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  1. Still on the lookout for a 89 and newer for sale in Maine, any help would be much appreciated. Take care All!
  2. Going to look at a 87 Coachman with 50k miles for $3500 on friday. We were looking for a 89 and newer V6 but this is suppose to be clean and all in working order. Anyone have thoughts on the 87 Coachman and what to lookout for? Thanks
  3. Thank you so much for the info Linda, I appreciate it! Best, Jed
  4. Hello All, Glad to have found this forum! Been looking for a Toyota Camper for sale in Maine for a bit now, I see a few forum members live in this great state and may have one or know of one for sale locally? Any help would be appreciated! My daily driver is a 94 Toyota 2wd pickup 183k.
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