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  1. I've got an '85 that I did significant work to. Check my posts and let me know what you think!
  2. I feel that Redline is the best. It isn't cheap, but I noticed my rear axle didn't get as hot as with standard. Mine is a manual transmission and I used Redline in that as well and it improved smoothness of shifting. Commonly used in high performance trucks. Interestingly 22REperformance.com recommends regular oil (non Synthetic) for the engines. They are in my opinion, the best people when it comes to 22R-22RE advice.
  3. I had my propane tank filled for the first time yesterday by a nice young man. When I got home I took a look at the gauge and it was at 100%. Not 80% with a buffer, it was 100%. I fired up all four burners on the stove, and let them run for a while until I got it to 95%. I'm in a cool environment with weather below 70 degrees f. Should I be worried? Is the 80% rule a big deal? How do you avoid over filling in the future? It only took seconds to fill the tank.
  4. Linda, you are always the best.
  5. That youtube video infuriates me. Get the work done before you pick out a cute name for your rig IMHO.
  6. This is a big-picture project. First off, if you take the body off how will you keep it supported? There will likely be damage to it if it isn't supported very carefully. I have done frame up rehabs, and I have to tell you that once the body is off the frame things get weird fast. If you want to tackle drive train issues, there is no better time than with the body off. What is your budget? My rig was $3k and I've stuck $4k more into it and I"m getting close to being done. Over 10 months of HARD work. There isn't much of a way to get it done a little at a time. You really have to st
  7. I ordered that one. Thanks very much Linda! May I ask how you knew that was the one? I can't find much data.
  8. The opening measurements for the area the door apparently occupied are 21.5 wide X 13.25 tall.
  9. Thank you very much, Linda! The Suburban covers look to be what I need. The fridge is a dometic RM461 Gas/Electric.
  10. Mine is almost square. Take a look. Most of what I see are rectangular.
  11. I wanted to add a rooftop satellite radio antenna, without adding much of an opportunity for water entry. I ran the wire next to the sewer vent pipe which is where several wires were already run from the factory. I bought a marine grade antenna for several reasons, One of them is durability as the basic ones that are magnetically attached to car roofs tend to break over time, much like a phone charging cord does. The marine grade antenna also attaches near the antenna, so if I ever need to replace it I can leave the 50 foot wire underneath the roof of my RV. I bought a new sewer vent cov
  12. I have a 1985 Escaper with a missing water heater door. I can't identify the manufacturer based on any markings discernible to me. The rough opening is approx 12 X 12. I can post pics, but I'm guessing this is a common appliance. As I typed that last sentence I realized there is nothing common about these things, except people's passion for them. Anyway, where can I get a door? Also my fridge one is a piece of plywood, and I'd really like to make that look nice too. Thanks All!
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