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  1. Oh man it's been awhile! Time has just slipped away! Things have been going ok on the rebuild although I've slowed down a bit, I think after all the major repairs and construction I was just a little burnt out on moving straight into redoing the whole interior. But I have got a few things done. Getting the dining area closed in and insulated, and I've built some temporary tables and countertops so I'm able to use it now while I continue to add things in. Solar is almost done (just waiting on a new battery) and then I'll be moving onto adding the fridge back in and setting up the prop
  2. Thanks guys, I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. Also learning about the wonderful world of varnishing and the pitfalls of it all. I glued furring strips along the front, one the entire length above the windows about 1" and another below the windows 1", and a strip down the middle connecting the two. Then I screwed the cedar planking into those. The bottom slope of cedar isn't screwed into anything, the upper lip slides under the furring strip and along the bottom I used a few screws to tack it down. I put 2" board foam underneath for a bit of support and warmth. I used a g
  3. Managed to get the cabover area pretty much done except for filling in the gap and some minor detail work, now I'll start working on the main cabin and figuring all that out.
  4. No worries Rick! Looks like it was quite the pain but you were successful in the end! I think I have a similar problem in the rear that the floor has sagged over one of the top shock bolts, but for now I'm leaving those problems for another time haha. Glad you were able to work through those problems and get it fixed.
  5. Hey Rick, I don't think the grey water tank adds any floor support. On my it contributed to the floor destruction and the immense sagging I have on either side as it's really just pulling down on the floor all the time. Really wish they hadn't mounted all the water tanks on the least supported part of the vehicles floor, but i've really been wishing they did a lot of things different as I rebuild this thing. Wish in one hand shit in another..... Definitely sounds like they're just trying to rack up the bill on you, brakes and shocks are legit, sticky doors are definitely not. The l
  6. Man Rick sorry to hear it, that sounds like quite the headache! I removed all the tanks in my Sunrader (easy and took maybe 20 minutes to do em all) and all of them had bolts going through the floor from the top to the metal strap underneath Linda mentioned with a nut and washer holding it on. If for some reason the bolt head inside the coach going through the floor isn't visible or is underneath a layer of wood you can tighten from the bottom by grabbing the bolt with vise grips and then a wrench on the nut. As for the other mechanical stuff none of that is too difficult or c
  7. Nice Job Rick, your rig is really coming together and looking beautiful. I've managed to get the ceiling installed with the lights and insulation. Something is actually kinda sorta done, although I won't be surprised if i revisit it at some point. Working on the cabover area now, I've gotten the side panels built and will begin tackling the front area next.
  8. Well it seems like I've hit a major milestone. All the repairs and upgrades to the infrastructure have been completed. Finished up on the roof two days ago and received the last vent cover I needed yesterday which I installed. I'm ready to start moving onto the interior build, gluing in furring strips now for attachment points. It'll be nice to move from fixing and repairing to building and designing.
  9. That's funny Rick, I've been feeling the exact same way. Wake up, coffee, sunrader, shower, dinner, tv, bed. And again. Which I gotta say although it gets a little monotonous it's also nice to have a bit of a routine and to just keep pressing forward. Anyway your rig is looking great, really nice work on everything so far. Are you completely sold on painting the wood panel or have you considered stain/finish?
  10. These toyota motorhomes are awesome, small, unique and offer a good living space. They definitely can be worth buying. Unfortunately you'll probably have to do something along the lines of a gut and rebuild if you buy one that hasn't been rebuilt already which is the place myself and a few others have found themselves in after recently purchasing Sunraders. Which is all well and good if you have the time, money, skills and patience to rebuild a camper. Oh and if your not looking to use it for the next 6 months to a year. I was in a very similar situation to you last winter looking
  11. I know I should, I'm just getting tired of having to redo every goddamn thing on this rig lol. I guess drilling out the rivets and putting in bolts isn't that much work, but man it'd be nice to actually get to building the interior one day. And then there's always the dream of actually using the thing, but I don't wanna get ahead of myself Hey Rick, how far out do your cabinets go from the sidewall?
  12. Right?! I've been constantly surprised and what amounts to "acceptable" on this thing.... of course I shouldn't be considering the rear axle issues they all felt comfortable sending people down the road with lol. Who cares about the ladder falling off when the wheels won't even stay on!
  13. The rivets are holding the ladder on. I thought about replacing them with bolts but then decided I'd just epoxy and glass over them to reinforce.
  14. They came with about 5 inches of wire on each side, which I then tied into a new line I ran from the passenger brake light all the way around through the front clearance lights. My wires had a decent amount of corrosion on the ends and the brake lights weren't even working originally so I decided to replace it all, as well as the connections to the rear light assembly. Everything is working as it should now thankfully. Those little t-connectors were a nice way to tie into a line and were pretty cheap as well. I'm not sure on a backup camera yet, if I do I thought I'd run the wire u
  15. Hey Rick, Yeah they're super easy, just a couple of mounting screws. I spent more time lining them up and making sure they looked straight and even than I did actually installing them. I had to fill in the old screw holes as my new lights didn't line up, but that was as complicated as it got. Jetalkington: Nice job on the fiberglass, came out great. And that screw trim looks really good, seems to install in a more 'even' fashion than the original stuff. You can see waves and bumps in mine where it doesn't seat as well or deformed when I pushed it in. I would guess
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