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  1. I have a trickle charger for the car- was scared away from using it, and towards a "yellow box" site transformer, after some advice from a neighbor mentioning leisure batteries need a special charger with different phases? Would my trickle charger work for now? And if so- do the leisure batteries need to be disconnected while charging? The maze of wires around the 2 leisure batteries wired together makes me nervous. And shows my lack of electrical knowledge + confidence. Cheers
  2. Completely understandable- I appreciate everyone's willingness to help, and so quickly. From what I understand running 50hz would effect more temperamental devices with in built clocks such as DVD players? Currently only aiming to charge up the leisure batterys without having to do it by sitting on the motorway for an extended period of time using diesel and the split charge/ alternator.
  3. I had the camper imported directly from Japan, the importer confirmed nothing had been done apart from standard conversion of km to miles, fog lights, etc. I believe it will be running all lights off the 12v circuit, same for the water pump, toilet, and fridge is 3 way- 12v, 100v, gas. So best option would be potentially a step down transformer wired in directly behind the main ac power input? https://airlinktransformers.com/category/japan-uk-voltage-converters I have ruled out all internal compartments (which has been positive as I now know where everything is, except the breaker) checked the lockers and all other obvious locations for load centre/ breaker- I will have another rummage in the external lockers this evening, and do a bit more head scratching- as well as take lots of photos in case anyone spots something obvious I am missing.
  4. That is the long term goal- however, everything is all incredibly well tucked away from the factory, so I don't really want to rip apart/damage all of the internals... would wiring up a seperate 240v with it's own breaker etc be more cost effective? I am looking at getting dual voltage appliances (kettle, toaster etc) to use on the existing 100v circuit.. especially as for the near future it will be more for a weekend getaway, with a future goal of longer stays in it.
  5. Hi everyone, I am new to this- very excited to join the community, and start exploring the UK and Europe in my new to me Toyota Camroad. As I expected may happen, I am having some issues with the electrics- the main issues currently are being unable to find any kind of fuse/breaker box for the habitation area (I have explored any and every obvious place It could be) I assume it must be somewhere? As well as the issue of it being 100v ac (Japanese voltage)- which I of course knew about prior to purchase, yet the mains hook up is a standard 240v blue EU spec connector. For now I plan to use a "yellow box" transformer, stepping down my mains power to 100v, and have then had to change the male connector on my mains cable to a yellow 100v plug so it fits into the "yellow box" one end and the Japanese 240v plug the other- going into the 100v ac habitation electrical system. Apologies for the long winded first post- does anyone have any idea why the mains connector would be 240v, while the system is all 100v? Thanks in advance for any help/advice.
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