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  1. He has not visited this site for a long time. You can find him on the Toyota Chinook site on Yahoo. He's Demarrais. https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/toyotachinook/conversations/messages Linda S
  2. Darn 2 ECU request at the same time. Getting me confused. So here is the one you need. https://www.autoecmstore.com/products/89661-35040 Linda S
  3. linda s

    Ecu help

    This place rebuilds them. Had positive feed back from a member of another Toyota group https://www.autoecmstore.com/products/89661-35760 This is the right part number for your truck Linda S
  4. linda s

    Cable détente transmission on its last leg v63l

    So would it matter if one was for a V6 and the other was for the 4 cylinder? I think that might be the difference. His rig is a V6. Dually wasn't the difference, engine was. Linda S
  5. linda s

    Cable détente transmission on its last leg v63l

    Unfortunately Toyota doesn't give lengths or details and I could not find an off brand equivalent to that part number. Only a junk yard dive would economically solve the question. Linda S
  6. linda s

    Cable détente transmission on its last leg v63l

    That cable might not be the right one for your rig. The Toyota part number equivalent for the one you have is 35520-35090. Search of a Toyota factory parts site shows this one is the only correct one for the dual wheel trucks. Fitting Vehicle Options: VZN120, 85, 9#.. ATM Toyota Part No.: 35520-35050 CABLE ASSEMBLY, THROTTLE Part Description Cable Assy, Throttle Manufacturer Toyota. This genuine Toyota part is guaranteed by Toyota's factory warranty.
  7. linda s

    Wretched Excess

    Well excessive for every day use but in an end of the world scenario that is exactly the vehicle I want. Kind of looks more like a mobile research station than an RV Linda S
  8. linda s

    Cable détente transmission on its last leg v63l

    That cable is supposed to be 49.6 inches long. Measure it and make sure the right one was in the box. 49 inches seems long enough Linda S
  9. Stewart Gardner did not patent the Sunrader shell. Fiberglass was already being used for motorhomes and of course boats. He had a number of other patents. He invented the slide out which he first started using in his mobile home line. He had a patent for the snap and nap pop out used in the Amerigo campers and he did put those in a couple of Sunraders. Google it pretty cool extra sleeping area. When I first started doing these sites there was still lots of info about him. No longer, Google has pretty much forgotten him. Linda S
  10. I have doubts about his story so I don't think anyone is missing anything. The guy that still makes Sunrader windows in Napa, Ca. was the plant manager at Garner-Pacific in Vallejo, Ca. At least one of his current employees also worked there. The " owner " was a corporation that also owned plants in Indiana and elsewhere. At the time they made several brands of motorhomes and mobile homes too. Linda S
  11. linda s

    Linda's Lotto setup

    Oh man your going to buy that for me? what a nice guy. Yeah I'd love it Linda S
  12. linda s

    overdrive transmission

    I've been driving my automatic with overdrive off for 14 years. Overdrive can cause the trannie to run hot and cause problems. Overdrive also cuts off at 4000 ft. I know some of that drive is high desert and might have been above the limit. Linda S
  13. He only visited this site the one time he posted. Never again. Linda S
  14. linda s

    Should I buy this Dolphin?

    I think it's a good start for a project. Front overhang isn't sagging or drooping in the middle. Might be better than you think Linda S
  15. linda s

    Toyota Sunrader 4X4

    That camper doesn't appear to have jacks on it but they can be installed. To remove you just jack it up and release the tie downs and drive it out. The campers are pretty rare. There just happens to be one in southern Cal on ebay right now https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sunrader-Cabover-Slide-In-Camper/163324347569?hash=item2606e3c4b1:g:~0wAAOSwX8dbxolm:rk:2:pf:1&frcectupt=true Just need a 4x4 long bed Toyota truck to put it on Linda S