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  1. Well if you put that in your Toyota motorhome you'll never need it because you will have to leave your clothes at home. Linda S
  2. The plumbing on these oldies is almost always a material called polybutyl. It is no longer made but there are "sharkbite" fittings available to connect polybutyl to Pex pipe which is available at most large hardware stores. They are kind of pricey but very easy to use if you know how to plan out plumbing lines Linda S
  3. Well the truth is I am relieved to find out it's being saved. Pretty sure Kurt posted here about this 4x4 conversion. This must be Kurt Linda S
  4. So where is this 90's Sunrader that's being salvaged. I might want to check it out. Linda S
  5. Here's a very long thread about upgrading to a 1 ton front brake. Might have some info you could use http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?/topic/4508-swap-out-12-ton-wheel-hub-for-1-ton/&tab=comments#comment-26428 Linda S
  6. What do you mean by specs. The water heater I thought we had already identified as Atwood. The manual for that is probably here. http://bryantrv.com/docs.html Information on he rest of the appliances is probably on the same site. If you want details of every appliance used in your RV ya gotta go look. I don't know of any manufacturers who gave that info in one detailed sheet. Most would have come with the individual manuals for each appliance stuck in a drawer or folder of the new RV. 30 years later those are long gone in almost all cases. "Specs " is such a broad term. Best to ask specific questions or at least narrow it down Linda S
  7. This old lady has replaced shocks on several cars. Like WME said, it's not rocket science or even difficult. Helps to spray with lubricant day before. Liquid Wrench type stuff. Nice jack stands at Harbor Freight are cheap. One wheel at a time and double them up Linda S
  8. The link you put up for the 1983 Toyota Dolphin owners manual doesn't work anymore. It keeps telling me server not found. is there another link to a owner's manual and appliance manual for the 1983 Toyota Dolphin?

  9. A 3 to 4 inch lift is going to wreak havoc on your handling too. Several members here have gone to 4x4 leaf springs which offer a little lift within your shocks range. 1979-1988 Toyota Pickup | 1984-1989 Rear Leaf Spring - Medium Load 2" Lift by Old Man Emu (CS009R) Weight: 41.0000 lbs $106.70 1979-1988 Toyota Pickup | 1984-1989 4Runner Rear Leaf Spring - Heavy 2.25" Lift by Old Man Emu (CS010R) Weight: 52.8000 lbs Linda S $118.34
  10. And there used parts site is empty. I see only new parts available. Linda S
  11. Wow very impressive work. Amazing your doing all this for only 6 grand. My son told me it would cost 5 grand to do a 4x4 conversion on my Sunrader and that was 10 years ago. Your labor of love will be worth somewhere around 50 grand when your done. Love it Linda S
  12. Try this online site for auto salvage yards http://www.car-part.com/ Look for an 87 axle and also a 90's axle. They will both fit but the site shows them separately. Then call all the places you can get to. Online listings tend to be out of date so they might not have it anymore but it's a start Linda S
  13. They certainly sound well constructed. Makes the idea of restoring one more feasible Linda S
  14. Both the aluminum and the EPDM need to be installed over a plywood base. They are not a complete roof by themselves. The strength comes from the plywood. If you think this place will do a good job go with the EPDM. You've been without your camper way too long. Linda S Hope you did well in small claims
  15. Ok so I gotta know why you need to look like a Las Vegas sign. Linda S
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