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  1. I do but I'm in northern California. Not something I would even try to ship. And I don't have the trim ring for the inside. It's what holds the window in place. That window doesn't look all that bad. At least it opens unlike regular Sunrader windows Linda S
  2. With the part number it came right up for me. Valterra is the maker Linda S
  3. No way to tell from pics alone. We won't know more about it until you buy it. What are you waiting for. The guys 90. This deal could vanish in seconds Linda
  4. Number 5 switch below the steering column on the left. that is the dash dimmer switch. Knob is missing looks like this I didn't even know I had one until about a year ago when someone on this site mentioned it. And mine has the knob
  5. Thank you. It was the 2 1/2 inch measurement that was throwing us. 2 inches makes much more sense Linda S
  6. Can't really see the hub. Just the lug number isn't much help cause Nissans have 6 lugs on their regular trucks. I will have to take a look at mine tomorrow and see if the handhold looks the same. No clue. But that Sunrader has the roof rack at the top section of the roof. It might be newer than 84. Just found pics of the 84 Gail used to have and the wheel looks right for a full floater. As far as rust. My Nissan Sunrader lived most of it's life in Alaska and then was abandoned in a field for a couple of years in New York. Had quite a few issues but rust wasn't one of them. Linda S
  7. When trying to verify a full float axle we need to see pics of the hub. They all look pretty much the same from underneath. If it's really an 84 it should have a full float. Nissan came out with them in 1984 so it's not an upgrade. Just factory stock. Just in case it's an 83 with an 84 tag try to get a pic of the outside of the rear wheel. Then I can tell you for sure. Linda S
  8. If you have the receipt with a part numbers I would appreciate your posting that. We spend a ton of time searching for parts for people and sooner or later someone else is going to need that. Linda S
  9. Somebody put them on. Call them and ask if they have any suggestions for getting them off. Linda S
  10. I don't know if the original poster still has that Sunrader. I saw it listed on craigslist a while back. he was asking a pretty penny for his upgrades. 13 grand I think Linda S
  11. Before you completely drop the tank check the shower drain. Might be coming from the top instead of the tank inlet. Might be easier to get to. Linda S
  12. The RA08 was an all season tire. Hankook the manufacturer describes the RA18 as a summer tire. The tread is not as deep as the earlier ones. I don't know if it would cause any problems but I bet the guys here do Linda S
  13. Well a friend of mine used to have a Sun Express and it was the same company but a different smaller model so they do exist. Found it
  14. They did make an 18 footer and it was called a Sun Express instead of a Sunland. I'd forgotten about them Very cool very rare little rigs. if you can post a picture I would love it. Haven't seen one in years Linda S
  15. Laura, we can't help you unless you talk to us. This is the second time you asked for help with no response. It's possible that someone in your area knows someone who could help but we need an open dialog to answer questions. No one is more helpful than the members on this site and we are here but where are you Linda S