-Vacuums-32mm-Vacuums/305847816?cm_mmc=Shopping|G|Base|D29A|Multi|NA|PLA|Major-Appliances|Special-Buys|71700000032418849|58700003842365800|92700030987191770&gclid=Cj0KCQiAg_HhBRDNARIsAGHLV527UiJGLF4Cji4nl1bOIrB4FzPITEz6WIwkXoJ4FsjX9DKResRRCAYaApSmEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  4. linda s

    overdrive transmission

    Well if your headed east your going to hit that 4000 ft altitude again and it won't work anymore. That's just how they made them. Linda S
  5. linda s


    And I'm back in on my phone. Greg fixed it Linda S
  6. linda s


    Crap. I tried signing off with my phone, Samsung Android and now I can't get back on. Computer still OK. Linda S
  7. linda s


    Did you forget and feed them after midnight? All hell will break loose Linda S
  8. linda s


    I've been informed that several people are unable to access the site for the last few days. Just testing to see if I can post Linda S
  9. linda s

    Furnace Heater Trouble Shooting- Help Needed

    Yes the regular RV furnaces are exactly the same as a home furnace. Burns outside air and releases it outside. Heats inside air and recycles it. Many complain about the heat vent outside as being heat loss from your camper but it's not. Just exhaust from the furnace. Linda S
  10. linda s

    1989 Dolphin V6 General Newbie Questions

    There should be a 12 volt outlet, looks like cigarette lighter socket, in your coach somewhere. We all have them. That one will show your coach battery charge. Someone here that has a Dolphin can tell you where it is. Linda S
  11. linda s

    Free Toyota dolphin Louisiana

    I'll leave it a while. Good reminder to people to look at craigslist ads closely before they answer. I just caught it quick cause the map showed I80 and that's not anywhere near Louisiana. Linda S
  12. linda s

    1989 Dolphin V6 General Newbie Questions

    No dancing on the roof. If you need to go up there for any reason best to have some plywood to put down to distribute the weight. One person only. It looks in good shape but tiny leaks over the years might have caused damage to the roofing structure weakening it. make sure it's sealed and leave it alone. Ladder No way to tell without looking at it. Those bolts can loosen up also from water damage and just wear and tear from weight. Some people bungy chairs and bikes to their ladders. You don't really know what happened to yours before you got it. Just be careful and aware of the possibility that it can't hold you. Battery will charge more fully on AC power unless your driving long distances every day. Buy one of these. Plug into 12 volt outlet and you'll know exactly how much it charged https://www.amazon.com/INNOVA-3721-Battery-Charging-Monitor/dp/B000EVWDU0/ref=pd_bxgy_263_img_3?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B000EVWDU0&pd_rd_r=d14c4175-0ef6-11e9-bb8a-e510410a1d5d&pd_rd_w=6Ldr5&pd_rd_wg=ymhwY&pf_rd_p=6725dbd6-9917-451d-beba-16af7874e407&pf_rd_r=SDSEBRG8VCT5WPQW0V26&psc=1&refRID=SDSEBRG8VCT5WPQW0V26 Tires 65 not required. I run mine at about 60 back and 55 front. Some people go less. Even slightly less pressure will give you a nicer ride NO people in the overhead while driving. Not front axle you should be worried about. It's the overhead itself. One of the first places Toyota motorhomes show damage. Made for sleeping not bouncing down the road. Not safe either. You know some weird people Solar I don't know and don't know what model fridge you have. If you can tell us someone here will know the off switch Linda S
  13. linda s

    Free Toyota dolphin Louisiana

    Scam. Posted in Louisiana but mapped in Sacramento California. Free but fishing for emails and phone numbers. Be prepared for robo callers big time. Or they'll come up with an OK but it's a grand to deliver it Linda S
  14. linda s

    Furnace Heater Trouble Shooting- Help Needed

    Greg that PDX RV wholesale is a great resource. I used to rely on PPL RV parts in Teas to help people find the parts to fix stuff but they no longer have the superstore that used to have everything with diagrams. I saved that site. Man I wish I knew about that all along. Clearer and easier to negotiate than PPL was. Not to mention they have the blower motor I need. Linda S
  15. linda s

    Furnace Heater Trouble Shooting- Help Needed

    Here is the thread where Waiter replaced his blower motor. I don't think that exact motor is still available. I was going to wing it and try to find something that is close. Linda S