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  1. I found a shop that can replace my bushings and pins for me, but they don’t know how to find the parts. Does anyone know where I can get them and what kind to get? I have a 91’ btw
  2. Ok, how about the batteries? Should I have 2?
  3. Ok, so let’s say I run it on 12V while driving and switch to propane when I’m parked for any length of time. They use a lot of battery but probably not enough to drain it and mess up the battery for 5/10 min refueling stops right? also, I have one battery currently. Should I make a bigger battery box and have 2?
  4. Anyone use any kind of water filter system for drinking and cooking with?
  5. When you turn the propane off to get gas, then then turn it back on, do you have to relight the pilot light for the fridge?
  6. I've loved reading through this post and all the pictures! This thing its awesome!! I can't wait to see the final product! You're gonna have so much fun in this thing! I'm big on taking your time and doing things the right way. I can tell you're passionate about this. You're going to have the most solid Toyhome on the road!! You've given me a lot of ideas for my own rebuild! I just bought a 91 V6 Dolphin and I've been working on taking it apart. The original plan was a complete rebuild so I could beef it up and have everything new, but the main reason I got it was to be able to take my grandma
  7. I do not have an oven, just a stove. Thanks for the tips, I'll look into that!
  8. So this toy home I got was missing a few important things, one of them being a refrigerator. It looks like all the hookups are still there though. I'm having all the gas and water lines tested Monday at an RV shop since this is my first RV and I'm still learning the ins and outs of it. I figured it would be a good oportunity to learn how everything works, how and where to properly drain your tanks etc.. Before I go there and they try to sell me a bunch of likely overpriced things for it, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or advice on what kind of replacement fridge I should get? Fr
  9. Good luck and safe travels Fred!
  10. Thanks for all the tips and advice everyone! This forum has been such a godsend! Aside from all my questions you guys keep answering, I’ve learned so much from pouring through older threads you’ve all posted on. It’s so great being able to turn to people with more experience. The main reason I bought an RV is so I could take my grandma camping. I moved her in with me about 5 years ago to take care of her (in reality she takes just as much care of me). She’s been wanting to go camping but with her age and limitations she can’t really be climbing in and out of a tent. For her comfort I
  11. Okay, you’ve convinced me. A/C is staying. I plan on running almost everything off solar, but I know that’s not possible for A/C. At least not without a really large and expensive system. Every generator I’ve ever heard is pretty loud. Do they make quieter ones now? When I’m camping I like to hear the nature. Nothing worse than noisy generators in the background.
  12. I’ve got a lot of work to do on my camper, but I’m hoping to have the inside gutted and the roof sealed up before the temperature starts to dip in the fall. I plan on replacing the existing skylights with some that have fans in them. I’m wondering if I should ditch the A/C to cut down on some weight and just put a skylight in, or if I should keep the air conditioning. How many of you find the air conditioning a must have? Do you use it a lot in those hot summer months?
  13. This forum has been so helpful in so many ways! From all the older discussions I've been able to learn from to my many questions you've all answered! Thanks to everyone for their input! And thanks Gary for those pictures, it helps to see it!
  14. okay, cool! I can probably do that.
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