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  1. update! We have been hard at work rebuilding the interior after gutting almost everything out of Sunny. We now have almost all electrical hooked up and running. I have designated the spot above the old refrigerator as the panel for the 12v circuits. The counter top on that side will have a hinge to access the panel if we need. The passenger side bench which will be used for storage is just about finished, and I've began work on the driver side bench and counter. The driver's side bench will be the home of the fresh water tank and water pump as it was in the original set up (much more insulated now though) with the grey water tank residing under the sink. I have yet to fully figure out the layout of this main cabinet, but it will have some drawers and some doors and hopefully utilize as much space as possible. Also, there are a few more studs that we need to fiberglass onto the walls in order to insulate and hang wall panels. After the framing is finished we will complete the rest of the electrical circuits and mount the exhaust hood above where the camp stove will go (factory spot just a little higher up toward the ceiling) as well as begin work on running the LPG and water lines and such. Overall we are getting very excited with the progress and can't wait to share the next steps with you all.
  2. Hey everyone! Super stoked to get a chance to post an update on Sunny. We’ve got her pretty much gutted and I am in the process of fiberglassing holes that were created by removing the appliances. Lots of sanding! We will be going with all new cabinets, dinette as well as new electrical, gas, and water systems. Systems will be pretty minimal. I will have hot water for sink/ outdoor shower, fresh and gray tanks, pump and heater. Gas will include three lines: one for stove top, another for my mr. buddy heater, and the last to the water heater. Electrical will be coming from my coach battery up front. I have 6 circuits I’ll run from a new fuse panel: inverter, lighting, water pump, hood fan, usb hub, and cooler/freezer. I plan on running some solar some day! The cabinets and dinette I am planning on building myself, and will feature much more storage than the previous original set up. There will be folding seats at the dinette that we can put larger items in and several drawers under the main counter where the oven used to be. here are some shots of the gutting process, enjoy. -Graham
  3. Thanks for the insight, what is your axle and suspension set up?
  4. I have been doing some reading about a possible Dana 60 rear axle swap.. can anyone post a link to the post that Fred made about this? Or are there any other threads similar? I can’t seem to locate...
  5. Agreed. Lug nuts are important! also, I’m leaning toward the option Neil mentioned. What is the best/easiest axle I can swap into my 17ft Sunrader that I can run single wheels on? I would rather not have duallys if not needed.
  6. You’re right, not too far. And the offer is great, but I’m not in a place to move that quickly with this project yet. Looking to get all my ducks in a row and figure out what direction I’ll be going with this overhaul so I can get a budget plan laid out. Thanks so much for the help everyone!
  7. Would it be a good idea to source a G082 axle from a similar year pickup that has single wheels? That very well might be an easy option for me. If so, would anyone know what years used this axle? I believe they were in high-ace vans similar years also.
  8. Good call Fred. I will have to look into that. are you sure that the axle shafts from the G082 axle are no longer made (or available anywhere old-stock)? I could have sworn I found a source for them recently, but can't seem to find it now... anybody else have any insight? hmm... Does anyone know of the process to swap axles on this rig if I do end up finding a 1-ton FF? I read I would need to modify the drive shaft to be able to bolt up. Are there any other modifications to be done? Just looking for the least labor intensive/ cheapest option to make my rig safe.
  9. Looks like I will be rebuilding the axle I currently have and going with single wheels. From what I understand this G082 axle is just fine with SWR on this rig because I am only about 3700 lbs wet. The tires I got are 8ply load range D so should support the weight just fine. Can anyone confirm?
  10. Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and very excited to learn all about my new ToyHome. I recently bought a 1978 Sunrader and am really looking forward to starting some projects on it. I thought I would make a new post to introduce myself and Sunny to the community, shes a little funky and needs a good amount of work, but shes a Beauty! I am trying to prioritize some different projects, but up on the list for the next couple weeks will be fixing some electrical issues (tail lights aren't functioning properly), as well as ripping out the dinette benches and counter/cabinets. I am going to eliminate the refrigerator as well as the stove/oven and replacing with a 12v top load fridge and using a camp stove for cooking, That way we will have much more counter space if not using the camp stove. I also have 4 new tires that I am planning on mounting up soon, and I will be replacing the water systems (tanks, pump, heater, etc.) in the near future. I have just finished installing a new window on the drivers side of the camper and epoxied the cracks in the front wrap around window as well. Also, just replaced the top vent cover so now she's all water tight once again! Thanks god, because it is STILL SNOWING here in Lake Tahoe! Man, this winter season has been non-stop I will try my best to keep this post up-to-date as I make progress on her. Along the way, any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! -Graham
  11. Thanks for the wise words guys and gals. I will look into removing the foolies then. I am replacing tires in the near future anyway so that would save some money if i only had to buy 4 instead of 6! Any tips or tricks when doing so? I haven't had the chance to dive underneath her too much yet so not sure what i'm getting myself into. Anything helps, thanks again! Any threads that you guys could link that might have the process of removing fake duals would be super helpful!
  12. TigersRreal, The rear axle is in fine shape. From what I have read and understand, the recall did not affect the 17' model Sunrader because the weight was not heavy enough to cause the damage that many later rigs experienced. Eventually I will replace the axle (I will be doing a 4x4 swap in the future, so will be swapping both axles out then) currently the stock 5 lug axle is fine. I was able to drive it with the broken windshield down to a shop in santa cruz to get that fixed, and then took her all the way up to Tahoe. Ran like a champ the whole way. Just got her new 2020 tags yesterday, so we are all registered and legal! stoked!
  13. This is so funny! I just ran across this post. I am new to the forum and new to the Toyota motorhome fam. I actually purchased this exact rig just a couple days after your post was made. Update: It runs great! Makes it up hills just fine. Needed some new oil and other fluids under the hood, nothing major. I’ve gotten the windshield replaced and epoxied the curved front plexi glass window. I am also replacing the broken side window with plexi glass. Got to do some electrical work (some lights) and install a new vent/fan on top and she will be ready for a full interior remodel
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