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  1. I am starting on the exterior in hopes of having it finished for the most part before the rain comes for 6 months. I am focusing on preventative re-sealing seams and windows as well as aesthetic updates. How she sat when I got her home My poor attempt at visualizing how I wanted to redo the stripes I started out by buffing the exterior with compound to restore some of its past luster. Surprisingly it shined up pretty nicely! Removing the corner moulding to reseal with Dicor corner seal tape. It was a nightmare trying to remove all the po
  2. Here are some shots of the interior. The previous owners had done some changes to it. I plan on redoing the inside after I finish the exterior. Solar on the roof Engine bay, needs to be gone through but the engine runs and sounds great. I plan to clean up the wiring and do some re-organizing. Stay tuned for more!
  3. Hello everybody. I recently purchased this 1983 Toyota Dolphin. I wanted to share my project with you all and figured this would be a good place to ask questions and keep track of progress as time goes on. Feel free to offer advice and criticism as this is my first time renovating an RV. About Myrtle: 1983 Dolphin 300 Den floor plan 22RE swap from a 94 pickup done by previous owners Original 4 speed transmission Full float rear axle 400watt Renogy solar kit with dual batteries installed by previous owners Roof A/C I picked up Myrtle in Ro
  4. I’ll contact him and find out how much he wants for it and if he still has it. I’ll let you know what he says.
  5. It was an 83, it must have had the recall performed on it because it had the hubs that stick out and 6 lug wheels. It is sitting in a salvage yard. I was up there a couple weeks ago getting parts for my Dolphin.
  6. If you decide to get it, I know of a guy in Port Orchard WA with a full float rear axle with the wheels off of a 1983 Dolphin.
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