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  1. 1986 R22.. auto trans. I changed my rear end gear from 4.10 to 4.56.. Helped tremendously w/ torque.. Could use a little more.. Tires 185/14/60 ...Thinking of going to 175, just on the rear wheels, for a little more torque. 175s = 1/4" smaller side wall.. lowers the rear of the rig 1/2".. but I have air bag suspension.. so rear sits high now.. Anyone tried this..?? Here's the specs on difference; https://www.discounttire.com/learn/tire-size-calculator?ef_id=XoIODAAABcN5zNtb:20200330151940:s
  2. Seem to have an odd size power cable hatch on my Sun Land Express.. 9 x 9 on the outer frame.. 6 3/8 squared for the inner.. I can't find one.
  3. ¡¡Whoo Hoo.. got it to fire up..!! I ran the motor for a while to make sure the cabin battery was at full power.. and used the move the Therm up and down as Homer suggested and it fired up first try..!! It was all rebuilt recently.. so I was hoping it would not need repair.. Works great shuts off and comes back on.. no problems. Thanks for all ya'lls feedback.. I appreciate your time and knowledge..!!! Johnny
  4. Hello, I am a new owner of a 1986 Sun Land Express. First time owner. Do I need AC current to fire up the furnace. Fan runs but the pilot does not fire up. I have plenty of propane.
  5. Any one have an opinion on these cold air intake conversions; https://www.lceperformance.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=lc+pro+air+intake+kit&Search.x=0&Search.y=0
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