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  1. The 100% exact thing happened to me today. Good to know that it's a form factor that works in today's world that's not 1986.
  2. Hi there - thank you both. Jim, your theory makes so much sense and I did find a valve there under the kitchen sink - although either way I turn it, water seems to eventually come out of those drains below. But - if nothing is draining there are no leaks. Which I guess is a good sign? This all could 100% be user error as I try to understand and contextualize the systems in this thing. (It was just yesterday I learned the difference between "city water connection" and "potable water" - and. Duh. One is just to connect, the other is to store. I'm clearly not deeply experienced here.) I did so
  3. Hey there - I just hooked up my new-to-me 1986 Toyota Granville to water via a hose for the first time - and the results...are feeling like they weren't too great. As I've readily admitted elsewhere on these forums, I'm completely new to pretty much anything related to the land of "RV." So, I figure instead of trying to explain what I ran into - I'd just show with a video. https://www.dropbox.com/s/2n78bmn83qtgb8n/leak-consult.mp4?dl=0 One. I'm wondering what the heck those odd 'drains' are. Because they seem like they're on purpose. And second, is this going to be a big deal
  4. This. Makes tons of sense. Thank you so much.
  5. This in and of itself is amazing and super helpful. And, sure, low quality, but I very much enjoy seeing this brochure. It's super fun to see it in 'new mode'. Thank you for that. And thank you so much for those manuals. Helps me so much to get oriented. Aaaaand also. Thank you for this tip. I'll admit. I had to google to understand what it meant (I'm clearly not a mechanic, and may be an idiot, but I'm learning :).
  6. Hi all. I'm brand new to this forum - and frankly - brand new to this whole motor home thing. I realize this is an older thread but I didn't feel right coming in as a newbie and starting a brand new one. Yesterday we just purchased a 1986 Granville with 84k miles on it. I believe I'm the third owner and it's recently been sitting for a couple years. But, with a new battery, it started right up and handled the 50+ mile voyage home from where we purchased it without issue. Me, my wife and young son (and crazy small dog) are looking forward to having many adventures in this thing. Candidly
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