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  1. Hi Linda, i apologize for the threads getting twisted together. And have read the posts, that have been given gratefully. i will do my best to keep discussions in the appropriate feed. Thank you for guiding me πŸ™
  2. Hi Linda, This is the window that I need caulking sealing on; the one over cab. No water damage.
  3. Absolutely beyond grateful for your knowledge and experience....I am going to have to order the butyl and EDPM , fingers crossed the roof is compatible πŸ‘£πŸ™
  4. Thank you ! Don’t want to sound ignorant with some questions, believe in listening to experience. You comments will help out next weekend 😊. And I’m certain to have more ...πŸ˜‚πŸ§
  5. Thank you both ...as far as cleaning the old stuff off the roof around vent what tool should I use; a regular scraper? What is a lap, self leveling sealant? The A/C works, just the cover is cracked up and I am looking for a replacement. The vents have fans in them . I have to check into the Fantastic Fan as an option. My fiancΓ© must have A/C , and my 2 pups also. I’ll kept you posted πŸ™
  6. I also have to seal front window for sure!!
  7. Thanks for the heads up πŸ™. What sealant should I use around vent, as I am planning on a redo to reinforce sealing the whole roof. I have 4 vents
  8. Good morning, How do I proceed to remove vents in 1987 Sunrader, from the inside out or outside in? Thank you
  9. Thanks Mark. Someone is going to co- pilot and I think this is where I’ll use the seatbelt attachment for the pup 😊.
  10. I was wondering if any of you secure your dogs/ cats while driving. Any other tips on RVing with the babies 🐾🐾.
  11. Derek you are amazing πŸ€—, and an excellent guide on this highway . Thank you, thank you very much. Lisa
  12. Thank you very much 😊. However the file was unsupported and would not openπŸ˜’. Will keep looking πŸ‘€
  13. I recently purchased a 1987 Escaper, cannot find a owners manuel or repair manual...Any suggestions?
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