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  1. No that just won't work. All the information is here. When people do searches for help do you really want them to just see clips and snips of what someone else thought was important or do they need to see the whole conversation mistakes and all. Mistakes teach us solutions and make us more inventive. Bajadulce was a moderator when he posted 265 post long thread about his build. No one ever asked him to abbreviate it. You want condensed buy a manual. You want real people restoring old vehicles with sometimes questionable parts and limited mechanical experience, aka all of us, you read the whol
  2. Nope organizing stuff is beyond my pay grade. Derek always did it. I'm going to need some help here, anybody game? Linda S I can pin the thread though. That way it will be easier to find in a search and all the pics will be here
  3. Well you should have bought some white elastomeric roof seal. Available everywhere cause they use it on Mobile homes too. Trouble now is you would have to remove all of the Henry's. I have used that Henry's stuff on my house cause white wouldn't have looked right on a real house roof. I also didn't read the instructions before. Not only didn't it dry, it leaked again in weeks. Big job scraping it all off. Linda S
  4. I'm sorry but this thread is from 8 years ago. No one makes those body parts anymore. If you can post some pics maybe someone here will have some ideas for a fix. Linda S
  5. Moog isn't what it used to be. My replacement ball joints are Moog and they are chintzy. Not greaseable and no where to even fit a zerk fitting. I'm sorry I put them on Linda S
  6. I don't know what to say. I thought I had exhausted all options trying to find him or what happened to him. Months of emails ignored. Doesn't sound to optimistic but I hope he's not in too much pain and comfortable. Derek if you ever log on here again people here care about you as you can see from this thread. You were very important to a lot of people. You made a difference Linda
  7. I can't imagine why you would need a gallon. Also you have to be really careful with brake cleaner. Can't touch anything rubber , ball joints and all the bushings, and wear gloves and face protection if your laying on the ground trying to clean something. Extremely toxic. I bought one can when I did my Ford brakes and there is still a bunch left in the can Yes those rotors look good and probably cheaper than the cost of having your old ones turned Linda S
  8. Surprisingly not that rare. Looking on car-part I found hundreds of them all over the country. Odyssey 4x4 it looks like a place in Miami has some and another in Homosassa FL. As far as will it fit the dually axle I guess we will find out when he does it. Nucktaco , please keep us informed of your progress. This is a good build. We all want to see it. Linda S
  9. The factory E locker differential is based on the V6/turbo differential. It will fit. Linda S
  10. Well Germany is the same. Every year your vehicle tax goes up. Don't know about Italy. Think things have changed as far as motorhomes in Japan too. I try to catch the Japan RV show online every year, Youtube. JAPAN camping car show 2019 ジャパンキャンピングカーショー - YouTube Amazing little RV's that anyone could afford. Place to put it is another thing. Linda S
  11. I don't understand why no one is importing them from Europe. There were quite a few manufacturers who made similar campers around the same time in Germany and Italy. They would be left hand drive. Only the wiring for shore hookups and power center would need to be redone from 220 to 110. Most of the camper stuff is still 12 volt like here Linda S
  12. So much nicer than being in a campground that's packed. I mean we do this to get away from the crowds right. Linda S
  13. I don't know. You didn't tell me how old your tires are. Did they come with the motorhome or did you buy them. If you bought them and they are only a couple of years old yeah that would work but the tires I posted will probably not be available when you want to upgrade the front. I can't buy the Goforms I put on mine anymore but I bought 6. I only have a non matching spare. It is good to have all tires the same age and tread. Also IF your current tires are fairly new just keep them. They will last for a while and bet the max load is sufficient. Not what I'm supposed to recommend but hey I did
  14. Na there's cheaper than that. LingLong Green-Max Van 185/R14C 99Y Light Truck Tire - Walmart.com - Walmart.com Unknown tire but when I bought my Goform tires they were too and they have been great There's got to be a Walmart near you. easy Linda S
  15. 4runners weren't available with a locking diff until 1996 and even then it was an option so most won't have it. Your going to have to find one that has what you need. Here's some info that might be helpful. Scroll down to electric lockers and follow some of the thread links for more. Looks like the wiring is a B. Erik's Toyota Differential info (4x4wire.com) Pay attention to the gear ratio too. Most will come with a 4.3 or 4.56 and either of those is fine. They did make some with a 4.1 which is probably what you have now. Not great for the best use of power. Linda S
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