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  1. Thanks you Tundrader. Great find. On another note: is there a link somewhere here on how you put your 88 onto your Tundra? Did you do this conversion? EDIT: I took a trip through your insta page and got a good look from beginning to now. Nice project. Really looks nice.
  2. Build your own safe. I built one in our previous van, and just finished a new one in our Sunrader. You can do this easily and put it anywhere you like. Mine is a simple box three sides made from 5/8 ply screwed onto a basic frame. The open side where the door goes is a piece of 16 gauge cold rolled steel. At the bottom of this sheet of steel I glued a long hinge and then glued and screwed that hinge down into the frame. The top of this door butts up against a piece of angle iron steel that is screwed/glued into the top of the frame. I drilled a hole in this angle iron and bolted o
  3. Hey Blake. I just spent the last six months gutting and rebuilding a Sunrader. On the bright side you now have an open book. Exciting to be able to envision exactly what you want. Before you begin just make sure the motor/trans are good. Otherwise, before you know it you are going to have a beautiful custom built motorhome you can be proud of. Rick
  4. Thanks. Tires are good. Spring bushings are the issue. Will get to it some day...
  5. We bought our 21' 1986 Sunrader in California at the end of December. It has 85,000 mi. It was a steal at less than $3K, but had suffered from neglect and a large tree branch that crashed right through the roof in a few places. I bought it from a trailer rebuilder who repaired the roof. He had it up and running, barely. And then gave up on it. My plan was to spend a few months and a bare bones budget restoring it. This turned into six months of hard work. And it continues. With it came big challenges and an interesting learning curve. The members here on the forum have been inva
  6. I have a similar problem, Tom. I have a 1986 21 Sunrader. It doesn't have a proper gas cap. Instead, it has what looks two be a radiator cap on it. Would like to eventually get the right one. Rick
  7. I bought my 1986 Sunrader and it was a 24 hour drive away. I had a friend who lived an hour away drive up and give me a look via facetime. You could do this with the seller if they can. Always nice to take a virtual walk around inside and out before taking the drive. As you know, once you all that way it is difficult to come home empty handed. That said, beyond the mechanics, the big surprises are always hidden behind the walls. If there have been leaks, how was the moisture dealt with? Perhaps seller can elaborate? If it was just covered up you will have to deal with mold and
  8. Jay. This looks so good. How is all the wood attached at the front? Mine is still sitting unfinished. This looks like it may be an answer. Also.... did you say that you replaced your insert trim on the outside? Which width did you go with? I measured mine at 3/4" and so far it's hard to find. I am having a hell of a time getting some of the screws out. The entire front section of them will not budge. Looks like they have been sitting in water for 40 years. Most of the sides and back have come out. Did you just cover the ones that stripped with a little goop and moved on? Mine are so
  9. Ok. Thanks Linda/ Derek. Thought I would give it a shot before I continue down this road. Rick
  10. I know there are a few threads of information regarding net weight of Toyota homes. My question is this: I am currently dealing with frustrating provincial inspection rules and regulations. A fancy garage I took my rig to a few weeks ago made a ridiculous to-do list before I can get passed. I've been spending time/money going through the list. Arggggh. In the meantime, I spoke with my insurance agent in anticipation of getting this all done, and she tells me that if the RV weighs more than 3501kg it is exempt from that inspection. She says they require an 'official' pi
  11. Thank you! Is there a brief list of basic needs when it comes to house power? The battery is connected to the XX, which is then connected to the XX.. and so on.
  12. Ok, I'll be more specific. Here's what I need to power: Various LED lights Stereo Fridge Diesel heater USB plug ins Plug ins to power computers, battery chargers I don't have running water on board. No need for pump. I will eventually add a solar panel or two, but coming later. For now, I would like to know what modern components are necessary to build a system. Battery, yes. Fuse box? Inverter? Converter? Charger?
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