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    Bible prophecy. Being ready for anything. Being outdoors in God's beautiful creation. Animals. Plants. Healthful eating.

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  1. Thanks much Atlanta Camper for that great advice. I'm going to remember that. Some bids I got were crazy high. Right now I'm even questioning whether I should stay here in Florida. But at least I have gotten some great information, advice, and assistance from you folks in the discussion board. Thanks again!
  2. Thanks for the tip. Had pretty much decided to leave the car here and come back for it. But tonight I've been contemplating whether I might stay in Florida. It's my home and i am a warm weather person. Thanks again for all your help.
  3. Dear jjrbus...you have been a great help to me. You might want to know that based on your information and a few others, I have decided not to pull my Versa to Texas. If I can't find a driver for it, I will just come back to get it.
  4. Thank you jjrbus for your great advice and pictures. I will take all into consideration.
  5. Thank you Linda S for your great advice. I will take my Sunrader to have it checked. I REALLY APPRECIATE the input.
  6. Thanks for the pics showing can and chassis. Now I know. So the question still remains...could i pull a Nissan Versa with a tow dolly behind my Sunrader. I'm beginning to think it might be a pretty big gamble. From Florida to Texas?
  7. Thank you for responding Derek. Please forgive me but what are C&Cs? Also I was reading some of the older remarks and it seems to be a common thought that the Sunrader has really good frame extensions. I do have a 1989 Sunrader.
  8. Thank you Odyssey for you answer. I have a tow dolly with surge brakes for the Versa. I towed it a few miles from an RV dealer a while back but that was when the motorhome wasn't loaded. It seemed to do just fine. It's pretty intimidating though. Have thought that I should have someone to travel with me in case i run into trouble. Would you possibly know of someone? Thanks.
  9. I have a tow dolly with surge brakes. Think that will do the job?
  10. I want to pull a Nissan Versa from Forida to Texas with my 6 cylinder automatic Sunrader. It is equipped with ECT. The car weighs 2400+ lbs. Different people think it's too much for it. I would love your input. Thank you.
  11. I would like to know if anyone's shower empties into their black water holding tank. I am having to empty mine way too often. Never had this on any RV I have had in the past. What could be done about this??
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