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  1. Lots of Walmarts no longer have the equipment to mount our tires. Best to check ahead of time. Linda S
  2. So how fast are you driving. Anything over 65 will definitely drop the mileage severely. Linda S
  3. Go ahead and use overdrive on the highway. The V6 has a locking torque converter so there is no problem with heat build up in the trannie. No 4th is a 4 cylinder thing that doesn't have the locking torque converter No hills turn off ECT button too Linda S
  4. I found an old post where someone weighed their Itasca so same as a Winnie. Half a tank of gas and propane but nothing else except for 1 person the owner. Weighed 6200lbs. Overweight before they put their toothbrush in Linda S
  5. No one has access to your email except for moderators. All messages are sent with a double blind system through the group only. If you want someone to have your email you have to give it to them. No one shut off the notification. This newer more secure system just doesn't offer it. I have no access to your passwords and as long as we are using a secure system that hackers can't get into no one else will either. Linda S
  6. This picture looks the same so if it's this one that would be the correct model Linda S|Make%3AToyota|Model%3APickup|Submodel%3ABase|Engine+-+Liter_Display%3A2.4L&hash=item210eb4d4ca:g:qI8AAOxyfDZSZ-XB&vxp=mtr
  7. Hard to tell from a picture. They all look pretty much alike but only some models are for the cab and chassis Toyota. No model listed here Linda S
  8. Yup didn't notice that. He does use a lot of different names Linda S
  9. It's already over 15 grand for a 4 cylinder. I'm guessing he's doing the bidding himself to push the price up. There must be a way around eBay feedback system. Linda S
  10. Hackers have tried to get into this site numerous times. At least one time shutting us down until Greg could clear the system and fix everything. We need security, all of us. Linda S
  11. We have tons of traffic and security comes before convenience. Linda S
  12. Buy a radiator. I flushed mine several times and thought it was fine but still got too hot. Infrared therm test show it was too cool all across the middle so it wasn't working to capacity. New one and never gets hot. I like the CSF all metal ones. This is a really good price for a 3 row one Linda S
  13. Did you reuse the weatherstrip seal? Looks new Linda S
  14. Wow sounds good. Not far from my daughters in Folsom. I will definitely send business his way. Dumb me not near Folsom but I drive by Cotati every time I go to work in San Jose and I will still send business his way Linda S
  15. Here scroll down to Dolphinite's pics linda S