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  1. Its just a hole that the cord comes out of, I don't see anything else. Hm..
  2. Hi! I have a 1983 huntsman. Months ago a rat chewed through a water line right above wires, which it chewed the casings off of, and the water getting onto the wires caused the heater and the fridge to stop working. Uhg! So I'm trying to figure out how to fix this. My best advice so far is to find the fuses and replace them and rewrap the wires. But where are the fuses? Also, If you have any other suggestions..? Thank you!
  3. It cost $45. I'm having a hard time knowing if it is compromised or not.. Originally it was a 140 reserved amp hours battery but they said that because it is refurbished this could vary. What kind of deep cycle batteries do you guys use? Also, I don't drive my RV a whole lot.. New to RV life. Do I have to drive consistently to keep the battery charged? Thanks
  4. Hey, thanks for all the replies. I am forgetting what the model is >.< but I will post that soon. The comment about the low battery might be right. I recently replaced my deep cycle battery with a refurbished one and it might just not be putting out enough amps. My previous battery, which was having trouble, wouldn't even get the fan to run so I assumed if the fan is running the battery must be alright and it was just the heater. Before I replace any of the heater parts I will look into that. The battery place (interstate) failed to tell me until after I purchased the battery that it pu
  5. The fan turns on, the "clunk" happens that indicates the gas valve opens, the flame lights, then about thirty seconds later the flame goes out and it sometimes tries to relight a few times before it just turns off and the fan will continue to blow cold air until I just turn it off.
  6. I have the propane heater controlled by the thermostat on the wall. Super simple, I don't even have to light a pilot. But recently it goes out really quickly and sometimes it tries to light back up a few times but then just goes out and blows cold air. I don't see any way to get into it from the outside. Any suggestions? Thanks! -Ruby
  7. Hello, I have a 1983 Toyota Huntsman (20 ft) with the original 5 lug nut axle and I am looking to get it replaced. I am calling around scrap yards to find a replacement and I just want to make sure I know what to ask for. What I've gathered from talking to a couple mechanics is that I need a full floating axle from a 3/4 or 1 ton (1 ton better) Toyota with a 4/10 gear ratio. Also need the deferential and the drive shaft. Correct? Any other specification I should ask for? Thanks! -Ruby
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