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    boating, fishing, gardening, hunting, woodworking, and most of all TRAVELING, and now wine and beer making

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    1984 Dolphin, sold it. Now 1994 Winnebago Warrior 321rb
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  1. darrel

    Furnace Heater Trouble Shooting- Help Needed

    I posted this 2 years ago. My furnace would not ignite, everything worked but no fire. I built a manometer to check the gas pressure, it was good. Decides to pull the burner out and take a look. This is what I found, burned up in the flame area. Installed a new burner and it works great. I bought this furnace new in 2007 and used it a lot. 50,000 miles in a Dolphin then in my now Warrior total of 80,000 miles or so. Now another 20,000 miles and it works great.It burned the burner up. Just throwing this out.
  2. darrel

    Gray water lines

    Jack, I went to a local plumbing supply store and bought the white plastic fittings you see here. They slide over either your old gray pipe or new semi clear pipe. Also can get the blue or red pipe.The end then screws down tight making a water tight seal- no leaks. As what was said already you should have a plastic pipe cutter to make clean smoth cuts. Plumbing supply also sell this tool. By the way, did that tank sensor I sent you work? Darrel
  3. Hi, Darrel,

    Toy-Rig here. Suzanne and Ron, Parksville, Vancouver Island. Still planning on 'camping' in Toy-Rig this summer, maybe less due to health concerns.

    Woild be nice if you plan to come up here this year. Saw you finally made it to Alaska!

    sorry to hear about your brother!

    how is Gunn? Give her our regards.

    hope to hear from you soon.

    Oh,   By the way we have moved down off the hill and have a new phone.

    if you want, you can e-mail me at tuareg1936@icloud.com for details


  4. darrel

    Spare tire relocating?

    I remounted my spare wheel to the original mounting place. Just behind the rear end using all the original parts. On either side of the frame is a rubber plug in the frame which I removed. I cut and shortened the original spare lowering rod and permanently affixed in place. The hook end at the lowering mechanism and the end that is squared off for the handle. Used a aluminum electrical plate on the side of the motorhome with the rod sticking out enough for the handle to slip on. Now I can lower and raise the spare wheel from the side of the motorhome. I do still have to crawl under the motorhome to retrieve the wheel. Never had a flat. Damn should not say that. When I get new tyres I have the best tire mounted as the spare. Darrel
  5. darrel

    The perfect time is now.

    So sorry to hear of you loss.. This can be the inspiration for you to regain lost memories for you and your wife. Do it ,, she will be with you, ALWAYS. My brother passed away two years ago. He always wanted to do a road trip to Alaska but didn't. My parents always wanted to do a road trip to Alaska but didn't. This year I did that road trip to Alaska, and they were with me every second of the way. Darrel
  6. darrel

    Looking for TV install location ideas.

    I used the walk through once and it almost was a stuck through. Darrel
  7. darrel

    Looking for TV install location ideas.

    This was my solution to the TV, Computer, and phone cords. Now after a 41/2 month road trip I did not use the TV, why do I have it.
  8. I found a ready made bamboo cutting board that very nicely.
  9. darrel

    Jacking up the rear

    Derek that picture is still making me shake. Darrel
  10. darrel

    Replacing oven

    I removed the cooktop-oven in my 84 Dolphin and installed a three burner cooktop, Made two drawers where the oven was. Both my wife and I liked it much better. Stopped a lot of noise and created storage. Thinking of doing the same in my 94 Warrior. We did not ever use the oven. Darrel
  11. darrel

    DO NOT try this in your Toyota!!

    Lee, Thanks for the laugh. Love those brits. Darrel
  12. darrel

    Does it ever end??

    Linda you couldn't have explained why we do this any better. Darrel
  13. Lexan, replaced it 3 years ago with new seal. Does not leak. Don't know if it is scratched, don't look out of it. Darrel
  14. darrel

    Cruise Control

    I use my cruise all the time, all the way down to 30 MPH. Yes if using cruise and start to climb a hill or incline the transmission will shift out of OD. You take it out of cruise get to a speed you can maintain then put cruise back on, it will hold. 50,55, 45, you decide. If you have to shift into 2nd gear, which we do out west, I usually do not go over 45MPH and use the cruise. Mine holds very well. By the way my engine is a v6. Darrel
  15. darrel

    Overhang window replacement 1991 WW

    Have thought about eliminating the window. We never use ours. Its covered with silver bubble wrap.