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  1. Google "kinetic energy races arcata"
  2. All are powered with leg muscle. Race is 42 miles long over 3 days. Course transverses road, sand and water. So you can imagine a cold beer is in order. Darrel
  3. Going to the www.kineticgrandchampionship.com races this weekend. If there is anyone in northern California or southern Oregon that is interested, my wife and I will be spectators. Will arrive on Friday and spend the first two nights in the park under the Samoa bridge. Race starts at noon in Arcata. First day race to Eureka, second day race to camp between Eureka and Ferndale, third day race to Ferndale for the finish. Pictures from last year. Darrel
  4. Back from Mexico. Had a very good experience. Only down side it was 95-100 degrees but all dental offices have AC so did the hotel. My dental cost was $400.00 compared to $1600.00 here in Grants Pass. There was travel expenses but it still cost much less. Calling it a vacation. Darrel
  5. I agree with Rogue Runner. I use my CC all the time, but it is not on all the time. Confused? When a hill-incline comes up I disengage it so as not to force a down shift. I will manually disengage the OD and down shift. If the hill is long enough I will engage the CC while in 3rd or 2nd gear and be on my merry way. 3.0 v6 engine automatic. Darrel
  6. Lee, Thanks for the laugh. Love those brits. Darrel
  7. Do you run the Honda while inside your new compartment? Does the Honda run your AC? Darrel
  8. Linda you couldn't have explained why we do this any better. Darrel
  9. I'm wondering if there is anyone out there that has good or bad experience with DENTISTS in Los Algodones Mexico. I need some dental work done and my local dentist wants my RIGHT hand for the work. I have done some checking and the prices are about 70% less with equal quality. Looking for good and or bad dentists names. If you don't want to post on this web site would you message me. Darrel
  10. Lexan, replaced it 3 years ago with new seal. Does not leak. Don't know if it is scratched, don't look out of it. Darrel
  11. All engines with AC loose a certain amount of power when the AC is on. The 22r or 22re engine is very capable of being run with the AC on even being that it is a Toyota motorhome. On long hills if you must have as much speed as possible turn off the AC until you get to top of hill then turn it back on. A good operating system will freeze you out even with 90-100 degree weather. I kept it running with r-12 and it was original. My 1984 Dolphin put out colder air than my 2004 Tacoma. Darrel
  12. I used the AC on my 84 Dolphin all the time, well when it was hot. Even in Death Valley on that long climb out. Wife and I do not like being HOT, unless we instigated it. The same of the 94 Warrior. Have if fixed. Darrel
  13. I use my cruise all the time, all the way down to 30 MPH. Yes if using cruise and start to climb a hill or incline the transmission will shift out of OD. You take it out of cruise get to a speed you can maintain then put cruise back on, it will hold. 50,55, 45, you decide. If you have to shift into 2nd gear, which we do out west, I usually do not go over 45MPH and use the cruise. Mine holds very well. By the way my engine is a v6. Darrel