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  1. Evening guys... So I knew this was going to be a labor of love, certainly by the crap inspection that was done by the RV place that did my PID inspection prior to pickup (I didn't pay for it, hope nobody did). Seems the alternator is out on my Toy. I got one from Amazon today (will be delivered Thursday) and looks pretty straight forward. I'm a "pseudo" wrench, but have never done an alternator before. Anything special I should pay attention too ? It's currently at my storage area and my battery is dead. Have the battery here charging up now and plan to pick up the rig on Thursday for a nice long weekend of alternator changing. My dad is funny, he was like "just don't get pissed off and everything will be ok". He's a mechanic so I knew what he meant lol. Any insight would be great. Again, doesn't look bad at all. Distributor is in the way a bit, but can work around that. Respectfully, David
  2. thats exactly what I was thinking as well.
  3. i usually got to home depot and get the wrap tubing for water lines. what we used in cali for all our trucks. cheap surf protection. yeah, this may work Linda. It's only $113 with a coupon code. it looked similar to the ones you had with your motor and the other gentleman that made his kayak rack. i can stabilize the upper section of my surfboard by strapping to the ladder I think.
  4. Found this the other night as well. I think a little doctoring up, this may work. Just add pipe covers for padding. This may work actually. Just depends on how high it goes up.
  5. And yeah, I ride a Stewart 8' and a Kies 9'. I'm covered.
  6. Man, all good ideas... I saw the vertical ones and were super intrigued... Much appreciated guys.
  7. Morning guys... In anticipation of my 1990 Odyssey, I've been piecing my ideas together. Question please. What is the best way to get a surfboard up on the rig. Not seeing a whole lot on the way of roof racks. I know I could fashion something inside, but would prefer to put on the roof. Any advice would be awesome and appreciated. v/r David
  8. I'm just glad i'm 5'4" Derek. I can do backflips without hitting ceiling
  9. Thak you sir. Totally agree. Gonna get it wet a little bit with local camp and then plan on doing all you are talking about. I'm an ok wrench and love to tinker for sure.
  10. You may have just become my hero Derek. thank you so much... Getting all of them to my phone now.
  11. Thank you Derek. Just got it and worked like a champ. Much appreciated sir.
  12. And if anyone might have the owners manual, that would be awesome. didn't see it in during the test drive but didn't look very hard either.
  13. Thank you Derek. I can't wait to get this thing and do my personal touches. My family is so excited. Already planning outings... I'm just trying to get my loan done lol
  14. Yes sir, just bought it. So stoked... down payment and pick up on Saturday.
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