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  1. If you already have this dually I want you to check and see if the connection to the drive shaft, pinion flange, is the same as yours. I have heard about adapters but can't find any for trucks that early. If the dually axle matches then most other Toyota axle will fit too. An 86 and up will give you and extra 3 1/2 inches of width. 2wd if you want all your wheels to match. A Tacoma axle will give you 60 inches of width but you'll have to upgrade your front wheels to 15 inches and the gear ratios aren't optimal. Seems all the 5 lugs came with 3.58 gearing. Most of ours are 4.11 or 4.10.
  2. Hole is on the outside. Fuse panel should be on the inside opposite of it. Look for vented metal door near floor or take pics of the inside near floor from multiple angles. Well find it Linda S
  3. As long as you have it out I would change those lugs to standard. Make life much easier. Linda S
  4. So I want one too but I'm pretty sure we aren't going to be able to buy one anytime soon. All the good stuff we can't buy here. Bet it looks much smaller in person. Little shorter than most Mercedes chassis ones but class A. Love the inside. Linda S
  5. Looks like the same kit but much cheaper. They do ship to Canada https://www.ebay.com/itm/Prothane-Body-Frame-Mount-Bushing-Kit-FOR-Toyota-Pickup-4WD-79-88-Red/402259922713?fits=Year%3A1982|Model%3APickup|Make%3AToyota&epid=7017013301&hash=item5da88f4f19:g:MjcAAOSw3zxXMKtN#shpCntId Linda S I can't find just the bushings you need only the whole kit. But the bracket you show does look very much like the body mount brackets so they are really body mount bushings. Bet you can use the other ones too since those front ones look so shot.
  6. Gorilla glue is not my favorite for anything. Looked a a youtube comparison of different glues and it came in last on every test. Locktite did well. The area your gluing together needs to be cleaned thoroughly. Sanding will help with grab too. Do what WME says. There is no glue made that doesn't bond better with some pressure applied Linda S
  7. It looks like you just need bushings. Any bushing that will fit will do. Shock absorber, torsion bar. Go the the auto parts store and ask them to bring out a few and pick the one that looks close. Inside and outside diameter would help. Ya want it to go through the bolt but not loosely and you don't want the outside too large. Getting one off will help and account for the stretch and wear. My sway bar in the back is not standard Toyota and I couldn't find bushings at the auto store either. I bought marine bushings from a hardware store. 10 years later they are still doing the job Li
  8. Can't hurt to try the Duralast belt. They don't cost that much and maybe it's a touch smaller. Linda S
  9. Did the belt have the part number on it? Maybe Toyota sent your auto parts guy the the wrong one. That is the correct part number though Linda S
  10. The size they show is actually the 185r14. Don't know why they stuck in the 80 but it's close to the correct ratio. This is the size tire most of our rigs and probably yours too originally came with. Yes it's the correct size for your rig Linda S
  11. If breech joint means headgasket and you had the repair not long ago and It wouldn't hurt to ask. You will need all documents related to the work and I would hope your master mechanic has certifications to verify his expertise. Make sure you don't say it's a recall. It was a "special service campaign" program. Here is all the information about it. http://www.google.co...hUlCd3_VgILtC3A Linda S
  12. Finding tires now from Canadian companies. Here's the first. Check and make sure they have enough. Closeouts sell fast https://pmctire.com/en/tires/continental/vanco-4-seasons/pneu-dimension-jante/14.tire Well looks like this is all I've got. They are good tires though and hard to find in the US. Very popular in Europe Linda S And yes the Yokohama's will fit fine
  13. So you have all the pieces to the puzzle. Easy peazy. Yes stuff can be found to fix all of that Linda S
  14. Compared to me you have big tanks. New holding tanks are very expensive and the space available won't really give you that much more room. Besides you are still limited by your fresh water tank. All the water in your fresh tank won't fill your both your holding tanks so why would you need more room. Use water more judiciously. Instead of a shower wash up with a hot damp towel. Yes it can be done. Instead of flushing pour water in the bowl first. When you empty it everything including #2 will go down in a second. Uses far less water. Do dishes in a dish pan outside or in your sink with biodegra
  15. Well the a340f is for 4x4's. To use on a 2wd your going to have to switch the output shaft and the adapter for the transfer case. I think you can use the ones from your old trannie but not sure. Almost no one ever goes from 4x4 to 2wd so not a lot of information about it. Also from 8/90 to 8/91 the trannies used a funky speed sensor in the trannie to talk to computer. If the T100 one doesn't have it your computer won't understand it if your manufacture date is then. Linda S
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