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  1. I've lived in a 29 ft converted school bus for two years, and a 19ft converted dodge van for 6 months. I think I could get used to this pretty fast
  2. I searched the internet for a while and couldn't find anything quite like it. other early 90's hiace/townace/liteace go for anywhere from $9000 to $20000, depending on condition and if they're 4x4 or 2x4. and those are just the van, not the camper set up
  3. This 1992 Hiace diesel camper is available for sale in my area. I'm having trouble finding anything like it to compare to for price. I'm also really bummed it isn't 4x4. The sellers ad " For sale is my 1992 Toyota Hiace Cruising Cabin 2WD RHD van with automatic transmission and Diesel engine w/ 119,000 original miles. This campervan was built in Japan and has plenty of storage space. It clocks at a very low 119,000 miles, which is really only getting started for Toyota's 3L model diesel engine, known to exceed 500,000 miles before a rebuild is required. This van has been very well taken care of. I've driven her all over the United States, Canada and Baja California with zero maintenance issues and great fuel mileage. You can drive this Toyota instead of constantly breaking down and fixing your Volkswagen Bus. Fridge, Sink, Lights, GPS Nav+Bluetooth, Kenwood Speakers, Subwoofer & TV run day and night w/ 2 deep cell batteries charged w/ 200 watts of semi flexible solar panels."
  4. Did you have a chance to drive it around? Was there any rust? I would be concerned that the new carpet is because it was effected by hurricane Harvey.
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