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  1. Dolphin this early have no duallys. Single wheels in back. Not recalled Linda S Unless some owner changed it. Then I might require some work
  2. Well the sewer hose is not attached until you hook it up. Maybe you just found the storage area. A picture might help us figure out what you've got Linda S
  3. I think your wife might take issue with turning your camper into a latrine. Besides the size of our tanks, you'd be heading into town to find a dump 5 times a day or more. Gas is going to eat up all your poop profits Linda S
  4. I hate to tell you this but that kind of sagging is usually caused by major structural damage from years of water damage. It's a big job. Search rebuilding overhead on this site Linda S
  5. Well I will enjoy seeing clips of your outing on TV when they film it for the news. Half a million people is way more than I can handle. Have fun Linda S
  6. I have no idea if they ECM's can be reprogrammed to mimic one with a different part number. The same 1 year period that uses the specific ECM Tom thought he needed also uses a transmission speed sensor with a different part number than all other years. The weird thing is the speed sensor also fits a 2wd 4 runner. Hmm just got done searching 4runner parts. Several computers listed for 4Runners also have VZN85 and 90 listed. Maybe there are other ECM's available to use. I honestly have no idea this one, lots available on ebay for cheap https://www.toyotapartsdeal.com/oem/toyota~computer~engine~control~89661-35520.html?Make=Toyota&Model=4Runner&Year=1991&Submodel=2+Wheel+Drive&Filter=()&Location=electronic-fuel-injection-system,,89661 Linda S
  7. There were no changes to the 22re when they went to 6 lug, still same as the 5. The V6 though they kept tweaking the sensors the last few years and needed the computer to work with them. That weird transmission speed sensor I found for that member is one of those strange changes. Only used on the same year as Tom's. Hope someone try's the wrong computer sometime so they can tell us if it worked Linda S
  8. So glad it all worked out. Yup the MAS sensor will do that. One time I had to unplug mine to get to something and didn't get it plugged back in all the way. Took me quite a while to figure my mistake. Please let us know what idiot company said they couldn't rebuild your computer because it was fried. Save others from them. Hard to believe the mechanic who looked at it didn't check the MAS right away. Them failing is quite common Linda S
  9. Amayama is the go to for non US parts and everything else. Has to be worth it to pay shipping. One of their suppliers though is in UAE , middle east, and is quite reasonable on shipping. https://www.amayama.com/en/genuine-catalogs/toyota Linda S
  10. The air conditioner and the standard 110 house outlets will not work unless you have the camper plugged into an outside power supply or a generator running. Linda S
  11. So after you stop the engine the temp climbs or when it's still running. Linda S Oh I see it's running and hot. Don't think there's anything left but head gasket
  12. Why are you disconnecting the battery? Linda S
  13. I don't think that's even all that noticeable. I would leave it alone. A patch job might look worse Linda S
  14. What? People don't chop up Sunraders. Find a boat repair shop and see if they can fix your problem hole. Linda S
  15. Well the steering wheel is already on the correct side for a mail carrier. Neat Linda S
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