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  1. Awesome! My budget is $5000. Hopefully I don’t need to go over it! My dream is almost here. Happy travels. Thank you!!!!
  2. Don’t laugh, it only has 63,000 miles. That’s it. The owner says it works fine. But I’ve had mechanics tell me my car was fine when I’ve fixed it, and after 3 months is shat all over me. So should I just replace the old engine or should I fix the one I’m getting, once I figure out what’s wrong with it?
  3. New here! I grew up on a boat, loved it. Miss it, and after living in a house for 5 years, well let’s just say I started to get crazy. If I’m not moving, I feel trapt and uneasy about life. So I’ve decided to buy a 21’ Sunrader and head out in 6 months. Heres the thing, I have NO clue about RVs. So I don’t want get stuck on the side of the road and meet one of Manson’s groupies lol. I’m also a 25 year old Female. I’ve traveled to Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, The Virgin Islands and many other places by myself. So I’m not worried about travling alone (I own and know how to use a gun haha) so with that being said, I’m a sponge for information. Should I replace the whole engine? If so what kind? Should I just fix it? Before I buy it I’m taking it to get inspected. Any other advice I would love!! Thank you!
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