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  1. Alaska 2017

    Ferry is delayed until 9:15 PM tonight arriving at 2:30 AM. There goes my beauty sleep. Raining going to rain for 10 or more days. A real phone booth.
  2. Alaska 2017

    Came across a surprise while parking to go to a brewery. Prince Rupert sunken gardens. Well it's Cow bay. That's what you do with a dead VW, plant the front end.
  3. Alaska 2017

    At Prince Rupert now leaving tomorrow afternoon for Ketchikan then Prince of Whales island. Prince Rupert, the good and the ugly.
  4. Alaska 2017

    At the junction of 37 and 16 header West to Prince Rupert. Totems at Kitwanga. Catholic churches.
  5. Alaska 2017

    Watson Lake sign post. Damn squirls chewed up my hood pad. It was perfect. Moose hanging poles. Glacial on the way to Stewart and Hyder. Look close and find a grizzly bear in the water. A few bugs on the windshield.
  6. Alaska 2017

    Out of cell range for awhile. We are on route 16 headed to Prince Rupert. Came down the Cassiar hwy #37. Sitting at a Walmart in Terrace, BC. Photos are from Skagway, AK, to Watson Lake and down the Cassiar route to Terrace. Chilkoot trail to the gold fields at Dawson city, Yukon Territory Canada. Dog mushers truck. More mushrooms. Waterfall with the White Pass railroad line about center of picture. Canada border crossing at White Pass.. Carcross, BC, .Ca. Means Caraboo crossing. Didn't see any.
  7. Alaska 2017

    Woke up this morning to find out that three cruise ships had ported overnight. Lots of people. Sell those t-shirts.
  8. Alaska 2017

    Leaving Port of Haines. Another glacier. Entering Skagway harbor. One cruise ship. Lots of people. Early snow plow for railroad. Driftwood on front of AB building. Heading up hwy 98 tomorrow to Carcross. ..
  9. Alaska 2017

    Haines, Ak. Fish wheel. Hammer museum. Southwest Alaska state fair. My wife at the fair, fair is closed, Damn its the best fair ever. More glaciers. WWII officer barracks now private residences. Black bear. Chilcoot river. Departing Haines. My WIFE on ferry going to Skagway. Going to heaven.
  10. Alaska 2017

    Entering Skagway, got to go.
  11. Alaska 2017

    On the Alcan hwy from Glennallen to Haines junction.
  12. Alaska 2017

    Done that.
  13. Alaska 2017

    Another Toyota land cruiser.
  14. Alaska 2017

    Kennicott copper mine at the end of a very rough rock road, 65 miles. Root glacier in front of mine.