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  1. This is the only timing chain I find for your vehicle. Was used until 7/83 Toyota Part No.: 13506-35010 Linda S
  2. Yours looks like your front tire. We need to see the back. Either that or there's a thick adapter between the inside and the outside tire to allow the addition of the second tire. Those cause the same offset that damages the wheel bearing and causes axle failure. Linda S
  3. No, just the ones with the fake dual wheels. In other countries where Toyota campers were built they always just had single wheels in the back. The foolies, fake duallys, can last for years sometimes but it doesn't mean an axle failure can't happen at any time. Your friend has just been lucky Linda S
  4. I would be willing to bet strength was the sole reason. With the larger windows up front and your side windows so close to the roof, on the road without that support the roof probably flexes up and down like a trampoline. Linda S
  5. Yeah it's the bad one. Your tiny camper though would be fine with single wheels in the back. You can buy 4 new wheels and 4 new tires for about a thousand lees than an axle upgrade. Those axles are getting hard to find too. Slightly wider tires would give you extra load capacity to make up for only having one tire in the back. https://simpletire.com/thunderer-205-r14c-th0309-tires?type=0 New 7 inch wheels would be a better fit and you could make them look awesome. https://www.ebay.com/b/Wheels/43953?_fsrp=0&Rim%20Diameter=14&Bolt%20Pattern=5x114%2E3&_sop=15&Rim%20Width=7&_sacat=43953&rt=nc&Offset=%2D2|0|1|3 Linda S
  6. I think something stronger is in order. I would go with bondo or fiberglass repair kit. Something sandable to give you a smooth strong result Linda S
  7. I was referring to the instructions I posted. The Pro wax says it needs to be polished after application. On a vehicle the size of a motorhome that can be a big job. Linda S
  8. So what your looking for is a Mini Cruiser. I think they only used the RBR name in the early years. Limiting your search to only one brand is going to make it harder to find a camper in good shape. Good idea to check out whatever you can find that comes up near you. Condition is the most important thing Linda S
  9. There are tons of different fiberglass chip repair products. West Marine is where the quality stuff is but most would work fine. 1/4 inch isn't anything to stress about. Stuff I posted would work. I just used bondo and mine was a pretty big piece. Still haven't painted it but it's sealed and someday I will get to it. Ford wimbledon white should be a good match to gel coat. Just feather it out https://www.amazon.com/Dupli-Color-EBFM00417-Wimbledon-Perfect-Automotive/dp/B00KTEG6WI?th=1 It's not this yellow but the early Sunraders do have a tinge of yellow to them Linda S
  10. No need to reseal fiberglass. Think boat. If you must fill the cracks maybe something like this. https://www.amazon.com/MagicEzy-Second-Chip-Oyster-White/dp/B00LCAFPPM?th=1 That tape on the vents needs to be removed and all the vents and plumbing vents need to be resealed with butyl tape, it is not a tape that goes on top, it is a flexible putty that goes between the shell and the vent edge. Then you can apply some self leveling roof caulk around the edges. I never have though. My butyl tape alone has never leaked. Linda S
  11. Here's the product from the manufacturers website. Seems they make professional detail products. https://www.prowax.com/waxes/P-38-Q_RV_Boat_Aircraft_Wax.html Sounds like more work than Zep. https://www.prowax.com/1prod_bulls/P-38-Q_pb_1_17_18.pdf Linda S
  12. 20 is nothing. Put in 60. Buy an air gauge, very cheap manual is fine. You know the ones where the center pops out. Then check it again tomorrow. Air bags do get damaged by driving with them empty
  13. You know all you have to do is remove the foolies and use a single wheel in the back. Your Scat is way too light to need a full float dually. The foolies caused the damage so just get rid of them. I do not believe your Scat even came with the foolies originally. Think someone added them before anyone knew they were such a problem. Linda S
  14. Why do you think your air bags are leaking. Are you checking the pressure frequently? And when full how long does it take for them to empty. Immediately, overnight or several days. If they are leaking slowly just fill them and drive to your destination. They should still have some air left. They do make driving more stable. By the way your fresh water tank probably holds around 20 gallons so about the same weight as one adult. Not tons Linda S
  15. Well I found the right cable. The actual correct part number for your rig. Only thing is it's in Dubai. Others on this site have ordered discontinued parts from them before with good results. Shipping is pretty cheap too, 15 bucks. Total is 68 dollars. Just in case your interested https://carmarka.com/en/toyota-cable-35520-35080 Linda S
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