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  1. I want to thank both Linda, Derek, WME and for the links and references. I have all of the manuals for each appliance. My question pertains to the under carriage lay out and interior wiring. The under carriage in the rear end is filled with sprayed insulation. I would like to and feel I will be able to remove that insulation when I repair interior leaks .
  2. Looks comfortable, do any of the seat functions operate ?
  3. Hi Derek, I was wondering if you believe the plumbing is available for an Escaper? I tried to open your pdf on Winnebago but it wouldn’t load .. Lisa
  4. Going to look into this for the summer, I’ve been looking at the car awnings too.
  5. Hi all, I hope the holidays went well for all !! I am trying to figure out the size, or what kind of screws are used all around the vents/storage? They are rusted and want to replace/seal those areas. Thats on the list with wood rot in upper bunk, changing supports on ceiling and insulation in walls...etc etc thanking you in advance
  6. Derek, Can-you help find the specs. For my 87 Toyota Escaper ? I contacted Thor Motors and they directed me back to this site. Thank you
  7. Does any one have the specs for a 1987 Escaper made by Damon Industries, which has been purchased by Thor?
  8. Following 🙏. So did you find out what transmission goes on the Escaper? As mine is an 1987, curious. Thanks
  9. How many gallons does Atwood heat?
  10. Well I’m happy to report the insurance adjuster is going to look at Toyota Escaper this coming Monday at my mechanics. Yay!
  11. This is the hot water heater, I previously drained or shall I say has been draining itself as there is no plug. I ordered Camco heater valves and they are way big. So I’m still in the market for drain plug . Any ideas? Thank you
  12. I have 87 Escaper and I cannot find any of this plumbing. Is it the same for most?
  13. Hi Fred, Insurance, police and mechanic notified ✅. Now the issues are where to get replacement parts. Thank you for your reply.
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