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  1. linda s

    The beginning

    My 86 Sunrader only had staples. Is yours an east coast version, flat front windows, or a west coast, wrap around front. The staples can also be very irritating because they used about a thousand or more. Linda S
  2. linda s

    She's all mine!! 1992 Warrior

    There is a well stocked RV Salvage yard in Centralia Wa. http://www.westcoastrvrecyclingsales.com/ Linda S
  3. linda s

    repair on a sunrader roof

    87 and up have a beam that supports the roof. Some earlier ones have some sag from A.C. units. I don't have the beam but I have been on the roof of my Sunrader many times to change vents and wash. They are pretty darn strong. I used to be a whale of a woman. Don't ever call it a Sunseeker again please. It's Sunrader Linda S
  4. linda s

    repair on a sunrader roof

    Exactly what do think could happen to it. A tree fall on it? Linda S
  5. linda s

    Refrigerator service vent door

    Dr. George in Sacramento will have one. Your lucky your close enough http://rvdoctorgeorge.com/ Or eBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Refrigerator-Service-Vent-Door/131938145120?hash=item1eb8205360:g:FVYAAOxyPH9RuM8-&vxp=mtr Linda S
  6. linda s

    Rubber Roofs

    Not rocket science. I would do it myself. Lots of step by step instructions online and you can buy everything you need for it from Amazon or other online RV parts places. Amazon is probably cheaper Linda S
  7. linda s

    1980 22ft Heritage tandom/tag axle?

    No. There's a thread here with lots more info on the tandem ale with pics but can't find it. Linda S
  8. linda s

    1980 22ft Heritage tandom/tag axle?

    Dually axles with 5 lugs were the problem. No recalls on tag axles nor have I ever heard of anyone having a problem with them. The biggest drawback I know of is it will cost you more going over toll bridges. There are so few of them we don't discuss them often. I am betting they stopped making them because it was cheaper to slap the fake dually wheels on to the existing axle to carry the weight. Guess that didn't work out so well did it. Linda S
  9. linda s

    Roof too far gone?

    Too much to fix. All wiring gone. No power center or lights. No toilet and falling apart. The ceiling needs to be completely re-shimmed for support. The stuff they took out adds to the strength of the fiberglass but now it's gone. After you've spent several thousand dollars getting it usable you still have to deal with the mechanics of the engine and drive train. Better to pay more for one in good shape Linda S
  10. linda s

    Storage options.....

    Just wondered how much indoor storage space would cost in Mi and found this. There must be other places in this ball park. 40 bucks a month sounds cheap to me https://annarbor.craigslist.org/prk/d/indoor-outdoor-recreational/6657183015.html Linda S
  11. linda s

    Storage options.....

    If you can find it inside storage. Anyone with a barn near? The freezing and melting of water is one of the worst things on a motorhome or anything for that matter. Just take a look at your roads. If not buy the best cover you can afford. No ones made for Toyota motorhomes anymore but I have heard of people using ones for sprinter vans. They are just a little long. Also helps to put a couple of recycle bins on top front and back with a board between them to slope the roof. Helps prevent snow collection. Brush it down after heavy snow fall. Outdoor broom works great to pull it down. Covers can be quite expensive. Option is to buy the heaviest weight tarp and bungy it down underneath the camper. Do all the other things I mentioned with that too Linda S
  12. linda s

    4x4 Conversion on Ebay

    I know. Odyssey 4x4 bought it. He has been a member here a long time and just changed his name to match his new rig. He will be starting a thread to let us all get to know how cool it is. Very talented guy at upgrades so it will just keep getting better. Linda S
  13. linda s

    4x4 Conversion on Ebay

    Good. We will love it. Linda S
  14. linda s

    4x4 Conversion on Ebay

    I remember you. You used to be 87 Escaper and you built the best bumper mount motorcycle carrier ever. You've been quiet lately, now that you have a new baby I hope you share it with us. The Odyssey of course, not real baby Linda S
  15. linda s

    4x4 Conversion on Ebay

    You bought it? It was beautiful. I was very tempted but so far away. Please tell us how that gas tank is hooked up. Is it an extra one or did they replace the original. Linda S