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  1. Sunset at Seaview rv in Hope, AK. 10PM 7/27
  2. I'm now on the parks Hwy which runs North-south from Fairbanks to Anchorage. This igloo was built many years ago and never completed. Its for sale Google it. This road store is something else at Trapper Creek. Of course I had to stop at the Denali brewery. Mitey fine beer. Wild strawberries an dandeline leaves for dinner. Sunset from camp at Talkeetna. Would make an interesting camper. Nice wolf. A snow-go. Down town Talkeetna. Catch of the day. Had to have my fireworks, parks Hwy just before Wasilla. Onother bat mobile.
  3. Alyeska pipe line. First glacier of this trip, on the Denali Hwy. There were many more. At one time I could count 5 glaciers. More Arctic Grayling. Cracked winshield, expected that but hoped not. Small museum at a Roadhouse. The owner of Roadhouse grew up where I now live, small eworld. My mascot tree. About to wash down stream.
  4. In June of 2008 I paid $7.50 pg in Yellowknife' NWT.
  5. I just compleated the round trip to the Attic circle. 3 days with stops from Fairbanks. About 400 miles mostly gravel road. Gas was $4.49 pg at Yukon crossing. Got a crack in the windshield. Caught Attic Grayling. Blue berries are ripe.
  6. Made it to Chena hot springs yesterday. Nice greenhouses. This rig is from Germany. A 20 year old camper put on a 6 year old diesel Nissan truck.
  7. Decided to get new tires before driving any more Alaska rock roads. Got 6 Nankan tires put on in Fairbanks. $729.00.
  8. Where else would you find RV parking arrows in a parking lot.
  9. This post is in the Wal-Mart parking lot. In the winter when it is very cold you plug your vehicle into it so as not freeze up the engine or else you leave the vehicle running.
  10. Museum in Fairbanks
  11. Its called. "Fountainhead antique auto museum"
  12. F 20170712_113511.mp4