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  1. Gotcha! That's just a few blocks away
  2. I definitely realize that now Linda, thanks to finding this forum! You have all been a great deal of help, thank you
  3. Totally understand Derek, I will keep this thread updated as we go and post pictures and all the info I find, perhaps it will help someone like me in the future:) You have been so much more helpful than I could have hoped. Linda S...I wish I knew you!! Your driveway doesn't happen to be anywhere near Monterey, CA does it?
  4. Wow Derek...this will most likely be a very helpful diagram, to the guys (just makes my head hurt to look at HAHA) I will show them this and get back to you though. This is really a great forum for these RVs! Thank you again, I feel like this will be a huge help to my mechanically inclined people! The mechanic said the whole metal part of the line was rusted, including where it went in to the tank and said we would have to replace the whole thing...there was really no discussion of just replacing the line (I assumed this was just a safety issue since it's the gas tank?) But this is a pretty fancy shop that does mostly high end classic cars, you could eat off the floor in there! I'm waiting to hear back from an rv mechanic who may have some more economical suggestions...stay tuned. The new tank isnt too bad but he said it will be like 4 or 5 hours labor and like I said, our plan was to smog it and sell it before finding all this out. In California you have to have a current smog cert to sell.
  5. Great info! Thank you so much for your help
  6. Thanks Derek...should I try to find a welder or fabricator to just replace the rusted metal pipe attachment?
  7. Just tried to smog my 91 Odyssey so we can sell it and found out there was a leak in the fuel system. Had my mechanic take a look and after a smoke test he says the metal line going from the tank to the rubber fuel lines is rusted and that's where the leak is. They suggest to replace the whole tank...is this necessary? Can the metal line just be replaced? If not, what size tank is this and where might I find a suitable replacement? Thanks
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