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  1. My parents just recently purchased a 1990-91 (we are unsure what year... sellers said 90 but wasn't 4x4 introduced in 91?) Town Ace A'm Craft! Excited to learn more about the hobby! Anyone else out there with a similar rig?
  2. My parents just recently bought a JDM camper to fulfill their traveling dreams! They are quite clueless when it comes to auto, research, and maintenance so they have tasked me to help them out. I accepted only to find out how rare and limited information is on this vehicle. I know its a factory 1991 2.0 2c diesel Town Ace coached by A'mcraft (a company that built a camper on it), however there seems to be many different engines used in this generation of the Town Ace (3rd). Around the 1990-93 the CM65 seemed to be used but I am still unsure. I would like to order a timing belt kit before the vehicle comes to my home. This is my first time trying a forum. Let's see how this goes...
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