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  1. mission mike

    Need advice on back rack containers.

    I made a cargo box for our mohome when we bought it about 10 years ago and it has served well, basically a plywood box with a sloped hinged lid, in there we have a spare gas 2gal jerry can, a BBQ tank, a couple of chairs, campstove and other odds and sods for camping, also quite often have a couple of bikes hanging off the back. Mike
  2. mission mike

    Negative micro-mini comix???

    That's funny! its happened to me more than once were I couldn't see the traffic lights because of the cabover.
  3. mission mike


    http://www.dasmule.com/arb-awning-3-sizes/ I'm considering one of these awnings, I believe they were made for VW vans? but look like they would easily adapt to fit our motorhomes. Price would be under $400 for the 8ft x 8ft size. Mike
  4. mission mike

    Weight Capacity Of Roof - 1989 Toyota Dolphin

    I guess Winnebago Warrior's are made stronger? I walk on our roof with no problems, weight distribution is my size 12 shoes!
  5. mission mike

    Where Do You Store The Gas Can?

    We have a cargo box on the back of our warrior, when we travel in Baja Mexico I always carry a full 5 gal jerry can in the box, traveling in the USA and Canada we don't usually take it along, the gas gauge works on our rig, not sure of the size of our gas tank, but I know we get about 200 miles on a full tank. When we get down to a quarter tank I start looking for a gas station. Mike
  6. mission mike

    Looks Pretty Good. Price Is Right.

    Thanks Karen, do you remember the original price on the first listing on Craig list? I will pass both listings on, BTW I think our relative is only interested in Oregon or Washington for looking at Motor-homes for sale, he doesn't want to travel too far. Mike
  7. mission mike

    Looks Pretty Good. Price Is Right.

    The one for sale in Seattle I passed on to a relative who's looking to buy, he called the guy and asked for the vin number, the owner said he would call back with it, but never did, wonder now if it was a scam or maybe sold fast? If you hear of anymore please let me know, there is another one for sale in Anacortes that is a possible good deal. thanks Mike
  8. mission mike

    Outdoor Research House Trailer

    That's a great photo of Mt Baker, we look at it every day from up here in BC. Mike
  9. mission mike


    Listen to Fred! stealth is your best option, we hide our laptop at the end of one of our bench seats in the coach, we made a hidden compartment in which the lap top sits upright, a strip of plywood covered in the same carpet that is on the floor and lower wall makes a door, you would never know there is a hidden compartment, we've been through several border crossings numerous times and it has never been checked.
  10. mission mike

    Bbq storage & extra storage

    Hi Hobbits Home for us is in the Fraser Valley of BC, about 12 miles North of the Sumas USA border crossing, as for Baja we like it all, and the further South we get we like it more! If you do decide to drive down through Baja I would recommend you check out the Bajanomads website, there you'll get up-to date road conditions, camp sites ect. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ sd bolt dude, thanks! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ RVdaytrader I would like to see photos of your roof rack too. thanks all Mike
  11. mission mike

    Bbq storage & extra storage

    This is what we use, I made it from 5/8" plywood, inside I carry a 20lb propane BBQ tank,(upright) 5 gal jerry can of gas, 2 garden chairs and a small folding BBQ, plus the two bikes hanging on a bike carrier attached to the box lid. My son welded up an angle iron frame that is bolted to the frame extensions underneath the rear of the coach, so far it as stayed together doing three trips down to the bottom of Baja Mexico and back, over rough roads Topes an all! Hope to be leaving in early January on our fourth trip south. Wouldn't want to be in a bad rearender with this set up, but I do drive accordingly knowing the risk of one! having said that the fixed propane tank on our rig is situated just behind the driver and low down, so wouldn't want to be T-boned on the drivers side either! Driving in Mexico I do like to have the extra gas and propane on hand, and hate carrying them inside the coach. Mike
  12. I've had success fixing leaks in hard to get at places, by using Plumbers Weld. Mike
  13. mission mike

    Bike Rack

    Thanks Steve My cargo box slash bike carrier doesn't look the greatest but I would hate to be without it, and since adding the propane regulator I can tap into the 20lb BBQ tank whilst on the road to keep the refrigerator running should we run out of propane on the main tank. Mike
  14. mission mike

    Fiberglass and Aluminum

    Thanks Dolphinite John and Karincorbin for input on this topic. I have seen one home built roof rack on a camper that I have considered making, it to spanned the roof from side to side as Karin suggested, but instead of bolts to hold it in place, it used ratchet straps on the four corners running down the walls to the frame of the truck, it seemed very sturdy and was carrying two kayaks, wished I'd taken a photo to better explain. Mike
  15. mission mike

    Bike Rack

    This works OK for me, and no damage to the bikes.(unless we were rear ended) I built the cargo box for our first trip to Baja Mex, for carrying a BBQ tank, spare gas can, garden chairs and other clutter that would take up space inside. I found our regular car bike carrier would attache to the lid and I can carry up to three bikes. The frame the box sits on my son welded up out of scrap angle iron, and is bolted to the frame extensions and the bumper Total cost was about $50. Mike