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  1. Thanks. As I talk to more people, I’m leaning toward a flatbed trailer hauler. At this point it seems the most expedient way to do it.
  2. Thank you, Fred. I’m seeing my mechanic on Wednesday.
  3. Short back story: I’m a 70-year-old grandmother whose bucket list has long been topped by dreams of a small motor home and semi-retirement. Hey husband is long suffering... he puts up with me. I thought we were going to reap the rewards of my working and saving for this dream, but it ain’t happening. In July I bought a 1991 Toyota Horizon. I knew it was old and well used but was gullible enough to believe most of what seller told me. Now I need to haul it from Colorado to Oregon, where it will be my granny cabin when I go to visit kids and grands. If anyone has experience in that procedure, I’d appreciate advice.
  4. Hi, Boots. Since posting the question about solar, I’ve encountered a half-dozen other issues that need to be addressed. Water, electrical, rebuilding coach door. So the budget I had for my solar idea is now kaput. The fridge that came with my purchase is a household 110 — like a hotel room fridge. But it’s the least of my worries now. Hoping to get both AC/heat units operational soon. Then it’s on to the hot water heater... Thanks for you response. I appreciate your interest.
  5. Amy, I looked at that exact heater and am wanting to go solar/electric as well. I’ve wondered how a tankless works on a hike... lol. Unicorn indeed...
  6. Thanks. I’m continuing to research. They do look like they’re meant to be used outside although I read a post that said they can be vented. Lots of info and I’m very much a novice.
  7. What are your thoughts on portable tankless hot water heaters? It wouldn’t be permanent, but I’m looking at one as an option for my trip out West. The coach hot water heater is not operational now. Can you recommend the best brand?
  8. You have all actually encouraged me with your honesty. I’m so far into it now that I feel I have to go forward. Bless you all.
  9. Such good info, Scott. Wish I’d seen it before buying my Horizon 200...
  10. Thank you. I appreciate your response. I totally agree that things are going to break — I guess my issue is that they already were broken but I was assured everything was working just fine. Are all sellers this unscrupulous?
  11. Thanks. You’re right of course. I was uninformed and am learning trial and error, emphasis on error. There’s on RV place in this town and I’ll get an estimate.
  12. Bless you, Amy! If I knew the remaining problems were surmountable, I’d be gung ho. I hired someone to do interior and some exterior work, and he’s good. It’s a slow process and these issues are coming to light as we get further along. The engine seems good and it pulls the hills great. But I kinda need the water to work and ac for my trip. What did you get?
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