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  1. Jolly does a review for a small washing machine that fits in any size RV. Light weight & compact.
  2. We hope this quick fix helps you thanks for watching
  3. The back window appears to have been replaced with a homemade one. A awning is normally in place where the unknown upper panel is. Wondering if it could be a attempted damage repair?
  4. Been following your build on you tube. Pleasantly surprised to stumble across your build this morning here. Hows the filon application coming?
  5. I have been following a complete total teardown & upgrade rebuild of a Toyota 4x4 Odyssey on Youtube channel Oddcouple4x4 out of Florida. You may want to check out as it is very thorough & quality. I am so happy you found your dream. Can't wait to follow your build. Please keep us posted.
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