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    At 78 years old, I'm trying to keep doing the things that I have loved my whole life. I most enjoy fixing things and making them better. My biggest thrill is pulling something out of the garbage and making it work again.

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  1. If your drain valves are like mine, then you don't turn them to "turn" off the water. You push the valve stem in as far as it will go. If then it still leaks, you will need to remove the stem by pulling it out and replace the "O" rings with new ones available at a hardware store.
  2. Hey iflyfish, I bought a 1000watt continuous 2000watt peak to run my 500watt microwave 2 days ago. Took it back yesterday when it would not run it. Turns out that the one I got was a modified sine wave output instead of a "pure sine wave" (which are a lot more expensive). You might want to research the modified/pure differences before purchase. I don't think that anybody makes 500watt microwaves any longer. As an aside, for 15 years, my wife and I owned and operated a fly fishing camp in Roscoe, NY. (Trout, of course)
  3. Thanks Linda. Ordered one. Hooking it up will be no problem for a country boy like me.
  4. Bump. I posted this a couple of weeks ago and got no responses. I know some of you could help me avoid a poor selection on my part. Please help.
  5. Our "Turtle" has no detectors of any kind. What are you guys running with? I'm a bit overwhelmed with so many choices. Anxious to get ready for the post-Corona life.
  6. HELP please: I have a 1985 21' Sunrader 22RE Monterey model 210RKB. There is a pull out bed/sofa/couch just behind the driver with a lot (relatively) of potential storage to the front under the couch. But it is nearly inaccessible for this 78yo body on the floor and the access door is very small. So, I am considering cutting the fiberglass shell just aft of the drivers door and mounting a 13x36" cargo hatch. The area under the couch also is where the coach battery box is located. I would like to move the coach battery to under the hood like my brother's 83 Sunrader (22R) which has both batteries under the hood on either side of the radiator. But, the location of his coach battery is where the air box and MAF sensor are on the RE. Moving the coach battery would give me a nice outside-accessible place to put "stuff" under the couch. Relocating the coach battery would be no problem for me. But first I need to move the 22RE MAF and air filter. If anyone has done this or has any suggestions for a very compact passenger side mounted MAF sensor and air filter assembly while retaining the passenger side battery, I would appreciate your input. ...and if there are any snakes in the grass that I should consider, please point them out.
  7. Thanks Linda, I'll report back after a week or so of trying your magic elixir.
  8. I'm looking for the inside trick for removing mildew and mold discoloration from the vinyl(?) strip that seals the cab from the cabin on my Sunrader. It is white (I wish). But, it's pretty badly stained and ugly. I've tried bleach, soap, magic eraser, Starbrite cleaner, and another 5 or so products with no luck. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Tks.
  9. My old friend Gene "stole" my Fluke clamp on ammeter so I bought one from Harbor Freight for about $20. For anyone contemplating buying a generator or an A/C, this will take most of the guesswork out of the decision of "how big" does it need to be. In the real world, there are too many variables (age, ambient temp, wire gauge, startup surge, how long does the startup surge last, erc) to depend upon label plates. A generator really doesn't care about label plates or rated BTUs.....only caring about amps. Run your A/C on shore power with a clamp on ammeter attached, you can quickly and accurately determine which size inverter generator you would need. (Watts = 120 volts x amps) I had no idea what size roof A/C was installed in my Sunrader. (The label plate was missing.) With my clamp on, I determined that it was drawing 7.9 amps running on a 88 degree day with intense sun. Startup amps was 13+/-. If you want to be sure, start the A/C on the nastiest hottest day you expect to ever see and read the amperage. If you start the fan first (the temperature setting on the thermostat on the highest setting) and then turn the thermostat down until the compressor comes on, the startup amps for the whole unit is reduced. I am presently running a 2000 Watt WEN 56203i inverter generator and it does the job for my A/C very nicely. A nice compact package, very easy to clean and portable at 41#. I keep in inside in a nice cabinet rather than on the shower floor.
  10. Derek, I just measured my 1985 "21ft" Sunrader and 50' should do the job. My "bumper strip" covering the screws measures 46'4".
  11. Yep, one of the first purchases was a screen to go over the heater in/out. When I bought my Sunrader it had sat for a number of years. I'm sure that Derek's Dollar Store suggestion would work just as well at a fraction of the price my "official" screen cost. I've been working on mine for 4 months straight now and she's ready for a trip as soon as this Corona thing clears. I can almost hear her saying "take me"........Think I'm gonna call her Cinderella.
  12. I am about done with the remodel/re-hab on my '85 Sunrader and was powerwashing the roof. Accidently moved the wand past the Cyclone vent for the black water tank and blew it to smithereens. While replacing it with a new one, noticed that the inside of the vent pipe was completely clogged with mud dauber nests. A couple of coat hangers in series made a make shift "snake" and the pipe was easily clear. If you have any odors from the black tank, this may be part of the problem. I am posting because this reminded me: My heater did not work. Mud daubers had taken residence in and around the sail switch and fan. No air flow, no heat. A pain but a no money fix. My refrigerator worked on electric but did not work on propane. Again mud daubers. Another no money fix. ....My rig sat unused for up to 10 years before I bought it.
  13. Thanks, Linda, for your concern. Heck no, I'm not going anywhere, but I can dream. I didn't get to be my age doing stupid stuff.....gonna sit right here in my easy chair, with my computer at hand, 'til this thing blows over.
  14. So, with Corona virus pandemic on everyone's mind, I thought it a good time to plan our first trip in our "new" Sunrader. I figured that there must be a good GPS program for my android phone and expected to find it easily. After a search, I found too much information and decided that my old trusty Toyotamotorhome site would probably help me narrow it down to a quick answer as to the "best". Typing GPS into the search block, I get "no content". Really? Really?? I would like to have an updated APP for my android phone which after putting in my desires (55mph, paved roads, no tolls, major highway or scenic route, 14mpg, 17 gallon tank, LOA, height, etc) and selecting a route would give me: 1. Pull offs on my route that allow for a brief respit of an hour or two. 2. Gas stations within a mile or two of my route. 3. Overnight parking/camping within a few miles of my selected route. 4. Dump stations within the same few miles. 5. Other helpful information such as Toyota dealerships, RV maintence shops, senic outlooks, etc, etc Could it be that this is such an unusual request? Any advice as to the best/easiest first steps to planning would be most appreciated. Thank you.
  15. OK. I've got the message. Cruise control is off the list. Thanks all.
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