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  1. What do you think? 40k? 140k? 240k?

    Well the best gauge I know of if something has been driven a lot is the seats. No sitting on the plaid stuff for 140,000 miles without it getting some holes or that slightly shredded look. Didn't get a real good look at the drivers seat but what I saw looked pretty perfect. I vote original mileage. Even if they had covers on them the whole time the center of the seat would still have that sunken butt area if 100,000 plus Linda S
  2. For some reason Shock Warehouse doesn't list the KYB shocks for an 84 but they do list them for an 86. The Bilstein shocks for an 86 are exactly the same part numbers as the 84 so I'm betting the KYB ones for an 86 will fit an 84. I mean how could the Bilsteins fit both but not the KYB. So here are the numbers for the KYB front KG5458 rear KG5438 If someone knows more about this please correct me Linda S
  3. What he means is if the regulator in your alternator has failed and it's pumping out too much juice your going to trash the new battery too. Check it again with the lights off Linda S
  4. Propane sensor kills battery

    My propane sensor has an off. I only turn it on when I have the tank turned on. Linda S
  5. Try here http://www.ajaxauto.com/ and here http://www.calminitruck.com/ your going to have to buy the tire separately of course. Linda S
  6. For some reason I couldn't write anything and still post the picture. The water thermo sensor not working can cause most of the problems you've been having. Certainly worth a try Linda S
  7. Well very strange. That part you have might fit. It comes up as the correct part from 8/84 to 8/85 where the part I listed comes up for 8/83 to 8/84. Thank you Toyota for making things ridiculously complicated. Linda S
  8. Correct part number is 25690-35010. The 19 dollar one on ebay is a match. When you scroll down the model codes you will see some with 3W. Those are the heavy duty trucks like ours. Linda S > 2569035010 1984 Toyota Pickup United States Of America × Add New Vehicle 1984 Toyota Pickup United States Of America Check Fit United States Of America United States Of America Canada -- Select Engine Model -- Engine Model Description Engine Model Code 4 Cyl 2.4L 22R 4 Cyl 2.4L EFI 22REC 4 Cyl 2.4L Diesel 2L 4 Cyl 2.4L Diesel Turbo 2LT -- Select Body Type -- Low Deck,Pickup Van Wagon -- Select Trim Level -- DLX SR5 Base -- Select Auto or Manual Trans -- Automatic Transmission Manual Transmission -- Select Gear Shift Type -- What is Gear Shift Type 4-Speed Manual Transmission 4-Speed Automatic Transmission Floor Shift 5-Speed Manual Transmission -- Select Cab Style -- Regular Cab Extra Cab -- Select Trans Model -- What is Trans Model G Type Transmission W Type Transmission -- Select Weight Rating -- 1.0Tons 0.75Tons 0.5Tons Heavy -- Select Fuel Induction -- Carburetor Diesel Electric Fuel Injection Turbo Diesel -- Select Building Condition -- What is Building Condition Completely Built Unit Incomplete Vehicles (Chassis & Cab) -- Select Model Code -- What is Model Code LN51L-KRA LN51L-KRA3 LN56L-MDA3 LN56L-MDCA LN56L-MDCA3 LN56L-MDCXA3 LN56L-MDXA3 LN65L-MDA LN65L-MDA3 LN65L-MDCA3 LN65L-MDXA LN65L-MDXA3 RN50L-KRA RN50L-MRA RN50L-MSEA RN50L-MSEA3 RN50L-PRA RN55L-KDA3W RN55L-KDEA3W RN55L-KRA3W RN55L-KREA3W RN55L-MDA RN55L-MDA3 RN55L-MDCA RN55L-MDCA3 RN55L-MRA RN55L-MRHA RN55L-MRHA3 RN55L-MRHEA RN55L-MSCEA RN55L-MSCEA3 RN55L-MSEA RN55L-MSEA3 RN55L-PDA RN55L-PDA3 RN55L-PDCA RN55L-PDCA3 RN55L-PDEA3W RN55L-PRA RN55L-PSCEA RN55L-PSCEA3 RN55L-PSEA3 RN60L-MRA RN60L-MRA3 RN60L-MSA RN60L-MSA3 RN60L-MSEA RN60L-MSEA3 RN60LG-MDA RN60LG-MDEA RN60LG-MSA RN60LG-MSEA RN60LV-MDA RN60LV-MDEA RN65L-MDA RN65L-MDA3 RN65L-MDCA RN65L-MDCA3 RN65L-MSA3 RN65L-MSCA RN65L-MSCA3 RN65L-MSCEA RN65L-MSCEA3 RN65L-MSEA3 Check Fit Toyota Part No.: 25690-35010 MODULATOR ASSY, EGR VACUUM Discontinued Part This part fits the following vehicle options: Production Date: 08/1983-08/1984 Fitting Vehicle Options: 22REC.. RN5#; 22R.. RN55.. HVY; 22R.. RN55, 6#...
  9. Yes the year is what matters. Looks like the bore size got slightly bigger in 1989. Checked with some other 4 cylinder owners and they all have the sensor like my original one. Installing a no sensor one would have meant my brake warning light would have been always on. Beck Arnley dropped the ball on this one. I returned it and have already purchased a Dorman one that looks exactly like mine with the sensor. No trips planned so I have time to wait. Just lucky I checked it. It's just like me to not even look until I'm ready to do the work. Linda S
  10. Solar

    Nah they'll get washed off with the beer they spill Linda S
  11. So finally looked at the master cylinder that I got from Rock Auto. Beck Arnley so I thought it would be a good one But. The master cylinder looks right but it's got a reservoir with no sensor. That can't be right. Reservoir looks smaller than mine too. I'm going to send it back but how could this happen. They even show correct Toyota part numbers as equivalent. Can't get by without that sensor can I. Linda S
  12. 1976 Toyota Scat

    Buying any vehicle this old when your not a mechanic is always a risk. Sometimes it's a good idea to spend more to buy so you can spend less later Linda S
  13. 1976 Toyota Scat

    The date is just a number. It doesn't mean that older ones weren't flawed, just that the government assumes that not many of those older vehicles are still on the road and leaves them out of the recall. The 5 lug duallies are bad news no matter what year they were made. You could switch to single wheels but there is a possibility that your axle has already been damaged from the fake duallies so a replacement would be a better choice. At a minimum have the bearings replaced and the axle fully inspected. Linda S