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  1. The perfect time is now.

    So sorry to hear of you loss.. This can be the inspiration for you to regain lost memories for you and your wife. Do it ,, she will be with you, ALWAYS. My brother passed away two years ago. He always wanted to do a road trip to Alaska but didn't. My parents always wanted to do a road trip to Alaska but didn't. This year I did that road trip to Alaska, and they were with me every second of the way. Darrel
  2. Looking for TV install location ideas.

    I used the walk through once and it almost was a stuck through. Darrel
  3. Alaska 2017

    Mike, thanks for reading my posts glad you enjoyed photos. It does take more effort to post pictures and edit them when on the go. Yes that was the Polar Princess. Darrel
  4. Looking for TV install location ideas.

    This was my solution to the TV, Computer, and phone cords. Now after a 41/2 month road trip I did not use the TV, why do I have it.
  5. Alaska 2017

    The Alaska road trip. Started this road trip on 6/10/17 and got home on 10/18/17. Drove 11,068 miles took 9 ferries for another 902 miles. Averaged 12.906 MPG. Best mileage was 16.51, worst was 10.405. About 860 gallons of gas. Went through Us and Canadian customs 7 times. One cracked windshield and many rock chips. Lost one bolt that secures the plastic cover which covers the rear axle hub. Bought new tires in Fairbanks. Now for the clean up, motorhome needs every inch inside and out cleaned. No mechanical problems. Met many fabulist people, saw mountains to the sea, bear, moose, caribou, deer, buffalo, mountain goats, big horn sheep, beaver, rabbit, grouse, ptarmigan, turkey, mice, owl, fish, musk ox, glaciers, coyote, wolf, mink, otter, whale, dolphin, otter, slugs, birds, there must be more. Forgot to add this, when I leave for an extended road trip the motorhome usually weighs in at 6800 to 6900 pounds. I weighed just before hitting home this time, full of gas, water and the two of us at 7450#. Guess we picked up toooooo many trinkets. Darrel
  6. Alaska 2017

    Lots of rain makes trees grow tall and straight.
  7. Alaska 2017

    Camping at Kelsey bay rv park. This park keeps us returning. Ocean view, electricity, water, sewer, very quiet, and 20 dollars. With exchange rate of 1.30 to one US dollar it's a bargain. The owners are very nice, forgot. Free firewood. Crab sandwich for breakfast.
  8. Alaska 2017

    On the road to Sayward and Kelsey bay is this cable building. Cable is about 2 " in diameter.
  9. Alaska 2017

    Culture shock again.
  10. Alaska 2017

    Drove into Telegraph Cove yesterday. Log deck, before the logs are scaled and banded, then floated in the water to a mill. One hell of a truck load and a woman driver
  11. Alaska 2017

    Entering Port Hardy, north end of Vancouver isl.
  12. Alaska 2017

    Caught a few spotted scrimp. Waiting for the ferry to Port Hardy, Vancouver isl. Canadian Ice breaker sailed through the Northwest passage.
  13. Alaska 2017

    My first pull and two keepers. My second pull a female full of eggs. My largest crab, got four now for the picking.
  14. Alaska 2017

    Cow bay and our camp spot on Cow bay.
  15. Alaska 2017

    Morning coffee and sunset. Then another cruise ship.