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  1. The escaper ad guy did not respond since yesterday so I assume its sold. I will take the dolphin to a local RV repair shop and have them do a FULL inspection no matter the cost just to see what I may be in for down the road and hope it is worth the 4k and decent as is for now. I have been investigating further thanks to this site and have since also been looking at the Sunrader, realizing it is way out of my price range is a pit of a spoiler but if I see any here in san diego in anyone's driveway, I wont hesitate to knock on doors and hope they don't know the worth and beg to take it off their hands hehehehe
  2. How would I know if the dolphin as a leak or rotten wood?
  3. The Dolphin guy said something about some of them having a bad (I think he said axle, he DID reference something to do with the back) and said this one doesn't have that problem, it is a good one he pointed the out specifically. He did not have it for sale, I approached him about it and I know nothing about them so I was not sure what he was referring to.
  4. they are similar year millage & motors
  5. Hi all, I am looking for my first RV to have fun with my little girl in together! I have only 4500 to buy an new-to-me Toys. Here is what I have come across: What do you think of a 1985ish dolphin? I have not been in it YET, however, the outside looks fairly decent. It has been parked for a few years near me. Someone's parents left it to him and he doesn't use it. I may be able to talk him out of it for about 4500? I stopped by to ask if I could buy it and he is thinking about it since he doesn't use it. Compared to a 1986 Toyota Escaper with similar millage (60K ish) which I will beg to get about 5k ish both are 4 cyl 22R Tell me why you would choose the one you prefer??
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