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  1. mission mike

    Need advice on back rack containers.

    I made a cargo box for our mohome when we bought it about 10 years ago and it has served well, basically a plywood box with a sloped hinged lid, in there we have a spare gas 2gal jerry can, a BBQ tank, a couple of chairs, campstove and other odds and sods for camping, also quite often have a couple of bikes hanging off the back. Mike
  2. mission mike

    Alaska 2017

    A good trip report Darrel, with great photos, thanks for taking the time to write it, Was that Canadian Icebreaker that you took the photo of the Polar Princess? If so it tied up in Victoria Harbour today. Mike
  3. mission mike

    Furnace help

    John Have you tried pushing it down with something like a Allan key? Mike
  4. mission mike

    Furnace help

    This is the switch on mine that I use if our furnace will not start. It is in the oblong opening top right of John's photo
  5. mission mike

    Furnace help

    John From your photo, check out the oblong opening top right, is there not a press button switch inside of there? there is inside of mine, it could be a restart for the furnace? if ours wont start I press that and the furnace fires up right away. Mike ( I'll try and get a photo of it later)
  6. Ned Thanks for posting, lots of useful information for anyone making a camping trip down the West Coast of Mexico. Some photos would have been a bonus to your well written trip report. Mike
  7. mission mike

    Negative micro-mini comix???

    That's funny! its happened to me more than once were I couldn't see the traffic lights because of the cabover.
  8. Hi Candace I always leave our fridge running when filling up the gas tank, on ours the gas filler is on the opposite side to the fridge, (89 Winnebago Warrior) but even if it wasn't I wouldn't have any qualms about it. but as others have said its up to what you feel safe with. But why make things difficult for yourself by turning the propane off? just my thoughts! Mike
  9. mission mike

    Another Alternator Question?

    I'm on the road now and are staying at an RV site in Westport Washington state, alternator ran fine with the new battery, not getting too hot to touch! Toyota ran fine as well driving down I-5 before we turned off and headed to the coast, a nice RV site (Pacific Motel and RV) nice big grassy area to park your mohome, and temps in the 50f plus range if you folks back East want to know!! Had a brief rain shower last night after we arrived and had a water drip from the center hatch, I borrowed a ladder from the owner this morning and got on the roof and think I found it and fixed it. BTW the battery I bought is an "Energy Power" not sure who makes that. Mike PS not sure whether this should be in trip report heading or not? but it is battery and alternator related!
  10. mission mike

    Another Alternator Question?

    Thanks Linda s No it wasn't a Walmart battery, it was from a local BC parts dealer, the one which was in there was a replacement for a battery that only lasted just over a year before it failed, bought a new one yesterday and will see how that goes. Mike
  11. mission mike

    Another Alternator Question?

    Thanks Maineah I'll keep that in mind, this morning I took the Toyota for a longer run, before setting off I disconnected the wire to the coach battery, after driving for an hour the alternator was still hot but not too hot that you couldn't keep your hand on it, also talked with the guy who worked on it yesterday for me and he recommended I get a new truck battery, although the one I have now is only 6 months old he didn't like where I had bought it or the make. you live and learn! Mike
  12. mission mike

    Another Alternator Question?

    Thanks for the reply JD, we had checked the 80 amp fuse, so nothing for it but to remove the alternator again, which I did yesterday morning, a neighbour told me about a guy who works out of his dads farm, he repairs farm and industrial equipment and only about a 20min drive from where we live. So I went down to see him and explained what was happening, he removed the cover off the back of the alternator and found a broken screw that fastens the regulator to the body, an important screw too! it was for ground, after replacing that he reassembled everything and gave the unit a bench test, now it was charging. I have it back in and reading 14.3v at the battery, I took the truck for a short run last night but I am still not happy, the regulator is running hot and I cant hold my hand on the casing, so what to do now? I'm not sure I want to trust the Alternator on a long drive like we were planning, nor do I want to replace it with another "Bosch"! I checked out Bosch and they are a remanufacturing outfit in Ontario, says "all new" and factory tested on my unit, obviously not! Sorry for rambling on Mike
  13. mission mike

    Another Alternator Question?

    Started out yesterday on what was going to be a three week trip down to California from British Columbia, made it about 12 miles, had just crossed into the USA when our alternator failed, alternator and brake light lit up, and a hot plastic smell under the hood, turned around and made it home OK, although the somethings not right hot smell was worse! Pulled the alternator this morning and got a free replacement (Bosch) our son having installed that one only 6 months ago. now the new unit is back in it doesn't show any charge at the battery only reading 12.3V, and the alternator light on the dash does not light up when starting, my son has taken readings here there and everywhere, showing continuity in the wires OK and no blown fuses. Apart from pulling this alternator out again and having it bench tested, any ideas out there what else we could check? Having read several of the other post on alternators, have to agree with Linda they are a pain to re and re on the trucks with the auto trans, no easy way to twist and and turn the unit to pull it out, we managed to get this one out through the top. Thanks Mike
  14. mission mike


    http://www.dasmule.com/arb-awning-3-sizes/ I'm considering one of these awnings, I believe they were made for VW vans? but look like they would easily adapt to fit our motorhomes. Price would be under $400 for the 8ft x 8ft size. Mike