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  1. I had this exact problem in a trailer. Low battery. Fan would not blow strong enough to move the airvane switch all of the way. Computer would think that it was a fault. Worked great plugged in but would fail on the second night. Check your battery voltage then the airvane switch.
  2. This looks great but I think it is for the 4 cylinder. I'm doing a 3.0, I appreciate you sharing though.
  3. I called Toyota Corp and was told the SSC is no longer honored. Asked again, same answer so doing it myself. I think I am going to get the Yotashop kits that are OEM, do all of the frontend while It is apart.
  4. Going to have to do the head gaskets. I have heard to only use the "new" OEM head gaskets and I have heard that anything other than Felpro is OK. There are huge price differences between the two kits, Evergreen on Amazon and OEM at Yota shop. Advice?
  5. I have a 92 with a 3.0. Driving home from a fun week I noticed the temperature spike in a down hill after a climb. It did this once before on a traffic jam at the bottom of a hill. There was a rest stop so I pulled over, let it cool and took off, temp spiked again. Tried a third time and still over heating. Towed it home. The radiator took about gallon and a quart. It starts fine but I haven't stressed it yet. My first thought was blown head gasket but no white smoke, bubbles in the radiator or sludge in the oil. I'm not sure if the antifreeze loss is from consumption of barfing it out after overheating. I am going to pull the plugs today. Thoughts?
  6. If someone has a wiring diagram including this circuit that would be very helpfull. I could not find this circuit in the diagrams in the factory service manual.
  7. Duh... 1992 3.0 V6, Auto trans. I think that is the A340?
  8. I want to hook my backup display and camera to come on when I put the beast in reverse. I have the camera tapped into the reverse light at the rear but the display is presently in the cigarette lighter. I would like to tap into the reverse circuit in the cab or on the transmission but I cant find where the switch is located. I looked at the service manual but I couldn't find any indication of the reverse switch. Any ideas on where I can tap into?
  9. I used FRP and a specific FRP glue to adhere the pieces to my existing walls. I had no leaks to deal with. I shrunk the base cabinet to give more room while sitting on the throne.
  10. I have looked for that Onan kit online but have failed in my efforts. I would prefer not to have to open and close the valve each time I used it.
  11. My 92 Horizon taps into the efi fuel return. Works fine but will push a little fuel out causing a fuel stink, necessitating a shut off in the fuel line. I would like to find a remote fuel shut off so I don't have to reach under the camper to turn it on and off.
  12. I have a considerable amount of space under my closet next to the hot water heater. I would like to install a baggage hatch on the rear panel so I could easily access this space. Great place for all of the dirty exterior items like levelling pads. If I cut out the hole I would end up cutting one of the aluminum framing stringers. Would it be a problem? Should I rivet a plate inside surrounding the opening? Quote Edit
  13. Just finished phase 1 of the remodel. New FRP in the shower with Italian poplar and Baltic birch in the bath. It is so hard to work in tiny places! Had to use a heatgun to remove the wallpaper that was stuck. Discovered that if you carefully apply heat to the wrinkled areas on the roof it reactivated the glue and shrinks the wallpaper back in place. A temporary solution but makes it look nice now. All of the plumbing and mechanical looked great! I verified my Horizon ST is aluminum framed as well. I tried to take a picture of the shower but none of the angles worked. Just a big field of white!
  14. Company called PEXLOCK has butyl to PEX fittings as well as some cool clamps that don't require a crimper.
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